10 Christmas Centerpieces Perfect For Any Home


One of the best ways to bring an instant dose of holiday cheer to your home this holiday season is with a centerpiece. It’s a classic type of decoration that can range from simple to outrageously lavish, and you can fit them practically anywhere. The great thing about putting a Christmas centerpiece in your home is that there’s nearly no end to the that designs you can come up with, and you can use what you have on hand to make it look nice.

Christmas centerpieces are also wonderful if you like taking on DIY and craft projects. Simply grab the candles, spare ribbon, and ornaments that you have around the house, pick your favorite vessels, and in minutes you’ll have something unique and festive. If you’d like a bit of design inspiration, here are ten Christmas centerpieces that would look wonderful in any home.

1. Sophisticated silver


If you’re short on time and need to put together a quick last minute centerpiece that has lots of style, grab a serving dish, put on some ornaments and sprigs of greenery, and you’ll have a sparkling and elegant piece of decor. This arrangement features silver, and the glittering ornaments and snowflakes make it even more eye catching. Even the foliage at the base of the vessel have a bit of shimmer to them. To mimic this effect, brush small sized loose glitter onto the leaves in your centerpiece. Alternatively, use spray-on glitter from the craft store.

2. Whimsical topiaries


These topiaries are fun and vibrant, but they’re also very easy to make. Take foam cones — which you can find at craft and dollar stores — yarn or ribbon, and the embellishments of your choice. Use hot glue to secure everything to the cones, and you’ll have a bright addition to your holiday table, mantle, or buffet. What makes this trio look so nice is that the topiaries are different heights and use different colors of yarn, yet they coordinate because of their style and the multi-colored buttons on each one.

3. Ornament display


Most people end up with spare ornaments that either don’t have their tops or are leftover from a tree that simply couldn’t hold more decorations. If that’s the case in your home, use your extras to create a lovely arrangement. This sparkling centerpiece uses a glass hurricane vase filled with small ornaments and a candle. The hurricane sits on a tray that’s filled with larger silver and blue ornaments, and the look is stylish and perfect for the holidays. You can recreate this design for your home using any color ornaments that you prefer.

4. A lovely wreath and candle


Christmas centerpieces that are inexpensive can be every bit as gorgeous as those that cost a bundle. This one was completely made from elements found around the house, including a spare wreath, candle holder, pillar candle, and lacquered tray. Even if you don’t have these same elements in your own home, you can buy them inexpensively at most dollar stores.

5. Sparkling tiers


Tiered serving trays are excellent bases for creating Christmas centerpieces. This one is filled with an array of coastal themed decorations including glittering starfish, round ornaments, and pearl strands. You can choose any theme that you like for your centerpiece, and greenery also looks beautiful tucked into such an arrangement.

6. Rustic charm


Burlap table runners are easy to make, and you can buy yards of it inexpensively at craft and discount stores. This burlap runner is topped with a snowflake cutout and holds a covered stand filled with pine cones, foliage, and candles. Placing a few wrapped boxes near the display gives it even more holiday flair.

7. Ombre mini trees


This is another centerpiece that would be fun for crafters to take on, and it’s inexpensive because felt and foam cones are so affordable. Choose sheets of felt that have a gradient, or ombre, effect and then secure them to the cones with hot glue. These blue ombre cones look especially beautiful surrounded by an assortment of ornaments, greenery, and wrapped packages. The colors in the arrangement also complement the window treatments in the room.

8. Dish of style


Some of the most stylish Christmas centerpieces tend to be the simplest. This one features a fashion forward selection of matte, frosted, and polished ornaments in red, black, and white — it’s out of the norm as far as holiday colors go, but it’s still decidedly festive. A white porcelain cake stand and plate provide the perfect base to hold the fabulous arrangement. If you try to recreate this look but find that the ornaments slide around, secure them to your plate with double sided tape.

9. Glittering greenery


Here is a fun centerpiece with lots of charm, and it couldn’t be easier to put together. It’s comprised of a trio of different sized vases that were filled with water and glitter. A few springs of foliage set inside each one and a smattering of large holiday confetti around them makes for a lovely and cheerful scene. The key to making this centerpiece look so great is varying the heights of your vases and using both gold and silver glitters. If you’re looking for flowers to make this arrangement, go with eucalyptus branches.

10. The classic gingerbread house


So many people overlook the gingerbread house when trying to come up with their Christmas centerpieces, but it’s one of the most versatile decorations that you can choose. It doubles as decor and a holiday activity that the whole family can get in on. Once the house is completed, put it on a nice cake stand and set it practically anywhere in your home. A scattering of coconut flakes around the base of the plate can serve as “snow” and make your gingerbread house even more festive. You don’t have to be an expert baker to pull this off, as during the holiday season easy to assemble gingerbread house kits can be bought inexpensively from craft, grocery, and discount stores.

Written by Housely

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