10 Beautiful Dining Rooms with Purple Walls


Color is quite important in the dining room, as that is the place reserved for stimulating appetites and conversation. Dining rooms are often decorated with warm colors, as these provide a welcoming feeling for guests at the table. Purple can be part of an inviting dining room, but it can also be a dramatic color which needs other elements in the room to balance it. Decorators often use shimmery glass and metallic accessories to add life to a purple room. They also mix various colors with purple to create purple hues which are attractive. Adding gray produces a muted, neutral hue. Adding red will create rosy, plum purple, and adding blue will create sophisticated violets.

Purple hues also lend themselves well to pairing with chocolate brown, taupe, warm bronze, glittery silver and gold, or creamy white. Often, choosing an accent wall for one deep purple hue works well, while using a lighter lavender on many walls can bring purple hues into the dining area without overwhelming it and making it feel drab.

Purples also do well with accessories of bright yellow, green and red. Including these colors in artwork, table linens, flower arrangements, decorative objects and upholstery are other ways to bring purple into the dining room while retaining the warm and bright colors often found there. Though purple is not the usual choice, it can be a wonderfully unexpected one.

European Neo-Classical


This richly appointed dining room has all the elegance of classical furnishings, fabrics, and formality to provide a modern sensibility. The gorgeous black padded dining chairs pair well with the modern chocolate brown rimmed dinner setting. The utensils and glassware is contemporary, adding just enough sparkle at each place. The elegant chandelier fills the rotunda ceiling with light, can complements the creamy white and tan moldings throughout the room. These are perfectly paired with the rich textured purple walls. The purple and brown are inviting, while the creamy white adds a lightness and sophistication to the space.

Open Loft


The open brickwork and concrete of this loft dining room could veer into ruggedness. But, the purple, gray and white color palette echoes the colors of the building construction materials and brings instead a refined, open area. Task lighting over the kitchen island is paired with sculpted glass chandeliers over the adjacent dining area. The free-form glass glows with color and this is picked up in the shiny tabletop, the silky upholstery of the dining room chairs and the metallic and clear glass fixtures throughout the loft.

Shimmer and Chandelier


The vibrant purple wall, red and pink upholstered chairs, and the purple stain on the round dining room table blend with the silver metallic chair legs, accessories, and silver hutch bringing shimmer just about everywhere. The chandelier’s crystal drops are also seen in the candelabra, adding opportunities for sparkling lights. This room exudes passion even in the purples and reds reflected in the shiny floor, which makes its own unique statement.

Tropical Style


The medium plum purple of the accent wall is picked up in the draperies and window wall adjacent. With the lovely island style seating, tropical floral patterns and artwork, natural woods, purple gray stone counter top and reflective back splash, this room enjoys an understated sophistication. Nice touches include the sea shell collections used as table centerpieces. The napkins pick up the purple color theme nicely, too. Woven baskets under the side table are light and airy, which perfectly coordinate with the open weave cane seats, which are left without seat cushions to continue to open feeling in the room.

Silver and Gold European


Here is a lush use of silver and gold toned pieces which is something spectacular. The high shine of the swirling chair backs and legs merges with the satin finish of the fabric seat cushions. The table legs and edges feature swirled details and insets which continue the theme. A beautiful matching sideboard, and large mirror complete the setting. The decorative touches include blue purple glass and china pieces in the glass curio cabinet and sparkling silver ginger jars and crystal candlesticks on the sideboard. The purple is a light lavender, with stripes of darker lavender moldings. Crisp white sheer curtains and textured area rug add lightness to the room. A simple white barrel chandelier above the table and white calla lilies in a vase add a touch of simple grace.

Sleek Contemporary


Plum is the purple hue which is featured on the accent wall in this contemporary dining room. It’s partner wall in the adjoining area is a deeper purple. Underneath the light wood table is a textured rug featuring abstract shapes which continue the purple theme. The abstract artwork over the sideboard uses the same light wood, featuring its subtle grain contrasted with shiny angled material. Pale dove grey tiled flooring, light white and cream painted walls, and a trio of matte black pendent lights all are points of interest within the limited color palette. The high-backed chairs have a slight curve, which adds to the overall feeling of modern artistry in this dining area.

Muted Walls


There is a sense of whimsical elegance in this room. The muted gray purple on the textured walls is subtle and perfectly framed by elegant deeper gray purple chair, floor and crown molding. The wooden grandfather clock in the corner is washed in a light blue stain, and it brings a feeling that this room could have been visited by Alice when she explored Wonderland. The chairs feature striped yellow and blue purple upholstery which is coordinated with the European Roman shade on the window. Touches of rich gold on the crystal chandelier and candle sticks are shiny versions of the yellow on the chair seats. The chair backs are slightly metallic in silver gray. The table setting includes blue purple rimmed plates and crystal goblets which reflect the table colors. Creamy white candles and flowers add richness to the table. There is an overall sense that the room is not to be serious or completely formal, but rather a friendly gathering space.

Textures and Patterns


The sumptuous plum purple which surrounds this dining room is warm and inviting. The room is a visual feast of textures and patterns. The carpeting and chair upholstery features graphic cream and chocolate designs. The chandelier over the table has interwoven gold strands. The artwork lends its inspiration to the accent pieces including golden yellow jars, white pillar candles, and bone white china. The arched window reflects the interior lights and is unadorned to display the exterior view. It is a wonderful room of pleasing coordination and contrast.

Chocolate and Purple Wallpaper


At first, this room embraces the viewer with warm chocolate brown. But, the richness of its embrace comes also from the purple vines which runs vertically throughout the wall paper. The lowered ceiling panel over the dining table is also a clever mix of deep purple. Adorning the wall above the sideboard is a striking painting filled with splashes of purple, pink, turquoise and gray on a white background, and this piece contrasts with the darker walls, bringing lightness and frivolity to the space. The beautiful tufted cushions on the upholstered modern chairs add visual texture, as does the repeated circles on the golden front of the sideboard. This same creamy white is apparent in the moldings and the ceiling above the dropped panel. Bright recessed ceiling lights and varied drop pendant lights illuminated the table. Flowers are both creamy white and bright purple accents.

Artistic Eclectic


It’s impossible to miss the purple in this colorful room. In fact, the purple walls stretch around the room, though in varied hues. Medium purple behind the artwork, lighter purple around the window, and lightest purple within the built in wooden cabinetry. The upholstered chairs invite guests to enjoy their favorite color, with deep jewel tones snuggled up to the table. The rainbow curtains are happy ones. The spectacular chandelier is filled with light and exquisitely purple glass work. It’s an eclectic, artistic, luxuriously happy space.


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