15 Non-Braided Travel Hairstyles for Black Women


As you plan your itinerary and pack your favorite outfits, are you thinking of the ideal hairstyle for the road but with braids off the table? Braids are cool, but we understand sometimes you want to switch things up, especially on a trip! Here are 15 hot travel hairstyles for Black women.

The Polished Ponytail

Mirrors Unisex Salon/Facebook

This sleek and stylish option is great for any destination. Gather your hair high or low, fasten it with a ponytail holder, and wrap a section of hair around the band to hide it. Add a cute hair clip or scarf for extra personality.

Bantu Knots

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These lovely little twists are adorable and super practical for traveling. Make small sections throughout your hair, twist them tightly, and tuck the ends under to form knots. Bantu knots are also a great way to protect your hair while maintaining beauty.

The Effortless Afro Puff


Let your natural beauty shine with a voluminous afro puff. Gather your hair at your head crown and secure it with a hair tie. Fluff it up for a statement look, or keep it sleek for a more polished vibe.

The Chic Headband

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Rock a bold headband with a bright pattern, or keep it simple with a classic black or brown. Headbands are ideal for beach days or keeping hair out of your face while sightseeing. Bonus? It’s fantastic for both short and long hair.

Half-Up, Half-Down with Flair

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Here is another versatile option that goes with any activity level. Simply collect the top half of your hair back into a ponytail or bun and leave the rest loose and flowing. For extra chic, you can add braids or twists on the sides.

The Messy Bun

Natural Black Girlie/Facebook

Who says buns have to be perfect? This easy, breezy, messy style is ideal for relaxed adventures. Collect your hair into a loose bun at the back of your neck and let some wispy strands frame your face for a carefree look.

The Pineapple Updo

Salon E-class – Woodlands mall/Facebook

Here’s a protective option good for natural hair: Gather your hair high on your head into a loose ponytail, fasten it with a hair tie, and gently fluff it up to form a “pineapple” shape.

Twisted Crown

Natural Hair Mag/Facebook

This hairstyle is excellent if you’re looking forward to a night out or a special occasion. Flat twist sections of hair around your head, creating a beautiful crown that keeps your hair out of your face.

Faux Locs

Natural hair kenya/Facebook

For something low-maintenance and protective, go for faux locs. These pre-made extensions are attached to your hair, creating the look of locs without the long-term commitment. Faux locs come in various lengths, thicknesses, and colors, allowing you to find what perfectly suits you.

The Scarf Tie-Up

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Scarves are a lifesaver for travel hairstyles! Tie a scarf around your head to create a stylish headband, or use it to secure a ponytail or bun. Scarves come in endless colors and patterns, so you can match them to any outfit.

Bantu Knot-Out


After rocking your Bantu knots for a day or two, unravel them for a voluminous and bouncy look. Using a pick or your fingers, gently separate the curls and apply a leave-in conditioner to add moisture and definition.

Flat Twists with Frets

Game of Fros Natural Hair Hub/Facebook

For a boho-chic vibe, try flat twists with frets. These twists are similar to cornrows but lie flatter against the scalp. Adding hair cuffs or “frets” creates a unique and eye-catching detail.

Voluminous Twists

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Create chunky twists throughout your hair for a voguish and protective style. The larger the sections you use, the chunkier the twists will be. These twists are easy to maintain and can be styled to suit different occasions.

The Wet Look

Natural Hair Mag/Facebook

This chic option is perfect for hot and humid weather. Apply a lavish amount of styling gel to your hair and slick it back for a polished look. You can use a comb to distribute the product evenly and achieve more sleekness.

The Space Buns with Beads

Beauty for Ash/Facebook

Find your inner child with this fun and funky style. It involves splitting your hair into two high ponytails and securing them with hair ties. Leave some volume at the crown for a true “space bun” effect. For extra pizzazz, add beads to the hair ties.


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