15 Beers Drinkers Consistently Rank as the Worst


Every beer drinker has their favorites and their least favorites. Some beers are celebrated for their rich flavors and quality ingredients, while others fall short of expectations, leaving drinkers with a less-than-satisfying experience. Several drinkers have described these beers as among the worst. Swipe through, and you’ll see 15 beers that drinkers consistently rank at the bottom of their lists. You’ll also discover why.

Bud Light


While Bud Light is a popular introduction to beer among teenagers, it is also a frequent target for beer enthusiasts who prefer more robust tastes. This beer is often criticized for lacking flavor and being too watered down.

Natural Light

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The inexpensive beer has earned itself a reputation in drinking games, but people still have something to say about its taste. Many say it has no unique flavor and don’t recommend it for relaxation. They think it’s best for when you’re doing backbreaking work and distracted.

Coors Light


Despite its popularity, many drinkers find Coors Light to be overly light. It’s often described as watery, thin, bland, or lacking flavor compared to craft beers. Overall, while some appreciate the low-calorie count and light body, others find it boring and blah.

Busch Light


Easily one of the most budget-friendly beers out there, Busch Light is still subject to hate. Some terms used to describe it are skunky and “near water.” A reviewer called it the last bear to settle for.

Michelob Ultra  


Marketed as a low-calorie beer, Michelob Ultra still gets the end of the stick. The low-carb beer is bashed for its thin body and is rated low for taste.

Keystone Light


Keystone Light is a budget-friendly American pale lager known for its mild flavor and low price point. While affordability is a selling factor for some, it’s often criticized for its lack of taste and character. It was once ranked 13th worst in the world.

Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)

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While some enjoy its nostalgia and affordability, others are not kind towards the beer. They find it too watery and low in alcohol for their liking.

Rolling Rock


Rolling Rock has been bashed and even called out for several reasons. A few of them are its paleness, lack of maltiness, and non-hoppiness. It’s also been reviewed as having a metallic aftertaste. A drinker even declared ots “it’s piss in a bottle.” The Rolling Rock of earlier years has been deemed much better though. 



Beer lovers aren’t sparing one of the best-selling beers in the world from its share of negativity. People turn against it because it’s mass-produced. Others say it’s watery, bland, and lacking complexity.

Olde English 800

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“Tastes like hot dog water,” someone said about this beer and rated it a 3/10. Not a lot of people have good things to say about its taste, and it is drunk mainly to get drunk.

Steel Reserve


Steel Reserve is noted for its high alcohol content—which some beer lovers somehow manage to dislike. The main reason the beer is disliked is its unpleasant taste and aroma.

Miller High Life  


Miller High Life calls itself “the Champagne of Bottle Beer,” but do we all agree? Of course not. A number of people think it’s nothing to write home about, citing its thinness and wateriness.



While some aren’t aware that Hamm’s is in the market up till now, there are those who are in the know but are avoiding it. Why? Its watery flavor and low hoppiness are blinding many to its affordable price.

Natural Ice

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Natural Ice is accused of having nothing really notable. Drinkers say it has an unpleasant taste when not served cold. Some note that it doesn’t have a regular beer smell but something worse.

Corona Light


Maybe Corona Light would have enjoyed more love if there was no Corona Extra to compare it to, as someone said it’s a watered-down version of the latter. Several drinkers say the mouthfeel is thin and carbonated, and the taste is quite skunky.


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