15 Old-Fashioned Dating Rules We’ve Moved Beyond

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Dating has evolved drastically over the years, and looking back, a few old-school rules seem downright bizarre. From outdated etiquette to gender-specific expectations, these 15 dating regulations will leave you scratching your head. Prepare to cringe or laugh at the absurdity of bygone eras.

The Visible Hands Rule

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Back then, gentlemen were expected to always keep their hands visible on a date. Keeping one’s hands in pockets or under the table was regarded as improper and suggestive.

No Ladies Asking Gents Out

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Women were instructed never to initiate a date or propose marriage. It was considered unladylike and a violation of gender norms. Thankfully, we’re in a new era, and gender roles are progressing.

Saturday Date Night Taboo

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In the past, it was deemed inappropriate for a lady to accept a date for a Saturday night. Fridays were considered more suitable, as Saturday nights were reserved for courtship with serious romantic intentions.

Chaperoned Courtship

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Chaperoning was a common practice during dates to ensure propriety was maintained. Imagine having your parents or a trusted third party accompany you on a romantic outing – talk about a mood killer!

The Bold Lipstick Scandal

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In some circles, it was frowned upon for a maiden to wear bright red lipstick on a date. The bold lip color was associated with promiscuity and regarded as too risqué for a respectable lady. Today, a red lippie is a decent lady’s signature lipwear.

PDA? Not A Chance!

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Forget public smooches! Even holding hands was a big no-no for unmarried couples. Public displays of affection (PDA) risked a woman’s reputation as they were seen as scandalous behavior then.

No Drinks For The Ladies

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Unlike nowadays, ordering a drink on a date was strictly off-limits for women. It was seen as unladylike and could damage their chances of securing a suitable husband.

Chivalry Or Else

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A man was supposed to open doors, pull out chairs, and carry his date’s belongings. Failure to follow these chivalrous acts was deemed disrespectful and a poor reflection of his character.

Controversial Discussions? Not On Dates!

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Specific topics, such as politics or religion, were taboo subjects during dates. Discussing controversial matters was deemed inappropriate and could potentially offend or alienate one’s date.

Baked Goods As A Dowry

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In certain cultures, a lady was required to bring a gift, such as baked goods or embroidery, on her first date. It was a way to showcase her domestic skills and suitability as a potential wife.

Men Paid, Always

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Men were expected to foot the entire bill on dates, regardless of the woman’s financial situation. Offering to split the cost or allowing them to pay was regarded as emasculating.

Parental Curfew Chaos

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Unmarried couples were forbidden from staying out past a particular hour, often dictated by societal norms or parental curfews. Violating these time constraints damages reputations and sparks gossip.

Second Date = Nuptials

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In certain circles, a maiden was advised to decline a second date if she did not intend to marry the suitor. Leading someone on was deemed cruel and dishonorable.

First Date Kissing Banned

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Kissing on the first date was a definite no-go. It was perceived as too forward and compromising for a respectable young lady. Chaste behavior was expected until marriage.

Years Of Courtship Required

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A man was supposed to formally court a woman for an extended period before proposing wedlock. Rushing into matrimony was frowned upon, raising questions about the couple’s intentions.


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