100 Things That I Appreciated Most at Tulane University and Living in New Orleans


I had the pleasure of attending Tulane University and getting to spend four glorious years there.  I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say it was the best time of my life because it was.  And I fully admit that my time spent there had very little to do with academics and much more to do with a cultural experience that no money could ever pay for.  Being from the Northeast I had the opportunity to experience multiple cultures, foods, and ways of life that I was never accustomed to.  I believe it truly shaped who I am today and I’m forever grateful for it.  Well, except for the part where they told me I didn’t graduate (even though I did) and caused an entire weekend of heartache for me and my family until the mistake was corrected.  But I’m gonna let that one slide Tulane.  The time spent there was just too good to not appreciate.  So without further interruption (and in no particular order) here are 100 things that I appreciated most at Tulane University and living in New Orleans.

1. Bloody Mary’s at Igor’s (or the Superdome)

2. Kicking back at the Levee

3. 50 Cent Night at the Boot

4. Snake and Jake’s

5. Thursday Night F&M’s Cheese Fries

6. Roman’s Cheesy Garlic Bread

7. How it was OK to say “Y’all” even though I’m a Northerner

8. Burgers at Port of Call

9. Beignet’s at Cafe Du Monde

10. Commander’s Palace

11. Hand Grenades at Tropical Isle

12. Audobon Zoo

13. That water is pronounced Wahhh-ter and not wawter

14. Lucky Dogs!

15.  Chicken Fingers at the Rathskeller

16. Bruff Commons

17.  That all of my friends cars were broken into

18.  Uneven sidewalks basically everywhere

19.  Banana’s Foster at Brennan’s

20. A Pat Obrien’s Hurricane

21.  Dino’s Pizza at 2am

22. Miss Mae’s AKA The Club

23.  Oysters at Cooter Brown’s

24. Breakfast at Camillia Grill

25.  Home fries at Trolly Stop

26.  1200 Broadway – Yes I’m a Frat Boy, SAE

27.  Mardi Gras as a Freshman pledge

28.  Jazzfest

29.  Seeing Eddie Money in Mississippi – believe me I wouldn’t have done that if not for New Orleans

30.  Pledge football game versus rival fraternity KA

31.  Any Crawfish boil ever

32.  Legally carrying a drink on Bourbon street

33.  Rick’s

34.  The old man playing the piano at Lafitte’s

35.  All of Iberville

36.  Attending a Monster Truck Rally at the Superdome

37.  Delmonico’s

38.  Sharp Hall

39. Riding the trolly on St. Charles to get back to campus

40. Abita Purple Haze

41.  Betting on the ponies at the Fair Grounds

42.  Burgers from the Boot delivered to my apartment

43.  Lowerline Street

44.  When AT IIs was still around

45.  Tipitina’s

46.  Going to CVS on St. Charles

47.  Bid night at the Columns Hotel

48.  Harrah’s

49. $10 Haircut on Freret Street

50. JL Dormitory

51.  Launching water balloons into the JL quad

52.  Filet Mignon at Arnaud’s

53.  Patty Murphy party

54.  Any themed fraternity or sorority party

55.  Driving to Baton Rouge for no reason whatsoever

56.  How narrow the Huey P. Long bridge is

57.  Beer Selection at The Bulldog

58.  Music at Maple Leaf

59.  Shady times at Phillips

60.  Fat Harry’s!

61. Rock n. Bowl on Carrolton

62.  Thrift City for all your costume needs

63.  Halloween on Bourbon street

64.  TJ Quills

65.  Whenever I was on Tchouptoulas street

66. House of Blues on Decatur

67.  The size of the roaches in this city

68.  Rats in my apartment

69.  Late night at Palms

70. Jacques-Imo’s

71. Lewis outside the LBC

72.  Taking a picture with Scott Cowen

73.  Fleeing town because of a Hurricane warning

74. Piano bar at Pat O’s

75. Tulane baseball games

76.  Football at the Superdome

77.  Dickie Brennan’s steak

78.  Formal at the Aquarium

79.  The humidity as school came to a close

80.  That Geology was by far my hardest class

81.  Being a northern Jewish person in a Southern fraternity

82.  Anything on Frenchman street

83.  That all the horses in the quarter are really donkeys

84.  Preservation Hall

85.  Audobon Park

86. Going to Metairie for any reason whatsoever

87.  Razzoo!

88. Going to the Funky Pirate once

89.  NOMA

90.  Balcony Bar

91.  Anything on Magazine Street

92.  The Cat’s Meow

93.  New Orleans Botanical Gardens

94.  The size of the drinks at Johnny White’s

95. When the Red Room existed

96. $5 Pitchers at Waldo’s

97. Making fun of Monroe because Sharp was 100 times better

98.  Softball in the quad

99.  Having friends then I would never have now

100.  That it was all free