15 American Grocery Stores That Make Your Wallet Say “Thank You!”

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Hold onto your shopping carts and prepare for a savings adventure! We’re about to check out the grocery stores that put a smile on your face and a jiggle in your wallet. From aisles filled with deals to prices that make you do a happy dance, these 15 stores are where frugal meets fabulous. 


Save-A-Lot Become an Owner/Facebook

Save-A-Lot lives up to its name by offering various groceries, household items, and pantry staples at deeply discounted rates. Focusing on essentials and everyday savings, Save-A-Lot is a go-to destination for thrifty customers looking to stretch their dollars without compromising on standards.

Special Discounts: Save-A-Lot weekly ad, store-brand savings, and digital coupons through their website

Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Deland/Facebook

Thanks to its massive scale, strategic partnerships, and mantra of everyday prices, Walmart makes monthly shopping a breeze. And did you know? The establishment’s price match policy allows you to match lower costs from select competitors. Be sure to check its website for details on eligible retailers and the process for requesting a price match.

Special Discounts: Rollback prices, Walmart app savings, and seasonal promotions

Dollar Tree

Coming Soon RGV/Facebook

Dollar Tree’s promise of “Everything’s a Dollar” extends to its grocery section, where you can find a surprising array of food options, snacks, beverages, and more—all at unbeatable $1 costs. 

Special Discounts: Everything’s $1 pricing, Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club for extra savings, and occasional seasonal promotions

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet (1825 E Ashlan Avenue, Suite A, Fresno, CA)/Facebook

Grocery Outlet, affectionately known as the “Bargain Market,” is a haven for people seeking incredible deals on groceries, frozen foods, snacks, and specialty items. With ever-changing inventory and significantly low rates, Grocery Outlet is a paradise for bargain hunters.

Special Discounts: Grocery Outlet weekly ad, NOSH (Natural, Organic, Specialty, Healthy) discounts, and daily deals on surplus items

Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud

ALDI Nord/FacebookALDI Nord/Facebook

These two Aldi branches in the United States offer bargain hunters double the savings and double the fun. Their commitment to low rates, quality items, and efficient operations ensures that both branches continue to impress with their wallet-friendly offerings.

Special Discounts: Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud weekly specials, Aldi Finds, and seasonal discounts

Family Dollar

Family Dollar/Facebook

This supermarket caters to budget-conscious shoppers with a wide range of groceries, household necessities, and everyday items—all priced to provide maximum savings. Here’s a tip: Watch for yellow or white tags with costs ending in 0 or 1. These indicate things on clearance, and if you wait a bit longer, they might get an additional markdown for even more significant savings.

Special Discounts: Family Dollar Smart Coupons, weekly ad deals, and Family Dollar brand discounts


Buch Construction/Facebook

Aldi, the champion of shoppers with a tight wallet, delights with its no-frills approach and an abundance of affordable essentials. This establishment also offers a Double Guarantee policy, which will replace the product and refund your money if you are unsatisfied with any Aldi brand item. This gives you peace of mind when trying out new products or brands.

Special Discounts: Weekly specials, Aldi Finds, and seasonal promotions

Trader Joe’s

Joe Joey Joseph/Facebook

With unique products, cult-favorite snacks, and a dedication to value, Trader Joe’s proves that mouth-watering food doesn’t have to break the bank. The store regularly surveys customers to determine their favorite products for convenience. Look for shelves labeled “Customer Favorites” to discover tried-and-true things that fellow shoppers love.

Special Discounts: Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, weekly specials, and Trader Joe’s brand discounts



Costco, the land of bulk-buying bliss, is a haven for families and budget-conscious customers looking to stock up on essentials. Bonus tip: If you’re a frequent shopper, consider upgrading to Costco’s Executive Membership. While there is an additional annual fee, Executive Members receive 2% cashback on qualified purchases, which can offset the membership cost and provide further savings.

Special Discounts: Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, member-only deals, and seasonal discounts

Dollar General

Shasho Consulting, P.A. Commercial Real Estate/Facebook

Dollar General’s dedication to value, convenience, and a range of store-brand products ensures that every dollar stretches further. The store often offers a $5 off $25 coupon that you can use on qualifying purchases. Look for this coupon in their weekly ad or digital coupons section, and reach the $25 threshold to apply the discount at checkout.

Special Discounts: Dollar General digital coupons, weekly ads, and Dollar General brand discounts


Lidl US/Facebook

This supermarket chain brings its brand of savings and surprises to the shopping scene. With a focus on efficiency, streamlined operations, and a curated selection of high-class products, Lidl delivers significant savings without compromising taste or variety. Plus, its bakery and deli section are a must-visit for every Lidl customer. 

Special Discounts: Lidl’s Weekly Specials, Lidl Plus rewards program, and Lidl’s Own brand discounts

WinCo Foods


WinCo Foods is a gem among budget-friendly stores thanks to its unique employee-owned model that prioritizes efficiency, quality, and competitive rates. And here’s a tip: Sign up for WinCo Foods’ loyalty program, WinCo Rewards, to earn points on qualifying purchases and unlock bonuses such as discounts, free products, and exclusive offers. 

Special Discounts: Bulk discounts, store-brand savings, and weekly promotions



These stores are designed to offer a one-stop shopping destination, catering to the needs of families, tech lovers, and home decorators alike. Consider applying for a Target RedCard, either debit or credit, to receive 5% off every eligible purchase at the supermarket, including in-store and online. RedCard holders enjoy free shipping on most Target.com orders and exclusive offers.

Special Discounts: Target Circle offers, weekly ad deals, and Target brand discounts


Tiffany Ivanovsky/Facebook

Its commitment to value and variety makes this store a go-to choice for people with a tight wallet. With digital coupons, loyalty programs, and store-brand options rivaling premium labels, this supermarket caters to every budget without compromising freshness or flavor.

Special Discounts: Kroger Weekly Ad, Kroger brand discounts, digital savings with the Kroger app, and personalized discounts with the Kroger Plus Card



From fresh produce to pantry staples, this supermarket offers quality at an affordable rate, keeping shoppers returning for more. 

Special Discounts: Publix Weekly Ad, BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals, Publix brand discounts, and savings with their Publix Advantage Buy Flyer.


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