10 Things Only People Who Live In Hoboken Would Understand


People from New Jersey often think that they know everything there is to know about the state and all of the cities in it, including Hoboken. Even if you have lived in New Jersey for your entire life, there are things about Hoboken that you would only understand unless you live there. Just because you know about Mile Square, our love of baseball, and the fact that Frank Sinatra was born here, there are plenty of things that you don’t know and could never understand.

Carlos Bakery Isn’t Exactly #1

If you walk down the street in Hoboken, you will likely see a line going all the way down the block waiting to get into Carlos Bakery. Most of the people in this line are tourists who want to see the famous Cake Boss bakery. Those of us who live in Hoboken know that if we want the best Italian bread in the city, Giorgio’s is the place to go. The bread is the best and you don’t need to deal with all of the tourists.

Your Uber Driver Could Get a Ticket

Uber transportation is available in just about every city in the country. It has also expanded to several cities around the world. Those of us who live in Hoboken know that taking an Uber can be a risk. Currently, it is illegal to operate an unlicensed taxi in the city. If your diver is pulled over during the ride, they will be given a ticket. While it is a no-no, those of us needing a ride in the city still call Uber. We just hope that we don’t get caught.

We Don’t Make a Big Deal About Frank Sinatra

Everyone knows that Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken. What you wouldn’t know unless you live here is that we don’t care too much. We don’t brag about it. He was born here, but he moved away from here and never looked back. Those of us who have spent our whole lives here find that rather insulting. The only sign that you will find of him is a plaque built into the sidewalk outside the address where he grew up. The actual house was torn down years ago. He may be a great singer and a legend, but those of use from this fair city have lost respect for the man after ditching Hoboken years ago.

Batman Lives in Hoboken

If you are just passing through Hoboken, you may not have had a chance to find out that Batman lives here. Those of us who live here have actually met him. The Hoboken Batman is actually a man named Marlon Rodriguez. He is 36 years old and he rides his bike up and down Washington Street. This is something that he has been doing for years. He says that he likes the energy of Hoboken. He isn’t Batman all the time, he is actually a massage therapist. He dresses up like Batman on his days off to entertain the people of Hoboken. You would have to live here to get it.

We Absolutely Love the Nerds

Unless you are from Hoboken, you may have no idea who The Nerds are. They are a cover band, and all of the band members are from Hoboken. They do travel around New Jersey and parts of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, however, unless you are from Hoboken, you wouldn’t understand how great this band really is. They are always playing in Hoboken, and if you live here, you have seen them at least once.

We Hate Driving

Unless you live in Hoboken, you wouldn’t understand our pure hatred of driving. Rush hour traffic is awful. It can be backed up for hours. Another reason that we hate driving is the parking situation. It is almost impossible to find a parking spot. Once you have found one and you need to leave, you can be sure that it will be immediately taken. There is nothing worse than driving around for 40 minutes looking for a parking space. Those of us from Hoboken understand that driving isn’t really even necessary. It is the most walkable city in the world. You wouldn’t understand this unless you are a Hoboken resident.

We Don’t Care Much About Sybil’s Cave

Edgar Allen Poe lived in our fair city for a short time. While living her, he used Sybil’s Cave as inspiration for his story, The Mystery of Marie Roget. Because of this, someone decided to refurbish the site. It is also mentioned as a tourist destination. Unless you live here, you wouldn’t know that taking the trip to Sybil’s Cave is a complete waste of time. The actual cave was filled in with concrete several years ago. Today, it is just a tiny park. If you do visit Sybil’s Cave, you likely won’t see any Hoboken residents there. You might see a few disappointed tourists, but that is about it.

Maxwell’s Blows Most New York City Nightclubs Out of the Water

If you aren’t from Hoboken, you likely believe that the only way to have a great night out is to head out to New York City. This is not the case. Maxwell’s Tavern is legendary in Hoboken, and those of us here know that. They recently started booking live bands at Maxwell’s again. Most people don’t know that Maxwell’s is famous in the music world. Bruce Springsteen shot some of his videos there. Some of the greatest bands have played on the tiny stage. Some of them include R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, and the list goes on. Those of us from Hoboken know where to go to hear really good music and it isn’t in NYC.

You Know That You Should Never Take a Cab

If you aren’t from Hoboken, you will arrive at the PATH, which is the port authority and train station, and you will see dozens of cabs lined up. Unless you live here, you will jump at the chance to take a cab to your destination. What you won’t know is that the cab drivers will take several people at once, so you will likely make three or four stops before you get to your destination. This can take hours. If you are from Hoboken, you know that it would be much faster just to walk.

Eli Manning is Great

Eli Manning lives in Hoboken with his family. Unless you live here, you wouldn’t know how often you can run into him and how great he is. If you see him on the street, you can be sure that he will be nice. If you go out to Dino & Harry’s Steakhouse for dinner, you also have an excellent chance of running into him. Unless you live here, you may not know what a great guy he is.


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