10 Things Only People Who Live In Omaha Would Understand


Most people know that Omaha is in Nebraska. Most people know that the state’s nickname was originally Tree Planter’s State, but in 1945 it was changed to the Cornhusker State. There are plenty of facts that you can read online or in books about Omaha. There are certain things about Omaha, however, that you would only understand if you live here. There are certain things that those of us who live in Omaha must explain to tourists when they visit.

We Knew What Peyton Manning Was Yelling and Why

If you have ever watched Peyton Manning play in an NFL football game and you hear him yell “Omaha”, before a play, you probably don’t know why. If you are from Omaha yourself, you would understand. Our fair city donated a great deal of money to Peyton’s charity for children at risk. To thank the city and the people who live there, he shouted “Omaha” before many of his plays.

We Love Runza Runs and Rounders

If you ask people from anywhere else in the country and even in most parts of Nebraska what a Runza Run or a Rounder is, they would likely look at you completely perplexed. A Runza Run is a tube-shaped sandwich, that is filled with a beef and cabbage mixture. It is served at many sandwich shops around Omaha. Unless you are from here, you wouldn’t know how great this sandwich-on-the-go truly is. Rounders are served on the local motive food truck that travels to the busiest sections of the city. They are balls of bread that are stuffed with several different types of ingredients. When the bars close, they are a very satisfying treat.

The College World Series is Huge in Omaha

If you live in any other city in the world and you had the choice to attend the College World Series or the MLB World Series, you would take the MLB tickets, no questions asked. If you are from Omaha, you would understand that the College World Series is bigger than the major leagues. Each year, thousands of people show up to the College World Series. During this time, you can expect to see a block party on just about every block and the streets are filled with Omaha pride. If you have ever seen the show One Tree Hill, one of the main characters moved to Omaha and he talks about how amazing the College World Series truly is.

We Understand that Raccoons Are Expected Guests at the Alpine Inn

Those of us who live in Omaha and have been to the Alpine Inn understand that we are going to see plenty of raccoons and feral cats outside. The inn is famous for throwing scraps of food outside for the animals. While you are dining, you can watch the animals enjoying their feast outdoors. This is very normal if you live in Omaha. If you are a tourist visiting the Alpine Inn, you might be a bit put off when you see a bunch of wild animals at the inn waiting for food.

Only Omaha Residents Would Understand the Danger of “Suicide Lane”

Dodge Street, also known as Suicide Lane, is the most dangerous street in Omaha. Those of us who live here know about the dangers of the street and how it works. There is a lane on this busy road that switches directions throughout the day. Unless you are from Omaha and you know when and where the street changes directions, you could find yourself in a serious accident. This is something that tourists just wouldn’t understand.

The Beercade is the Place to Go on a Friday Night

People from all over the country talk about Dave & Busters like it is the best place around. It is a restaurant, arcade, and bar. Unless you are from Omaha, you wouldn’t understand that the Beercade blows Dave & Busters out of the water. The Beercade is an arcade and bar built around some delicious craft brews. They are always hosting a variety of special events and it is the coolest place in Omaha. You would have to live here to get it.

We Can Be in Two Places at Once

Unless you are from Omaha, you may not know about the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge is located in our fair city and it also crosses into Iowa. It is possible to be in Omaha and Iowa at the same time. If you are from Omaha, you have likely taken a photo of yourself in both places at once. If you aren’t from here, you will likely see people laying on the bridge and think that they are out of their mind.

Only Those of Us From Omaha Know What a True Reuben Tastes Like

The Reuben sandwich was invented at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha. Since then, the sandwich has been served all around the country. Unless you are from Omaha or have had a Reuben here, you wouldn’t understand how great we make these sandwiches. You can go into any restaurant or sandwich shop in Omaha, and get a hot sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, and you can be sure it will be delicious. If you order a Reuben anywhere else in the U.S., you will get a mediocre version of the Omaha Reuben.

Most of Us Have Worked in Customer Service at Least Once

Omaha is considered the customer service hub of the world. Over the years, it has become one of the best infrastructures for telecommunications in the United States. This has resulted in several major companies setting up their customer service centers in Omaha. After graduation, many people from Omaha have worked in customer service for companies like PayPal, Aflac, Greyhound, and Marriott.

Coffee, Donuts, and Cats?

Unless you were born and raised in Omaha, you wouldn’t understand the magic of the coffee, donut, and cat combination. It is called the Donut Stop, and it is where most of us from Omaha start our day. This restaurant has the best coffee and donuts around. What makes this donut shop original is that the walls are covered with cat photos. Tourists may not understand it, but those of us who live here understand that the Donut Stop is an Omaha institution.

Those of us who live in Omaha have a great deal of pride in our city. Those who aren’t might not understand what we are all about.


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