15 Items You Can Use As Awesome Garden Containers


Instead of spending money on new flower pots, you can creatively and sustainably transform everyday items into unique containers for growing flowers and herbs. These repurposed items can also add beauty to the environment and help maximize limited spaces. Here are 15 easy and clever container recycling ideas you can adopt for your garden.

Old Tires


Worn-out tires don’t always belong to the refuse dump. To reuse them in your garden, clean them carefully, perforate them for drainage, and apply paint to make them more beautiful. You can use old tires for planting crops like marigolds, thyme, and lettuce.

Mason Jars

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Mason jars can provide space for planting where space is limited. To help with water outflow, arrange a layer of gravel at the base of every jar before loading it with dirt. Hang the vases using wires or keep them on a flat surface, and use them to propagate basil, mint, and parsley.

Wooden Crates

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Begin by covering the floor and sides of the crate with materials that will allow for drainage but will stop dirt from escaping. Cover the crates with rich earth and plant your favorite greens. Feel free to cultivate flowers like petunias and spices like rosemary in your crate.



Small vessels like cups are perfect for propagating miniature herbs or blossoms. Before placing your seeds, ensure proper runoff by drilling tiny holes in the floor of the teacup or layering the base with gravel. These mugs are perfect for raising succulents, spices like chives, and small-sized blooms.

Rain Boots


Upcycling old rain boots into plant holders is a fun way to give new purpose to worn-out footwear. First, clean the shoes thoroughly, drill openings in the soles, and stuff them with earth. Annual flowers like impatiens, herbs like lavender, and greens like radishes will thrive here.



When you need to move your shrubs around, you can turn your old wheelbarrows into mobile beds for veggies. Pour some topsoil into the wheelbarrow after confirming that it is structurally sound, rust-free, and has enough openings for runoffs.

Vintage Bathtubs


Transforming vintage bathtubs into oversized planters creates an attractive focal point in any yard or outdoor portion. Bathtubs are best for large blooms like roses, vegetables like eggplant, and small trees like dwarf citrus. Scrub the bathtub thoroughly and drill outlets underneath to prevent waterlogging.

Old Dresser Drawers/Facebook

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First, separate the trays from the dressers and wash them carefully. Seal their insides with filler material and cover them with silt. Stack the cabinets vertically or attach them to a wall-mounted frame. Seasonings, geraniums, and succulents will do well in drawers.

Wine Barrels


Wine barrels recycled as large crop vessels add a rustic, durable, elegant touch to your lawn and are suitable for planting fruits, ornamental trees, shrubs, and large blossoms like peonies in the barrel. Wipe the inside of the barrel with water and detergent, open holes in the lower part for seepage, and load the barrel with a combination of humus and compost.

Tin Cans


Despite their tiny size of tin cans, you can still plant marigolds and pansies in them. Wash the tins entirely and peel off any labels or adhesive residue. Create perforations in the underside of each can and paint or decorate the cans with outdoor paint or decorative paper.



These can be a space-saving solution for growing climbers and shallow-rooted veggies in urban areas. To prepare, remove protruding nails from the pallet and clean it up. Position it vertically and seal the open spaces with burlap. Add a layer of loam to every pallet, then cultivate your desired crop.

Broken Pots


These are excellent for growing miniature crops, succulents, and mosses. Collect the pieces from the pots and arrange them in the garden. Use the larger pieces to build terraced levels or retaining walls, filling the gaps with potting humus. Add decorative elements and sow your blossoms or vegetables inside.


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Repurposing discarded birdcages can create more space for cultivation. They can contain climbers, ferns, and shrubs. Brush out any rust or debris from the cage and line the bottom with moss or landscaping fabric to prevent loss of humus. Load the cage with a mixture of soil and compost and attach it to a sturdy bracket.

Basket Planters

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Recycled baskets can add visual interest to your yard and are ideal for cultivating ferns and flowering vines. Fill the holder with moss and a mixture of silt and manure. Choose crops with trailing foliage, like ferns or spiders, and hang the basket from a hook or keep it on a tabletop.



Used sinks may serve as durable and weather-resistant containers, daisies, and pearl strings. Rid the sink of contaminants, then create outlets in its lower part. Pour in loam and manure, and design suitable decorations for the bin’s body to make it beautiful.


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