15 Classroom Items That Are Almost Extinct


Close your eyes and let the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and the sound of chalk on the blackboard transport you back to the hallowed halls of your school days. In those classrooms filled with wonder and possibility, certain treasures defined our educational experience—relics of a bygone era that hold a special place in our hearts. Join us on a journey down memory lane as we revisit 15 classroom items we rarely see anymore.



Oh, the soothing sound of chalk on slate! Chalkboards were the canvas of our education, where teachers imparted wisdom, and students scribbled notes and doodles alike. The dusty aroma of chalk still lingers in our minds, symbolizing simpler times.

Overhead Projectors

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Before the age of smart boards and digital screens, there was the trusty overhead projector. With transparency sheets and a steady hand, teachers brought lessons to life, casting colorful images and diagrams onto the blank canvas of the classroom wall.

Film Projectors


The whirring sound of film reels and the flicker of light dancing across the screen – film projectors were the gateway to cinematic adventures in the classroom. From educational documentaries to classic films, every screening was magical.

Desk Pencil Sharpeners


Who could forget the satisfying crank of a desk pencil sharpener? With its no-nonsense metal exterior and crank handle that begged to be spun, the desk pencil sharpener was more than just a mundane gadget; it was the stuff of legends. As we lined up with our worn-down pencils, there was an unspoken competition to see who could produce the sharpest point and the most satisfying “shavings.”

Cursive Writing Charts

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In the digital age, cursive writing is a fading tradition. But once upon a time, cursive writing charts adorned the walls of our classrooms. And who could forget the thrill of mastering that elusive cursive “Z” or the sheer satisfaction of crafting a signature that looked like belonged on a royal decree? With each swoop and swirl, we felt like calligraphy champions, ready to pen our way into the history books (or at least onto the back of our notebooks).

Library Card Catalogs


Before the dawn of online databases, there was the library card catalog – a treasure trove of knowledge organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Flipping through index cards was a rite of passage for every young scholar searching for literary adventures.

Rolling TV Carts


The arrival of the rolling TV cart was a cause for celebration – it meant movie day in the classroom! Popcorn in hand and anticipation in the air, we gathered around the screen for cinematic adventures that ignited our imaginations.

Classroom Globes


From the peaks of Mount Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench, classroom globes were windows to the world beyond our textbooks. With a gentle spin, we explored distant lands and plotted our adventures on the map of our dreams.

Slide Rules


Long before calculators ruled the classroom, there was the slide rule – a marvel of mathematical precision and ingenuity. In the early days of mathematics and engineering, slide rules were the preferred tool for budding engineers and mathematicians.



Cue the projector and dim the lights – it’s time for a filmstrip presentation! With its synchronized audio and visual cues, the filmstrip was a multimedia marvel, bringing history, science, and literature to life in vibrant technicolor.

Book Covers


Protecting our textbooks with colorful book covers was a time-honored tradition. From brown paper bags to patterned designs, book covers were a reflection of our personalities and a way to make our mark on the school year.

Handheld Pencil Boxes


Carrying our treasures from class to class, handheld pencil boxes were our portable repositories of creativity and organization. Imagine the classroom chaos: pencils rolling off desks, erasers mysteriously vanishing into thin air, and the perpetual hunt for a sharpened pencil that didn’t resemble a sad stub. Enter the handheld pencil box – the superhero of school supplies, ready to save the day with its compact charm and endless storage possibilities.

Desk Nameplates

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Personalized desk nameplates were more than just a place to write our names – they were our corner of the classroom, our home away from home. We felt a sense of belonging and pride in our academic achievements with each glance. And who could forget the camaraderie that flourished around the nameplate aisle? Trading stickers, swapping stories, and vying for the coolest fonts was like a miniature marketplace of ideas, where friendships were forged and alliances were formed.

Encyclopedia Sets

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Before the internet, there were encyclopedia sets – the ultimate source of knowledge at our fingertips. From A to Z, these literary giants shaped history, science, literature, and more.

Ditto Machines

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Ah, the distinctive scent of freshly printed ditto sheets – a hallmark of school days gone by. With a twist of the crank and a whir of the machine, teachers reproduced worksheets and handouts with the precision of a printing press.


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