15 Cars to be Excited About in 2024—Including the Latest Hands-Free Models


New year, new tech! From sleek sports cars and futuristic supercars to luxurious EVs and heavy trucks built to dominate rough terrain, we’ve gathered the car models you can’t wait to drive. Let’s tour the 12 most anticipated cars of 2024 in a list featuring the cool, the fast, and the powerful.

Hybrid Lamborghini Urus


After a long wait, the Lamborghini Urus will turn hybrid in 2024, merging a V8 engine with powerful electric motors. The Hybrid Urus has unparalleled power, efficiency, and style, marking a groundbreaking step in Lamborghini’s hybrid evolution. This model better suits drivers who use their Urus in everyday activities like commuting or school runs.

Ford Mustang GTD

Magnus Walker/Facebook

Prepare for the Mustang GTD, a beast with 800 supercharged horsepower, a rear-mounted transaxle, and a better suspension for comfort. This modern supercar looks like it was forged from the S650-generation Mustang but this time with an improved driving experience. Any driver would give anything to get behind this beauty’s steering wheel; especially with its enhanced aerodynamics designed to evacuate heat faster.

Cadillac Celestiq

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Cadillac redefines luxury with the Celestiq, a $300,000 electric sedan. This vehicle comes with an innovative yet stylish glass roof. The Celestiq also has a touchscreen as wide as the dashboard, an all-wheel drive, and an advanced driver-assistance system aptly named “Ultra Cruise.” You can’t disagree that the Celestiq is an epitome of elegance and innovation which justifies its hefty price tag.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale

Shock Mansion/Facebook

The Ferrari ‘XX’ model has finally returned from hibernation in the most dramatic fashion, leaving drivers excited for what’s to come. As the fastest road-going car Ferrari has ever made, the SF90 was bound to get an ‘XX’ version. The XX Stradale packs a twin-turbocharged V8 plus three electric motors that moves from 0 to 62mph within 2.3 seconds.

Future Dodge Charger EV

Travis Joseph/Facebook

Dodge comes with an electrified Charger, capable of delivering a loud but satisfying 126-decibel rumble to accompany the driving experience. This year’s model brings a thrilling blend of power and efficiency to the steadily growing number of electric supercars. Its 590 horsepower and multiple power options are among the major features drivers consider before buying an EV vehicle.

Gordon Murray T.50

Gordon Murray Automotive/Facebook

The Gordon Murray T.50 will surely turn many heads when it releases later in 2024. This vehicle has small dimensions, a central driving position, and a screaming (and high revving) Cosworth V12. Most notably, it doesn’t bend to the pressures of the modern automotive world by choosing manual driving over electrified, automated driving.

Cadillac Escalade IQ

Shubham Pancholi/Facebook

Meet the Escalade IQ, an electric behemoth boasting a 200-kWh battery, 450 miles of range, and 750 horsepower. The Escalade IQ is designed with a steering wheel that allows the driver to make the most insane maneuvers. As a pinnacle of luxury and performance, this vehicle has raised the bar for EV SUVs with its efficient hands-free driver assistance technology.

Mercedes-Benz EQG


After two years of eager anticipation, the electric G-Wagen EQG is here. With classic G-Class styling and a powerful engine, the driver gets a unique blend of off-road prowess to navigate all sorts of terrains and electric efficiency for nonstop riding. Sleek and powerful.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Anna on Roads/Facebook

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a fully electric and spacious vehicle with a seating capacity of up to seven people. What more? This car is a far more stylish successor to the classic VW bus. Now, seven years after a teaser, the ID. Buzz is in the U.S., merging vintage old-school design and aesthetics with new-age fuel efficiency.



The 2024 M5 introduces a plug-in hybrid engine, delivering big power and possibly coming as a five-door wagon. According to the car specs and model information, the M5 would weigh less than the BMW XM SUV.

Lamborghini Revuelto


When photos and videos of the Revuelto started flooding social media in early 2023, many claimed that it was mere PR and so weren’t expecting much from the vehicle. Things changed, however, when Lamborghini released the performance figures of the Revuelto. This successor to the legendary Aventador packs 1000bhp and moves from 0 to 62mph in 2.5 seconds.

Polestar 5


This heavily anticipated Polestar 5 was born from the Precept concept. As expected, the car will deliver one of the grandest touring experiences with nearly 900 horsepower. A futuristic sedan challenging the EV heavyweights is something you’ll see only sometimes. Also, the interior of this racing monster is made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

Porsche Macan EV


Porsche’s compact crossover goes electric, delivering 603 horsepower, 311 miles of range, and the performance expected from a Porsche EV. While the finished product is still evading public eyes, it is expected to surpass the iconic Macan model.

Lexus GX


The new Lexus GX combines bold aesthetics with the rugged capability buyers expect. With impressive towing capacity and intuitive technology, it’s a luxury model designed for limitless possibilities. Its interior design is just as splendid as it should be, and the 33-inch tires will carry you safely to any destination.

Toyota Land Cruiser


The 2024 Land Cruiser returns to its roots, shedding luxury for a simplified, trail-ready experience. Priced in the mid-$50,000 range, it fuses legendary reliability with timeless adventure. A better and more spacious interior of the Land Cruiser makes it an even greater choice for families. The Land Cruiser provides space for all with an improved and spacious interior.


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