10 Things Only People from Boulder, CO Would Understand


What do you think of when someone mentions Boulder, Colorado? Probably the Rocky Mountains and cool weather. That’s what most people know about the city, although a few people are also aware of its foodie scene. Outside of that, there’s tons of things that most people simply don’t realize about living in Boulder — it’s the kind of place that you really have to experience first hand to get. Here are ten things that you’d have to be from Boulder, CO to understand.

1. No one does craft beer like Boulder, CO.

Right now craft beer is a hot thing around the nation, but in Boulder, CO people treat it like it’s an epic competition to be the best. The town hosts epic breweries that serve up unique beers, seasonal flavors, and there’s no end to the number of beer tours and festivals that take place year round. In all, there’s more than 20 breweries, six wineries, and three distilleries in town.

2. Athleisure gear is the Boulderite’s designer fashion choice.

The rumor about the residents of Boulder is that they’re fitness and health food crazed fanatics who take it to the extreme. It’s true, and that fact is why you’ll find that their formal wear of choice is athleisure gear. When it’s time to go to a party or after work gathering, that’s what they’ll opt to put on — after all, there’s a good chance that they’ll end up going hiking or biking afterward, and it’s always a good thing to be prepared.

3. People don’t own pets there.

To the rest of the world it may seem strange that people in Boulder, CO don’t consider themselves pet owners but pet guardians instead. However, they know that animals aren’t pieces of property and are instead their own beings. Besides, the city has made it illegal to own pets, which is why residents call themselves guardians. Because of its pet loving atmosphere Boulder has a slew of dog friendly parks, trails, and eateries.

4. The budtender is the new bartender.

You’ve heard of bartenders before, but remember that this is Boulder, CO we’re talking about. The beer loving enclave has budtenders: attractive hipsters who know their liquor and can tell you about each and every thing on the menu at the city’s more than 30 dispensaries. They make the bar hopping experience unique and fun, plus they’re quite easy on the eyes. If this trend goes nationwide, you’ll know where it originated.

5. The Kitchen is the best place ever.

If you want to know where Boulder, CO natives love to head for food and fun, go to The Kitchen. The vibe of this awesome and beloved eatery is best described by its slogan: Community Through Food. Instead of happy hour, The Kitchen holds community hour each weekday. This event is where you’ll find residents gathering on the regular and involves a huge table and locally sourced dishes such as toffee pudding, beet salad, and juicy lamb burgers. Who even needs happy hour with food like that?

6. It’s OK to be a food snob there.

Green isn’t a trend in Boulder, CO it’s life. If you aren’t about the fair trade, cage free, gluten-free, and organic life you’re just not going to fit in. People in other places may call it food elitism, but the folks in Boulder take on the title proudly. Expect to get lectured on your poor food choices, the junk in your grocery cart, and if you happen to sneak out for fast food don’t even bother letting anyone else know about it.

7. Boulder, CO has a happy place.

That happy place is where people can catch entertainment, participate in community events and festivals, do some artisan shopping, eat, and drink together, and it’s called Pearl Street. It’s basically an outdoor market and shopping center that’s a haven of gorgeous ornamental fountains, public art displays, and friendly vendors. What’s more, come spring a range of more than 15,000 tulips of different hues take over as Pearl Street’s backdrop — it’s incredible, and it’s only in Boulder.

8. Spring and summer aren’t the best times to get outdoors.

In other places people think that spring and summer are the best times to head outdoors and get active. In Boulder, CO anytime is a great time to get some fresh air, but it’s especially wonderful in the winter. With the falling snow comes snow capped mountains, ski slopes, and powdery snow fights. The incredible winter scenery in the city is why Boulder is such as popular ski town and a seasonal respite for people who live in less gorgeous locales.

9. Everyone in Boulder, CO has a second “car”.

Do you have bike lanes in your city? That’s old hat in Boulder, and they’ve been planning their communities around making the area bike friendly for decades. Boulder has the second highest percentage of people who commute by bicycle in the entire country, and that’s why everyone has a second car: their bikes. If you don’t have a two wheeled beauty parked in your garage or living room, you’re just not living life the right way in Boulder. There’s so many biking trails and areas, and then there’s the mecca for all biking aficionados: Valmont Park. The 40 acre park is a veritable playground for those who bike, and practically everyone ends up there at some point during the week.

10. It’s one big bubble.

If you’re new to the area you may hear the city being referred to as The Republic of Boulder. It’s a term that describes the unique bubble that Boulder, CO is. It’s unlike anywhere else in the state or the nation, and people there truly have a lifestyle and values that are different. They’re granola loving, bicycling, Subaru driving people who are all about staying healthy, being on good terms with their neighbors, and enjoying life and the landscape to the fullest. Then there’s the food and beer — that’s definitely integral to the Boulder bubble, and the people from there wouldn’t have it any other way.


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