10 Creative Shared Kids Bedroom Ideas

Shared Kids Bedroom 1

When you’re thinking about designing a room for your children to share, there’s usually a lot of room for creativity.  From specific themes to layouts, to color schemes, there’s plenty to choose from to make your kids excited to inhabit their space.  And sometimes parents even think to themselves, “I’d way rather sleep here than in my own room.”  When big risks are taken, payoffs can be tremendous.  With the right combination of unique solutions that are orchestrated you can end up with a design that’s perfect.

People often say that it’s easier to design a space shared by children of the same gender. In some cases, this may be true, especially when the room’s inhabitants agree to matching comforters and headboards.  But whether you’re children are the same gender or are completely opposite, here are 10 shared kids rooms ideas you’ll love.

Shared Kids Bedroom 2

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Written by Brian McCaw

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