15 Proven Ways to Detect Secret Cameras in Your Hotel

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Whether you are jet-setting across continents or embracing the charm of local getaways, ensuring your privacy and security is of utmost importance. But be warned: hidden cameras are lurking in the shadows of our accommodations. Here are 15 foolproof ways to spot these elusive eyes and safeguard your sanctuaries.

Trust Your Instincts


Your intuition is your greatest ally. If something feels off about your surroundings, don’t ignore it. Concealed cameras often evoke a sense of unease. Listen to your gut and investigate further.

Sweep the Room

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Upon arrival, do a thorough visual sweep of the entire space. Pay attention to atypical objects or inconsistencies in the room’s layout. Stashed cameras may masquerade as innocuous items like smoke detectors or electrical outlets.

Check for Glowing Lights

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Secret cameras often have indicator lights, even when concealed. Darken the room and scan for peculiar glows or reflections that might betray their existence. Do this for at least 3 minutes in every room of the rented unit, even the bathroom.

Examine Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

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Like in many movie scenes, mirrors aren’t always just for vanity. Go over them closely for pin-sized holes or irregularities that could hide a camera lens behind them. You can also check if the mirror is a one-way or two-way type for good measure.

Peek Behind Decorative Items

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Decorative pieces can serve as clever camouflage for secret cameras. Look closely at paintings, plants, or other ornaments for suspicious protrusions or wiring. Be wary of any dangling wires that lead to a wall without any gadget connected to it!

Utilize Your Smartphone

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Modern technology comes to the rescue! Turn off the lights and use your smartphone’s flashlight to search for reflections or hidden lenses in dark corners. Anything that twinkles or reflects suspiciously should be inspected for disguised filming devices.

Investigate Electrical Outlets


Observe for any odd wires or alterations that may have been made to the outlet, as these could indicate spy cams. Additionally, you can use an outlet checker to spot any apparatus disguised as power adapters, ensuring your personal space remains secure and private.

Inspect Smoke Detectors


Smoke detectors are typical hiding spots due to their placement on ceilings. Scrutinize them for tiny lenses or incongruities that could signal an undisclosed camera. Use a chair or a makeshift ladder to get a clearer view. Don’t rely on checking them from afar!

Listen for Unusual Sounds

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Some concealed cameras emit faint buzzing or clicking noises. In moments of silence, tune your ears to reveal any unusual sounds emanating from electronic devices. Listen carefully, especially if you hear a buzz from a random area with no appliance turned on nearby.

Conduct a Wi-Fi Network Scan

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Certain hidden cameras connect to Wi-Fi networks for remote viewing. Use a Wi-Fi analyzer app to scan for unfamiliar networks in your vicinity. Most security cameras are connected to a network so viewers can access it from another location.

Assess for Air Vent Irregularities

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Air vents provide discreet hiding places for miniature cameras. Shine a light into vents and inspect for any foreign objects or aberrations. Opening the cover would also be a great option, but make sure it won’t trigger any hotel alarms.

Scan the Room with a Camera Detector

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For advanced surveillance sweeps, consider investing in a portable camera detector. This device can detect radio frequencies emitted by obscured cameras, helping you to pinpoint their exact locations quickly and easily. It will cost a pretty penny, but it will be worth it.

Beware of Teddy Bears and Other Toys

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Some toys appear harmless but conceal hidden cameras. One familiar hiding place for cameras is inside stuffed animals, teddy bears, and other playthings. To protect your privacy, it’s a good idea to check these items for any curious bulges or seams that could indicate the presence of a secret camera.

Watch for Motion Sensors


Motion-activated cameras can be particularly stealthy as they are triggered by movement. This means they are often tricky to expose until it’s too late. It’s essential to be vigilant and watch for sudden changes in light or sound that may indicate a motion-activated camera.

Seek Professional Assistance

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When in doubt, enlist the expertise of security professionals. They possess specialized tools and knowledge to conduct thorough sweeps and ensure peace of mind. Enlisting the help of experts would be the best way to achieve peace of mind at your home away from home.


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