15 Decluttering Tips to Breathe New Life into Your Home


Okay, let’s face it. We all have stuff we don’t use that we can’t be bothered by because it may take forever to purge, or we have no clue where all that stuff goes. Not to mention how hard letting go is when you’re a hoarder. These tips will help you reclaim your rooms (and maybe even your sanity) so your home doesn’t feel like a chaotic labyrinth anymore.

Start Small


Tiny bites, big wins! Begin with one area at a time, like a drawer, shelf, or basket. Breaking down the hotchpotch beast into tiny tasks makes the exercise less daunting.

Make it Fun


Turn decluttering into a self-care ritual. Put on some music, light a candle, and enjoy the process. You’re creating a space that reflects your awesome self; you better have a blast while at it!

Practice Mindfulness


Be present, focusing on the task rather than fixating on the result. Embrace the process, savoring each moment of progress. By staying grounded in the present, you’ll easily navigate decluttering and find joy in the journey toward a more organized place.

One In, One Out Rule

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Bought something new? Balance it out by donating or selling something old. Items in good condition that you no longer need can find new homes with others who will appreciate them. Letting go of an old thing to create room for a new one is a simple rule that keeps clutter at bay and your space serene.

Donate and Clean Out


It’s a double win! Donations bring good karma and lighten your load, literally and figuratively. Give preloved belongings a new home and support a worthy cause while tidying up your place.

Sell It Like a Boss


Yes, you can turn clutter into cash by channeling your inner auctioneer! Sell unused items online or at consignment stores. It’ll bring in those extra coins and create breathing room in your life.

Set Up Designated Spots

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Keys, mail, bags, shoes—designate specific areas for small objects to avoid hotchpotch buildup and ensure easy retrieval. Establishing particular areas for these objects maintains organization in your pad and prevents the loss of valuable possessions.

The “Maybe” Later Limbo


Introduce a “Maybe” Later Limbo for undecided items. If you last used them six months ago, consider donating or selling them. This proactive approach will save you space, streamline decision-making, and earn gratitude from your future self!

Spark Joy or Say Goodbye!


Channel your inner Marie Kondo when deciding whether to keep something. Question whether the item brings you joy. If it doesn’t make you smile, or worse yet, you haven’t used it in the past year,  let it go! Thank it and move on to a mess-free life.

Get Creative with Storage


Boxes, bins, baskets, and shelves are your new best friends! Sorting belongings like clothes, books, or kitchenware into categories and neatly storing them ensures you maximize space and keep things organized. A clear space equals a clear mind and a calmer you.

Declutter Your Digital World Too!


Rid digital jumble, such as old emails, files, and apps you no longer use. Unsubscribe from unused email lists. Digitize important documents and photos, then shred paper versions. Embracing a mess-free online presence is so underrated, yet we practically live on our screens.

Limit Mementos


Do you need 17 vacation mugs? Keep sentimental things to a reasonable amount by selecting only the most meaningful ones to cherish. This mindful approach ensures keepsakes remain cherished without overwhelming your place.

Set a Date and Time


To make purging a manageable routine, schedule short, focused sessions of 15-30 minutes each week and make it a regular habit. Planning prevents burnout and stops hotchpotch from building up in the future.

Seek Support


Don’t do it alone. Enlist the help of friends, family, or a professional organizer. Their encouragement and assistance will make cleaning out less daunting and more achievable, causing you to stay energized and make meaningful strides toward your clutter-free goals.

Honor Your Progress


Celebrate every win, no matter how little, on your reorganization journey. Acknowledge the strides you’ve made, as each step forward counts. Remember, purging is a marathon, not a sprint. Embrace the practice, and celebrate the positive changes you’re making in your residence and life.


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