18 Types Of Women Who Make Terrible Mothers

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Being a good mom isn’t only about having a lot of money to support her children and a big house. Your personality and characteristics also play a huge role. Some women have traits that might make it harder for them to be good moms. Having these traits could make parenting tough for them, and they might not do a good job. Here are 18 types of women who make terrible mothers.

The Emotionless Woman

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Women are usually more emotional than men. But for some women, not showing emotions is just part of who they are, and not even something big like having a baby can make them change. Being emotionless could make them neglectful—especially when it comes to their child’s emotions. Emotional neglect, where parents ignore their child’s feelings, can be a form of abuse.

The “People-Pleasing” Woman

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You often notice this situation: a couple appears to be deeply in love and committed, but the woman puts all her attention and care into her partner, almost idolizing him. Even when a baby arrives—who should obviously become the top priority, these women might still prioritize their partner over the baby. This could mean the baby’s needs don’t get the attention they deserve.

The Abusive Woman

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Some partners hurt each other physically in relationships, and this isn’t good for a baby. If you’re hurting someone you’re supposed to love—like your partner, you might end up hurting your child, too. You could get so used to being violent that when your child grows up and acts out, you might react violently. That’s because it’s what you’re used to doing.

The Oblivious Woman

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If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong and always need others to tell you and guide you, how will you be as a parent? Making mistakes as a mom is normal; everyone does it. But if you keep making obvious mistakes and don’t know how to fix them because you think everything’s fine—you won’t learn how to handle the challenges of parenting.

The Image-Conscious Woman

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As a mom, you might feel like other parents always judge you when you meet them at the park or see them on your street. They might criticize how you look or how you’re interacting with your baby—even if they don’t say it out loud. Not all of them are like this, but many are. If you care a lot about what others think of you, being a parent might be very tough for you.

The Narcissistic Woman

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Sometimes, it’s okay to think about yourself to get ahead in life. But when selfishness goes too far, it means you crave attention from everyone. As a mom, you must put your baby’s needs before your own for many years until they’re grown up. It can be very hard—maybe even impossible, if you’re a narcissist or act like one.

The “Closed-Minded” Woman

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Some women are so used to doing things their own way, even if it’s wrong, that changing can be very hard. Admitting you’re wrong about some things can be tough—especially if you’ve been acting the same way for a long time. It might seem almost impossible to fix these issues. As a mom, you should always learn from your mistakes and be willing to do so quickly. Remember, ignoring problems won’t help.

The Rebel Woman

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Many of us go through a rebellious phase when we’re young, but it usually doesn’t last forever. However, some people are rebellious even as adults, and nobody sees it as typical teenage behavior anymore. For example, you might get pregnant just to defy your parents and upset them. Then, as a mom, you might ignore traditional mothering methods just because you feel like it, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The Dismissive Woman

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Ignoring how others feel usually means thinking only your feelings matter and not caring about theirs. This often happens in relationships. Some women make their partners feel unimportant—like they’re just bothering them. They believe others can’t do things right or are not good enough to make decisions, so they take control without thinking about what the other person wants.

The Overindulgent Woman

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Many moms adore their little ones, showing them love and buying them gifts—even if they have to borrow money for them. Although this is better than neglecting or hurting them physically or mentally, giving them everything they want might not be best for your baby. As your child grows up, they might start wanting more from you, which could make them selfish.

The Center Of Attention Woman

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Some women have a strange habit of making everything about themselves—they always want to be number one. As moms, these women might neglect their children’s emotions. For example, when their kid does something good at school, instead of being happy for the child, the mother might talk only about herself and how great she is as a parent. She wants all the attention, and this can mean not showing interest in her child’s achievements.

The Psychologically Abusive Woman

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Psychological abuse can take many forms, often because of a woman’s own childhood experiences. In the past, parents used to be super strict and sometimes even mean to their kids. As a result, when these women grow up—they might develop mental health issues that are hard to get rid of. This means the cycle of abuse doesn’t stop, and these women might treat their own kids the same way.

The Stressed Out Woman

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If you easily lose your cool when stressed, being a parent will be hard for you. It can be risky because sometimes people try to dump their stress on others—like their partner or friend. But as a mom, your child will be with you more than anyone else for a long time. So, it might seem tempting to let out your stress on them, but it’s not the right thing to do.

The Addicted Woman

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Living with addiction can affect not only the person struggling with it but also their loved ones—especially their children. Kids whose moms have unhealthy gambling, alcohol, or drug habits often feel mixed up about their parents’ roles. They might even feel like they need to take care of their mom instead of the other way around, which is called “role reversal.”

The Unstable Woman

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When a mother struggles with mental illness, it can bring many health risks for her child. Firstly, these kids have a higher chance of having mental health problems, too. Also, because their mom’s emotions can be unstable—they might not get the care and stuff they need. This can lead to problems with behavior, making friends, and dealing with their own feelings.

The Manipulative Woman

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Manipulation means trying to control others in a harmful way. Manipulative folks use tricks to mess with others’ feelings and thoughts to get what they want. Children with manipulative mothers often feel down about themselves because they believe their worth depends on their mom’s opinion. This can make it super hard for them to trust others and have healthy relationships later on because they might not understand love and care very well.

The Unprepared Woman

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An unprepared woman might struggle to meet her child’s needs because she didn’t plan for motherhood or isn’t sure how to handle it. This can leave her child feeling neglected or lacking the care they deserve. Without proper preparation, she might find herself overwhelmed—unable to provide the love and support her child needs to thrive. 

The Irresponsible Woman

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When a mom acts irresponsibly, she might do things that are dangerous or ignore what she should do for her child. This can make the home feel unsafe for the kid—like they’re always on edge. It can mess with their feelings and even their health. If there’s no one taking care of them properly, the kid might have a hard time feeling loved and safe, which can mess up their relationships later on.