The 10 Most Dangerous Places to Live in Indiana

It is always difficult to report about the most dangerous places to live within a state because although there are factors which increase the danger levels, most cities also have some very wonderful attributes that make the residents proud to live there. We’ve identified the top ten most dangerous places to live in Indiana because of the reported crime rates for the area as well as other characteristics which increase the likelihood of becoming the victim of a crime.

While the majority of cities within this list may be somewhat safer in the daylight hours, studies show that the greatest risks occur after night falls. This is when criminals are the most active in committing crimes against persons and property. The statistics that are used for determining which cities are the most dangerous are typically violent crimes and property crimes including theft and vandalism.

Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous places in the state of Indiana.

1. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and it also has the highest crime rate per capita. The statistics show that more than nine thousand violent crimes have occurred within a twelve month period. This translates into eleven acts of violence per thousand people or a 1.1 chance in a hundred of becoming a victim.

2. Boonville, Indiana

Boonville is second in the number of violent crimes committed per capita. It is a smaller town with just six thousand residents so it does not have the same number of violent crimes, but the per capita is equal to that of Indianapolis at eleven per one thousand people or a risk factor of 1.1 out of a hundred.

3. Jeffersonville, Indiana

Jeffersonville is in third place with a total of forty five thousand residents and four hundred and fifty four violent crimes committed per year for a risk factor that is slightly lower than that of Jeffersonville and Indianapolis. The highest number of crimes committed in this city are robberies and aggravated assaults. The good news about this city is that there has been a downward trend in the crime rate wit a reduction of violent crimes by thirty percent and property crime reduction of thirty five percent. It is hoped that this trend will continue in order to see Jeffersonville come off of the top ten list.

4. Hammond, Indiana

Hammond is the fourth most dangerous place in Indiana statistically speaking. It has a population of 79,329 with a a twenty percent rise in the violent crie rate. Locals have a 1 in 121 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime in this area. On a lighter note, property crime rates are down by eighteen percent which averages out the overall crime rate.
East Chicago

5. East Chicago, Indiana

East Chicago is ranked number five on the list of the most dangerous places in Indiana. The average crimes committed per thousand annually is nine. This is just under the number three on our list. The total number of robberies in this city was one hundred and thirty four as the annual average. Robbery is considered to be a violent crime. Statistics also sow that the city has seen a thirty percent decrease in violent crime and thirty three percent reduction in property crimes.

6. Gary, Indiana

Gary is number six with a rate of eight violent crimes for every one thousand people per year. Its population is 78,819 there has been a rise in violent crime of thirty eight percent and an eleven percent rise in property crimes in the city.
north judson

7. North Judson, Indiana

North Judson is a town that has 1,781 locals in residence but their crime statistics show that fourteen violent crimes occur per year on average. This brings their average of crimes committed per thousand people equal with the eight that is equal to the risk in Gary.

8. Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette is number eight on the list. It has a population of 68,173 residents. It ranks seventh in violent cries and nineteenth in property crimes. Residents have a 1 in 175 risk of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

9. Washington, Indiana

Washington is the ninth most dangerous place in Indiana, but when compared with the other cities that rank higher on the list it is one of the least dangerous of the top ten It ranks twenty third in violent crimes and eighth in property crime rankings. The population of 11,813 people have seen an increase in teh violent crime rate of sixty six percent and it is hoped that this trend will soon reverse. residents have a one in sixteen risk of becoming the victim of arson or theft related crimes.
South Bend

10. South Bend, Indiana

South Bend has a violent crime ranking of number six, but its property crime ranking is seventeen which lowers the overall odds of becoming the victim of a crime to one in one hundred and fifty two.

Final thoughts

This completes our most current listing of the ten most dangerous places in the state of Indiana. The trends change annually and it is important to stay on top of the current statistics as these will fluctuate from year to year. If your city is listed, there are things that you can do to enhance your safety. Keeping abreast of the type of crimes which are happening with the most frequency can help you to take precautions that may reduce your personal risks. For example, if car theft statistics are up, it is a good idea to take measures to ensure that your car is not easily accessible to would be criminals.

When it is difficult for a thief to make a quick getaway, they have a tendency to move on to a car that is easier to get into. Motion lights, anti theft devices or even a guard dog are good solutions. If you are in an area that statistically puts you at a greater risk, there are many things that you can do for prevention sake. We hope that you find this list to be helpful as you make plans to keep your home safe from those who are constantly on the prowl for an easy victim throughout most of the cities in our nation.


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