The $100 Bed Arianna Huffington Is Selling For Your Phone

Arianna Huffington has started a new venture, an e-commerce online company called Thrive Globally. She wants people to start living a better life and live smartly. Her business is geared toward helping people and is focused on a wellness driving productivity in the workplace. Well, now Arianna is bringing some of her wellness beliefs home by introducing a new product that is supposed to help families get better sleep. How? By using her new Phone Bed. The Phone Bed is designed to serve two purposes. Keep reading to find out what exactly is a Phone Bed and how it is supposed to help you and your family with your sleep pattern and life.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna has had a long career in multiple fields and has built a name in politics, in media with roles on TV in broadcasting and in radio, as an author and her last endeavor which was the position of Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post which was acquired by AOL in 2011. She has two daughters by Michael Huffington, former Republican congressman, and most recently started a new venture, starting up, Thrive Global which focuses on health and well-being.

Arianna has seen the signs of burnout and stress-out people live with on a day-to-day basis. She understands that we, as humans, run ourselves ragged with work, kids, financial issues, even vacations where you’re supposed to relax, can be stressful. To add to it, most of us continuously stay connected to the chaotic lives we live by way of our phones.

Since the invention of cellular phones, it has there has been no disconnecting from the world. Most people constantly live with their phone in their hand or on their hip. Many people, especially kids, even take their cellphone to bed. This is a bad habit to get into because it prevents you from completely shutting down, disconnecting from the world and the chaos, and getting the proper sleep you need, which happens to be 8-10 hours a day.

Arianna decided that she wanted to come up with a way that would help people separate themselves from their cellphones at night so that they could develop a healthier sleep pattern. Her idea was creative in that it allowed people to break away from their phones in a way that it gives you a nightly ritual of saying goodnight to your day at the same time as setting your phone up for charging through the night to be ready to go in the morning.

The Phone Bed Charge

It’s not always easy putting the phone away at night. Whether you’re lying in bed watching a movie on your phone, texting, reading emails or just expecting it ring, your phone can be a deterrence for going to sleep when you should. Even if you keep your phone on your bedside table charging, it is easy and tempting to want to pick it up and start playing with it or answer calls. One way to avoid that is to give your phone its own bed in another room so it can go to sleep and recharge, just as you should be doing.

The phone bed is a charging station that looks just like a little bed. It is constructed of all wood and designed with velvet-lined compartments and satin liners. This charging station has room for all of your family’s devices, including an iPad. The chargers sit underneath the satin lined mattress and the plugin comes up from the headboard. Simply lay your phones on the mattress and plug in each device. The blanket that is used to both clean and cover your devices while they sleep and charge, is a dual-sided microfiber blanket. You can wipe the screens of your devices down every night with the blanket before you put it over them to cover them while they charge; a way of telling your phone goodnight.


The phone bed dimensions are: long, 5.75in high and 12in wide. You can find the perfect place to set up your charging station phone bed, outside of your room so that they have their very own space outside of, and away from your bedroom or sleeping area. And, outside of your children’s room. The phone bed is even a good charging station to use in a corporate environment or wherever you need to put your devices up for charging for a while to keep them safe from getting scratched or damaged while they charge.

Bottom line

Arianna Huffington knows the importance of getting the proper sleep for your body and brain to recharge so that you are energized and more vital every day. Her idea of disconnecting from your day at night starts with disconnecting from your technology device. Children who start taking their phones or iPads to bed at a young age can be retrained to learn to say goodnight to their device each and every night with this new charging station bed that lets them say goodnight and tuck it in. When you tuck your devices in together at night, you are helping your children learn good technology device habits by disconnecting from them at bedtime. Making phone bed a nightly ritual can be fun for kids and something everyone looks forward to at the end of the day. When they wake up, their device is fully charged and they are too because they got better, more restful sleep.

You too will feel better every morning when you learn to disconnect from your day by disconnecting from your device. Making the phone bed a nightly ritual will become a welcomed process when you see the difference in your kids and in yourself from getting better sleep. Your devices are safely out of reach for you and your children when you set up the phone bed outside of all bedrooms, when the temptation comes to want to check emails or play games.

Phone bed can be ordered online at for $100.00. Buy one for you and your family and another as a gift for someone else you know who needs to disconnect from their day at night.

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