10 Things Only People Living In Sacramento Understand


When most people hear of Sacramento, they think of the state capital of California. Some people even know that is called the city of trees. People who aren’t from Sacramento often don’t hear much about our fair city. They believe that life ends just north of San Francisco. Some of us from Sacramento just tell people that we are from San Francisco to avoid the ignorant questions regarding the geography of our hometown. Unless you are from here, you would know that there is life beyond San Francisco and that Sacramento is actually a great place to live. Unless you do live here, there are plenty of things that you just wouldn’t understand.

Pronouncing Sacramento

It is easy to tell a tourist from a native just by the way they pronounce the name of our city. Tourists will pronounce it exactly the way that it is spelled. If you live here, you likely pronounce it much different. Those of us who are from Sacramento pronounce it, Sacra-menno. To us, the T is silent. Only tourists or people who are new residents to our city will use the T.

Fairytale Town Was a Huge Part of Your Childhood

You need to be from Sacramento to understand what a huge part Fairytale Town played in our childhoods. This amazing attraction is located on Land Park Drive, and it has been open for over 50 years. There are over 36 attractions for young children, some of the most famous and remembered attractions are Humpty Dumpty’s Bridge, Mary’s Little Lamb, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Jack & Jill Hill. Those of us who grew up here and still live here have made Fairytale Town a tradition in our families, and we now bring out children there.

We Are All Experts on the Gold Rush

Unless you are a history buff, you won’t know as much about the Gold Rush as those of us who live in Sacramento. We aren’t so educated on the subject because we are interested, it is because every year we went on a field trip to the Sacramento History Museum or Old Sacramento and we learned more than we ever wanted to about the Gold Rush. Every kid who grew up here has also been to Sutter’s Fort where we dressed up like pioneers and we spent a lot of time at the Train Museum.It is hard to find someone who lives in Sacramento who hasn’t at one time during their childhood mined for gold. It is one of the most common field trip activities. When we see tourists at these places mining gold in amazement, most of us roll our eyes. Been there, done that.

We Call San Francisco “The City”

Those of us who live in Sacramento understand that it is a city, however, it is not The City. That would be San Francisco. If we are going out on the town and we are going to San Francisco, we would never say that. We would say that we are going to the city for the night. Even people who grew up in Sacramento and then moved to New York still call San Francisco “The City.” New York is just New York.

We Know that Del’s Lemonade Has Got Nothing on Merlino’s Freeze

Unless you are from Sacramento, you wouldn’t understand the deliciousness of Merlino’s Freeze. They offer frozen, refreshing drinks in a variety of flavors like Orange, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, and mango. They have carts in 6 places around Sacramento. If you grew up in our fair city, you have had one at least once in your life. If you didn’t grow up here, you don’t know what you are missing.

We Don’t Like People From LA

Unless you are from Sacramento, you wouldn’t understand how we feel about people from Los Angeles. It’s not that we think that they are all bad people, however, there are many of them who are stuck up and snobby. If we tell a person from LA that we are from Sacramento, we often get an eye roll or a hair flip. Sacramento natives don’t really care, we know that our city is much better the Los Angeles.

The Ice Cream Wars

The city of Sacramento is divided when it comes to choosing who has the best ice cream around. If you are from “East Sac,” you think that Burr’s has the best ice cream. If you were from the Land Park area, you think that Vic’s has the best ice cream. Finally, if you are from the Curtis Park area, you think that nobody can be Gunther’s. If you want dessert, but not necessarily ice cream, nobody beats Rick’s Dessert Diner in Mid-Town.

You Have Been to the Capitol Building Plenty of Times

If you grew up in Sacramento and went to school here, you will know the Capitol building from the inside out. This is because we always took a school field trip there. Also, it was not uncommon for at least one kid in the class to see their mother or father working there during the trip.

You Know That Squeeze Inn is the Best Burger Joint Around

If you aren’t from Sacramento, you might drive by Squeeze Inn and think that it is just another burger joint. If you are from here, you would know that it is the best place in town. What makes this restaurant so amazing is the burgers with the cheese skirts. The cook puts so much cheese on the burgers, that it forms a skirt around the burger. These burgers may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but they are definitely the tastiest. Those of us from here are regulars at the Squeeze Inn.

You Go To the Fab Forties on Holidays

Unless you are from Sacramento, you wouldn’t know about the Fab Forties. It isn’t a business, it is actually a neighborhood in the East Sacramento district. If you want to see the best light displays at Christmas, you come here. If you want to see the best Halloween decorations and get the best candy while trick-or-treating, you go to the Fab Forties. Finally, to see the best 4th of July lights and firework displays, visit the Fab Forties. There is no other place like it on Earth. You wouldn’t know that unless you live here.

There are many things that make Sacramento an amazing place to live. Unless you are a native of our fair city, you just wouldn’t understand.


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