10 Things Only People from Baton Rouge, LA Understand

Every town has a quirk, and every city has a well-define habit that outsiders just can’t seem to understand. In any location you go to you will find that people who live in that area for a considerable amount of time will adapt to and come to embrace the very characteristics of that area. If you’re in farm country then you’ll notice more rural habits, if you’re in the city you’re likely to notice a more fast-paced and overall hectic lifestyle. No matter where you go the habits of the people who live there are bound to seem a bit odd at times and even exclusive to those who call that place home. Keeping that in mind, here are just a few interesting quirks that folks from Baton Rouge, LA, will likely be able to identify with quite easily.

10. Tailgating is a way of life.

It doesn’t what sport you might enjoy, in Baton Rouge all it takes is a sporting event and a group of like-minded individuals, and of course the necessary materials to make it a happening good time. While it’s not always as family friendly as one might like to believe, the truth is that Baton Rouge residents are always up for a good time, and are more than willing to prove their enthusiasm through an impromptu tailgate party. After all, the real party isn’t always in the stadium or on the field.

9. Don’t be surprised to see that the average drinker is a little younger than the nation’s average.

It’s not promoted, it’s not always allowed by parents, but it is common enough that you could possibly see a bit of a younger crowd downing the brews and acting a bit more belligerent than usual. Baton Rouge is known to be a party town, and at times it’s been seen that their drinking age slips just a bit below the bar, no pun intended. Kids aren’t openly admitted into the drinking culture of this noisy, raucous, college-driven town, but they aren’t always discouraged from imbibing a brew now and again. If this shocks you then one word of advice would be to not visit during football, rugby, or baseball season. Or maybe wear blinders if you ever visit.

8. They have a serious love for fried food.

It doesn’t matter if it’s chicken, shrimp, or even chitlins. Baton Rougians have a serious love-love relationship with fried food that borders on the unhealthy and even obsessive. While some people might enjoy a good chicken strip or batter-fried piece of fish now and again this city is where you can go into a restaurant and have an easier time picking out what’s fried versus what’s not. In fact if you ask for anything without it being fried they might just look at you funny.

7. They have their own distinct accent that’s taken from other accents.

From the moment you come into this city you’ll likely be bombarded with what sounds almost like a mix between Creole and Brooklyn accents mashed together. In the deep south as it’s known the accents tend to become just as murky as the water at times, but don’t bother trying to sort it out. Go with it and do your best to understand, it’s usually better that way. If you ask for a translation you might just find yourself talking to the wind for the rest of your stay.

6. There is no such thing as “too big” in the south.

Big rigs, big parties, big, well, everything. Big trucks are a common staple in Baton Rouge as among the residents this is typically seen as one of the greatest and most telling status symbols that can aid in everything from courting to making others drool when they see the size of a person’s tires. The Ford F-150 makes a regular appearance on the streets of Baton Rouge when young to old men decide what they want to cruise in. It’s similar in many ways to seeing a Smart Car in the northwest, but with the opposite reaction.

5. Women in Baton Rouge tend to see Scarlett O’Hara as a role model.

Just by reading this first line you might think southern belle with a touch of sass to them and a definite streak of independence. You would be right to believe two-thirds of that sentence, as women in Baton Rouge are more akin to Southern Comfort, loaded with sweetness that can ultimately lead to bad and potentially disastrous decisions. The women of the south are quite well-mannered and even sweet on the outside, but dig a little deeper and you might find yourself thinking that the beauty you value at face value is the best bargain you’ll get.

4. There’s no shortage of “Duck Dynasty” extras running around Baton Rouge.

It’s easy to see that people in this region are rightfully proud of their Cajun heritage, but it’s even more obvious to see that the popular reality TV show has done a number on the credibility of those who believe themselves to be just like the bearded duck hunters. It’s perfectly okay to be proud of your heritage and home, but Baton Rougians have taken this to a new extreme ever since “Duck Dynasty” came onto the scene. Just don’t tell a single one of the residents that you found the show or the idea to be anything but brilliant. Remember, a lot of these folks carry shotguns.

3. If you live in Baton Rouge you are expected to root for LSU.

Don’t question it and don’t bother pretending you don’t see how the entire city turns purple and gold come football season. Like many party towns it’s best to just go with the flow and put on the proper attire. But whatever you do, avoid wearing any colors that might even seem relatable to Alabama, as this is LSU’s biggest and most intense rival and could likely get you in a spot of trouble. Just remember to cheer for LSU when game time comes and you should be fine.

2. Despite city-wide pride, they still know when to let it slide and have a good time.

There’s always time to slip on down to New Orleans and have a good old time, as many Baton Rouge natives are known to take to the famed “Big Easy” for a raucous party or a way to pass the time. Baton Rouge natives might take pride in every square inch of their city, but overall they know when to stow their pride and just cut loose.

1. Baton Rouge natives tend to be a bit stuck on their supposed superiority.

Once again, don’t question it. You might as well stick to the argument that some Portlanders have that Vancouver, WA is a suburb of the Rose City. It makes about as much sense but it still seen as a great source of pride and continual argument between New Orleans and Baton Rouge residents. Don’t step into the middle of this argument unless you’re ready to take sides. Even then you might be making a huge mistake.


There’s a great deal of pride in Baton Rouge as can be seen from the attitudes and beliefs of the residents. Whether they’re a bit stuck on themselves or not however it’s evident that they care a great deal about their city, which says a lot for the people.

Written by Housely

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