15 Interesting Things To Know About Newfypoos

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The Newfypoo is a crossbreed of the Newfoundland and Poodle. Its parentage results in a canine with several desirable qualities. With the increasing demand for customized dog breeds, the Newfypoo is an appealing option for people seeking a loyal canine companion. Let’s consider 15 little-known facts about this unique breed, shedding light on its origins, characteristics, temperament, and more.


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The Newfypoo, a crossbreed originating in North America in the late 1980s, was bred to combine the desirable traits of the Newfoundland and the Poodle. The Newfoundland is famous for its gentle nature, swimming abilities, and the Poodle’s brilliance and hypoallergenic coat. Breeders hoped to create offspring with the best qualities by crossing these two breeds.

Size Variance

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Newfypoos can vary significantly in height, depending on that of the parents and the specific genetic combination. Some may inherit the larger structure of the Newfoundland, standing tall and weighing over 100 pounds, while others may be smaller but still substantial. This variance allows potential owners to find a Newfypoo that fits their preferences and living situation.

Hypoallergenic Coat

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One of the most appealing characteristics of the Newfypoo is its hypoallergenic coat, which is inherited from the Poodle parent. As a result, Newfypoos typically shed less than other breeds, and their dander is less likely to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. 

Water-Loving Nature

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Fishermen originally bred Newfoundlands as working dogs, resulting in their exceptional swimming abilities and affinity for water. This trait often becomes the Newfypoos’, who enjoy playing in the water and participating in aquatic activities with others.

Gentle Demeanor

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Despite their large build, Newfypoos are gentle and friendly. They are typically affectionate, patient, and tolerant. This tenderness makes them excellent family pets and therapy dogs, as they are suited to provide comfort and companionship to needy individuals. Their calm demeanor makes them popular for households with young children or other pets.

Versatile Working Dogs

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Newfypoos inherit diverse skills and abilities from their parent breeds, making them highly versatile working dogs. Their intelligence, trainability, and strong bond with their owners suit them for multiple tasks and activities, like assisting individuals with disabilities, service dog tasks, and water rescue.

Coat Varieties

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Newfypoos can inherit assorted fur types from their Poodle parent, including curly, wavy, or straight coats. This diversity adds to their charm and appeal; intending buyers can choose a coat type that suits their preferences. While some may prefer the low-maintenance nature of a straight coat, others may appreciate the luxurious or wavy curls.

Exercise Needs

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Despite their large size, Newfypoos require moderate workouts and do not demand excessive physical activity. As low-energy dogs, they are content with light exercises, daily walks, and playtime. Therefore, Newfypoos are suitable for various living environments, like apartments or homes with limited outdoor space, as long as they receive consistent training and mental stimulation.

Intelligent Breed

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Newfypoos inherit intelligence from both parent breeds, making them quick learners and eager to please. Their intelligence and trainability suit them for various activities, including obedience training, agility courses, and exciting games that challenge their minds and keep them mentally stimulated.

Social Creatures

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As social dog breeds, Newfypoos thrive on companionship and enjoy being part of a family. The dogs form strong bonds with their humans and fellow pets and prefer to participate in all aspects of family life. However, they may get lonely and anxious if left alone for long, so they thrive in households where they receive sufficient attention.

Grooming Requirements

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Due to their dense and often curly coats, Newfypoos require constant tending to keep their coats healthy and free from mats and tangles. Their grooming needs include brushing weekly to remove loose hair and prevent matting, regular baths, and professional grooming sessions if needed. 


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Newfypoos typically live between 10 and 15 years with proper care and attention. A nutritious diet, regular exercise, and continuous veterinary care, including vaccinations and preventive measures against common illnesses, can contribute to these beloved companions’ long and healthy lifespans.

Health Concerns

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Like many hybrid breeds, Newfypoos may inherit certain conditions from their parent breeds. Some of the most common health issues that may affect them include hip and elbow dysplasia, heart diseases, and eye problems. Potential buyers should research the health history of both parent breeds and ensure that their Newfypoo puppy comes from a recognized breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their dogs.

Size at Birth

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Newfypoo puppies are larger than many other breeds. As a result, they may require adequate nutrition during the puppy stage to ensure healthy growth and development. Providing a balanced diet formulated for large breed puppies, regular veterinary check-ups, and monitoring of growth and development milestones can help support the well-being of Newfypoo puppies.


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While less widely recognized than some designer breeds, the Newfypoo has been gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts. The combination of their friendly disposition, hypoallergenic fur, and skillfulness continues to attract new admirers. 


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