10 Of The Most Beautiful Decorative Floor Mirrors

two beautiful floor mirrors

When it comes to home decor accessories, mirrors have a special place in many people’s hearts. Not only do mirrors serve the practical purpose of showing people their reflections, but they can also be a stylish addition to any room. On top of that, mirrors have the ability to make a room feel larger than it actually is which is a great trick for people who are working with small spaces. Adding floor mirrors to your home can really help bring in a new element of style. Whether you want something fancy, or prefer a simpler design, there are lots of options out there, and floor mirrors can look great in almost any room. Here are 10 of the most beautiful decorative floor mirrors.

Kings Brand White Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

An upholstered design allows this floor mirror to stand out while also blending in. A light color scheme also allows it to work well with the existing design of any room.

Naomi Home Freestanding Cheval Floor Mirror

This stand alone mirror is “the perfect accent piece for any room.” While the design is simple, it’s also sleek enough to fit into a formal space.

Alice 65″x22″ Large Floor Mirror Full Length Cheval Floor Mirror

Designed with an adjustable stand, this floor mirror is great for a bedroom. The large design also makes it very easy to check out your reflection when getting ready for the day.

BrandtWorks BM021T Weathered Harbor Tall Floor Mirror

One of the coolest things about this item is that it can be used as a vertical stand alone mirror, or used horizontally and attached to a wall.

Full Length Standing Mirror with Beveled Edge

There’s something about having a mirror in a room that brings in an additional touch of elegance. Surrounded by gold trim, this mirror is perfect for a formal living space or bedroom.

Renewed Décor Herringbone Reclaimed Wardrobe Mirror

Floor mirrors can be extravagant, but they can also be simple. This reclaimed wood mirror has a minimalist design that will add to your space without overwhelming it.

Cheval Thin Profile Floor Standing Mirror in Silver

A thin design gives this mirror a sleek appearance that is complemented by a nice silver trim.

West Frames Marcello Full Floor Rustic Dark Charcoal Brown Mirror

One of the great things about floor mirrors is that they can be pretty versatile. This item for example, can be placed directly on the floor or can be attached to a wall.

Naomi Home Mirrored Bevel Floor Mirror

This beautiful floor length mirror has a sleek beveled design that is impossible to ignore. Like many other floor mirrors, this item can be displayed in several ways including on the floor and mounted.

Swivel Full Length Wood Cheval Floor Mirror

Boasting a lovely round design, this beautiful mirror strays from the traditional rectangular design.

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