15 Creative Uses Of Leftover Cardboard Tubes

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Ever stared at a pile of leftover cardboard tubes with a sigh? You’re not alone. But what if we told you those tubes hold the potential for epic crafting adventures, organizational victories, and even a touch of home improvement magic? That’s right! Cardboard tubes are like blank slates, ready to be transformed into anything your imagination desires. This list unveils 15 unexpected ways to breathe new life into those cardboard castoffs.

Craft a Rocket Ship

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Calling all mini astronauts! Cardboard tubes are the perfect base for a homemade rocket ship. Adorn with paint, markers, and construction paper. Add fins cut from leftover cardboard and maybe even a porthole window. This can be a great activity for you to do with your little one.

Organize Your Kitchen Chaos

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Are you tired of messy utensil drawers? Cardboard tubes come to the rescue! Cut tubes to different heights to create dividers for your utensils, keeping spatulas separate from whisks and spoons. This hack is not limited to the kitchen. You can use it to organize your drawers, desks, cabinets, etc. 

DIY Seedling Starters

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These cylinders are eco-friendly seed starters! Fill them with soil, plant your seeds, and watch your little seedlings sprout. Once they’re ready, transplant them to a larger pot – cardboard decomposes in the soil, so it’s a win-win!

Create a Phone Charging Station

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Cut a slit in a tube and decorate it to match your desk decor. This handy station keeps your phone upright while charging, eliminating tangled cords and freeing up desk space.

DIY Kaleidoscope


Decorate one end of a tube with colorful beads or sequins, then tape a piece of plastic or foil over the other end. When you look through the tube and twist it, you’ll see a mesmerizing display of colors and patterns. It’s a fun way to get your kid interested in DIY.

Make a Wall Calendar

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Cardboard cylinders become chic calendar holders! Cut them to desired heights, adorn them with washi tape or paint, and string them together with twine to create a unique wall calendar. Write important dates directly on the cylinders or add small cards for each month.

Build a Marble Maze

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These tubes transform into a captivating marble maze! Cut and connect them with tape to make a winding path. Add cardboard boxes for more levels and decorate with paint and markers. Release the marbles and watch them roll!

Build a Desk Lamp

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With a little ingenuity, these tubes can become a stylish desk lamp. Stack and glue several tubes together to create the base. Cut out a lampshade shape from a piece of fabric and attach it to the top. Finally, put a battery-operated LED light for a creative and functional lamp.

DIY Bird Feeders

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Spread some backyard cheer with homemade bird feeders! Fill a few cylinders with birdseed, smear the outside with peanut butter, and roll them in birdseed again. Hang them from tree branches for a feathered feast.

Craft a Gift Box with a Personal Touch

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Ditch the store-bought boxes and craft your own! Cardboard tubes become unique gift containers. Decorate them with paint, ribbons, and buttons to make your gift presentation as special as the gift itself.

DIY Speakers

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No need to buy expensive speakers to listen to your favorite music. You can make a functional speaker at home! Take a tube and decorate it as you please, then add paper cups (with optional sound-enhancing cuts) to each end. Cut a slit in the tube and insert your phone from the speaker end. Enjoy amplified sound with a touch of bass, perfect for personal listening!

DIY Wall Art 

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Cardboard tubes can be surprisingly artistic! Cut them into different shapes and sizes, and paint them vibrant colors before arranging them on canvas to create a unique piece of textured wall art.

Make a Party Favor Pinata

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Planning a party? Cardboard tubes can become a mini pinata! Fill a few cylinders with candy or small toys, seal the ends, and color them for a festive look. Hang them up, and let the whacking fun begin! (Just make sure to use a safe blindfold for younger children.)

Craft a Costume Accessory

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Cardboard tubes are the perfect base for DIY costume accessories. Turn them into binoculars for an explorer costume, a telescope for a space explorer, or even a microphone for a rockstar. Let your imagination run wild!

Organize Cords and Cables

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Tangled cords are a thing of the past! Wrap your wires around individual tubes, then secure them with a rubber band. Label the tubes for easy identification. This keeps your cables organized and prevents them from getting tangled in a drawer.


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