10 DIY Christmas Ornaments on a Budget


Christmas is without a doubt one of the most expensive holidays of the year, if not the most expensive. There’s a lot that people have to budget for including food, party attire, tickets to festivals, concerts, and holiday events, and then there’s the mountains of presents that many feel obligated to give. Another cost that can throw your Christmas budget off is decor.

Take a look at the price of Christmas trees these days, which are commonly available for $200 and up each, and you’ll understand why saving on ornaments is such a good idea. One of the best ways to save on holiday decor is making your own ornaments. With just a bit of time and almost no money, you can craft some great looking accessories for your home and tree. Here are ten DIY Christmas ornaments that you can make on a budget.

1. Lovely Little Angels

How cute are these angels? They look much like the traditional tree angels that people buy, but these can be put together with just a bit of spare fabric, thread, cardboard, and ribbon. Best of all it doesn’t take much time to make these DIY Christmas ornaments, and in minutes you’ll have an armful of angels ready to hang on your tree.

2. Glam Nail Polish Ornaments

It seems like everyday someone comes up with a new trick or use for nail polish, but this idea is really a good one. If you like the look of those glitter ornaments in stores that cost an arm and a leg, or you want to jazz up your old ornaments with new colors and designs, get out your polish stash and try this tutorial. If you already have ornaments and polish on hand you’ll spend practically nothing. Otherwise, go to the dollar store and get some polish and plain ornaments for a few bucks.

3. DIY Cupcake Ornaments

Cupcakes have invaded just about every area of life — remember the explosion of cupcake bakeries and shops that happened not too long ago? The same goes for Christmas time, which is why you see those adorable cupcake ornaments in stores. If you’re not willing to pay $5 or more for a tiny faux cupcake on a string, make your own by following these easy directions. These would be cute to decorate a Christmas buffet table or a tree placed in a child’s room.

4. Adorable Felt Reindeer

Reindeer have become a classic symbol of the holiday season, and these felt ones couldn’t be more adorable. They have a look that would be perfect if your tree is filled with homespun, rustic, or country style decorations. Since felt can be bought for pennies per sheet, this is an inexpensive craft. These would also be a fun craft to do with kids who are able to sew, or you can use the tutorial to teach tweens and teens to sew. The felt reindeer would look great hanging alongside stockings on a mantle.

5. Needle Felted Ornaments

If you’re a fan of needle felting you can create all of the ornaments that your tree will need. With a bit of yarn, ribbon, felting and darning needles, and basic household tools, you’ll be able to design felted DIY Christmas ornaments of all sizes and colors. Not only can you use them on your holiday tree, but these ornaments would make nice gifts.

6. An Impressive Polish Star

If you look at this Polish star ornament and think it will be way too complicated to put together, don’t worry. It’s actually pretty simple and once you realize how many different paper combos you can come up with you’ll be creating tons of them. This would be the ideal craft for those who like scrapbooking, as scrapbookers will already have more than enough paper to make several of these DIY Christmas ornaments.

7. Mini Satin Wreaths

Most people are flush with ribbon at Christmas time due to wrapping presents, but you can use any ribbon that you have left over to make these little satin wreath ornaments. If you don’t already have satin ribbon you can get it very cheaply at craft, big box, and dollar stores — look for the holiday printed ribbon if you want your ornaments to be really festive. Aside from the ribbon, all you’ll need is a paper plate or cardboard that can be cut into a circle and some glue. Once you get the hang of how to make these, you can create more in various sizes.

8. Cute DIY Snowman Ornaments

If you want DIY Christmas ornaments that are different from the norm, not the typical ball, and super cute, you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial. It will show you how to make snowman head ornaments that look like they’re wearing earmuffs. These would fit in beautifully on a tree filled with traditional or rustic ornaments, and kids are sure to love them. They look much more difficult to make than they actually are, and you can easily customize the finished decorations.

9. Keepsake Photo Ornaments

Photo ornaments are popular gifts, and these are a good choice if you’re looking for something that your kids can make to give to grandparents, aunts, and uncles. These are really easy to make and they look great when finished. You can use ornaments that you already have and just print out pictures of your family, but fortunately it’s not difficult to find blank cheap ornaments at this time of year to get started.

10. Easy Clothespin Snowflakes

It’s not that common for people to have clothespins hanging around the house these days, but you can buy them for about a dollar at your local grocery, discount, or dollar store. In addition to clothespins, you’ll need some mini wood circles, Modge Podge, glue, and a paint brush. If you want to make this even less expensive, you can skip buying glitter to apply to the ends of the snowflakes and use any glitter nail polish that you have on hand. An assortment of these would look wonderfully festive on your tree, and you can use them to decorate windows and other areas of your home as well.


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