10 Things Only People From Newport, RI Understand


Newport, RI is one of the most gorgeous cities in the United States.  It’s one of the most beautiful summer areas around and people from all over the world visit the area.  That being said, there are many people around the United States who look at people from Newport, Rhode Island and think that they are from another planet.  But there are reasons for this. If you are from Newport, Rhode Island, many of the things people look at you like you are crazy for are normal to you, and you cannot understand why people find certain customs, products, and behaviors so strange.

Here are 10 things that only people from Newport RI understand.

The Awful Awful

Unless you are from Rhode Island, the term Awful Awful is an adjective to describe something. If you are from Newport Rhode Island, you would know that it is one of Newport Creamery’s best selling products. It is a drink, something like a shake but not quite. It is actually a blend of milk, flavored syrup, and a frozen ice milk whose ingredients are top secret. You cannot call it a shake, you cannot call it a frappe. The only thing that you can call it is an Awful Awful and it is delicious.

The Amazingly Delicious, Coffee Milk

If you have ever visited the Corner Cafe, the Franklin Spa, or the Hungry Monkey in Newport, Rhode Island for breakfast, chances are that you have had a glass of coffee milk. What you may not know is that not too many people outside of Rhode Island or Massachusetts know what coffee milk is. Autocrat Coffee Milk is produced inside Rhode Island and people in Newport and all over the state drink it. You cannot take a trip to Florida or Pennsylvania and expect to enjoy this delicious beverage.

You Are a Professional at Dodging Potholes

Any person who has ever driven down the streets of Newport understand that it can be like playing a video game. The streets in Newport and in other areas of Rhode Island are so bad that you spend more time dodging potholes than you do looking at what is in front of you. Over the past couple years, Rhode Island’s governor has been attempting to repair the streets one by one, however, unless you are from Newport, Rhode Island, you won’t know what a true pothole looks like.

Ordering Your Coffee, “Extra, Extra”

If you are not from Newport, Rhode Island, you probably haven’t ordered your coffee and asking it to be “extra, extra”. If you place this order anywhere but Rhode Island, you will likely get a strange look or you will get your coffee in an extra large cup. If you place this order in Newport, Rhode Island, you will get extra cream and extra sugar in your coffee. You would, however, need to specify what size you want.

The Packed Beaches

If you visit the beach in Florida or California on a nice day, you will be able to find a spot. The beaches are busy, however, they are nothing like the beaches in Newport, Rhode Island on the first nice day of the year. On that first nice day, unless you get to the beach early, chances are that you won’t be able to find a spot. This is something that only a Newport, Rhode Islander could understand.

In Rhode Island, Seafood is King, Especially During the Summer

Nobody in the United States loves seafood as much as the residents of Newport, Rhode Island do. There are several seafood dishes that are hard to come by unless you live in Newport and other parts of Rhode Island. Whole belly clams, little necks, clam cakes and white chowder, and fried calamari with pepperoncini are unheard of in many other states. These are dishes that restaurant owners in Newport, Rhode Island specialize in. The people of Newport love their seafood so much, that each year they have the Bowen’s Wharf Seafood Festival. The event has run for 26 years straight and shows no signs that people are losing interest. People come from all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and other states near and far to enjoy the delicious food offered at the festival.

Explaining the New York System Wiener to People Out of State

Unless you are from Newport, Rhode Island or the surrounding area, you have likely don’t know what a New York System wiener is. This food was not created in New York, it is a Rhode Island dish. Trying to explain this to people outside of Newport and Rhode Island can be confusing. This delicious dish is a hot dog that is steamed and the bun is steamed as well. A special meat sauce is drenched on top. If you order your wiener with the works, it means that it will also contain mustard and celery salt. If you are from Newport and most parts of Rhode Island, chances are you have had a wiener at least once. If you aren’t, chances are you have never heard of them in your life.

Newport, Rhode Island Has Their Very Own Accent

Many people hear a Massachusetts accent, and confuse it as being a Rhode Island accent as well. The truth is that the two accents are relatively different. The Rhode Island accent is actually a combination of a Massachusetts accent and a New York accent. Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S., the people who live their have a very recognizable accent.

You Could Run Into Taylor Swift

Seeing a celebrity in Rhode Island doesn’t happen too often, unless you live in Newport, Rhode Island. Taylor Swift bought a $17 million mansion in Watch Hill back in 2013. Her mansion sits on the highest point in Watch Hill, and it was built in the 1930’s. According to a variety of reports, she paid cash for her amazing summer home. She celebrated the 4th of July, 2016 having a party at her beach house and she invited many of her celebrity friends. If you were in Newport that day, chances are you saw her

“squad” arriving in style.

You Won’t Completely Understand the Hit Show Family Guy Unless Your Are from Newport, Rhode Island

The hit cartoon series, Family Guy, was created by Rhode Island native Seth McFarlane. If you are from Newport or anywhere in Rhode Island for that matter, you would understand many of the Newport and Rhode Island references in the show. If you are not from this area and don’t know much about it, you would have no idea that the fictional town the show is located in is actually a Rhode Island town, much like Newport.

People from Newport have their own food, language, customs, and even television shows. Unless you are from Newport, Rhode Island, chances are you won’t understand much about the Rhode Island town.


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