10 Deadly Real Estate Sins Buyers Should Avoid


For most people, buying a home will be the single biggest transaction of their entire life. As a result, they need to make sure that they buy the right home for their needs and circumstances because a bad choice can come with serious financial consequences. Part of this process involves learning more about the mistakes that other real estate buyers have made in the past so that they can avoid doing the same when their time comes.

Here are 10 of the deadliest mistakes that a real estate buyer can make:

1. Buying without Planning to Settle In

People who know that they will be moving on in a few years should rent rather than buy their homes because real estate transactions are complicated and time-consuming processes that will slow them down. This is particularly true if their local real estate markets are sluggish compared to some of the other local real estate markets out there since that will make it even more difficult for them move on.

2. Going Over-Budget

Real estate buyers are often tempted to buy bigger and bigger homes, which means bigger and bigger prices. However, they should never buy something that goes over their budget because if something unexpected comes up, that could put them in real risk of losing their homes.

3. Failing to Consider Other Costs

There are more costs to home ownership than the mortgage payment, with common examples including but are not limited to utilities, maintenance, and home insurance. As a result, real estate buyers who forget about these costs could end up going over-budget even if they were careful to choose a home that their budgets could accommodate. To prevent this problem, they should speak with the current homeowners about what it costs them to keep their homes running.

4. Forgetting to Get the Details in Writing

Real estate buyers and sellers have different expectations about what will happen to the homes as well as their contents when ownership changes hands. Unfortunately, when these expectation clash, the results can be rather unpleasant for both parties, which is why real estate buyers should make sure that all of the details about what will happen to the home and its contents are laid out in the contract beforehand. This way and only this way can they minimize the chances of a painful legal struggle after the real estate transaction has been completed.

5. Skipping the Inspection

Some real estate buyers skip over the inspection because a home looks fine. This is a serious problem because what looks fine could conceal a whole host of problems, which will be not just expensive but also laborious and time-consuming to fix. As a result, real estate buyers should always get a professional to look over their prospective buy so that their real estate expertise and experience can be put to use making sure that everything is fine.

6. Upgrading At the Same Time

A new home can cause some people to start buying other new items as well, which can be rather expensive when those new items consists of cars, furnishings, and furniture. This is particularly problematic when they buy so many new items that they start borrowing in order to be able to do so since the interest will make their purchases even more expensive in the long run than they would have been otherwise.

7. Settling

Real estate buyers should strive to buy a home that they are happy with instead of settling for whatever it is that they can find. In part, this is because there are so many real estate properties out there that they should be able to find something better-suited to their needs and circumstances so long as they are willing to put in the time and effort. However, choosing to settle can also cause them to move out of their homes sooner than they would have under other circumstances, thus resulting in further complications for themselves.

8. Not Exploring Their Mortgage Options

A lot of real estate buyers approach the financial institutions with which they are most familiar for their mortgages instead of considering all of the possibilities that exist out there. This is a serious mistake because in this as in other things, shopping around gives them the best chances of getting the deal that is best-suited to their needs and circumstances. If they feel that searching for their perfect mortgage will take up too much time, they should approach a mortgage broker, which can make the process that much more manageable by matching them up with potential mortgage lenders based on their mortgage needs and wants.

9. Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is one of the most useful steps in the real estate buying process. First, getting pre-approved for a mortgage reassures the current homeowner about the seriousness of a home buying offer, thus smoothing over a number of potential problems that can pop up over the course of the transaction. Second, getting pre-approved for a mortgage lets the real estate buyer know exactly how much they can spend, thus making it easier for them to stay within their means instead of stepping outside by accident.

10. Choosing the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Real estate buyers should always use a real estate agent because their real estate expertise and experience can keep them from falling into a lot of the potential pitfalls in the real estate buying process. However, choosing the right real estate agent is much easier said than done, particularly since the real estate market has been flooded by interested individuals in recent times because of its earning potential. Generally speaking, real estate buyer should choose someone who specializes in the kind of home that they want as well as the place where they want to live in. Furthermore, they should choose someone with the right credentials as well as an established reputation, which they can confirm with the relevant authorities as well as the testimonials of their past clients.


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