10 Things Men Do When They’re In Love

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Feeling the butterflies of love and just being in a relationship are worlds apart. When a man is head over heels, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Actions speak volumes in relationships, and there are some moves that men only pull when they’re madly in love. Here are the things men do when they’re in love with a woman!

They Shower You with Love and Romance

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When guys fall head over heels for a woman, they channel their inner Romeo big time. Suddenly, it’s all about showering her with gifts, whisking her away to fancy spots, and simply seeing her happy. So if you spot him ramping up the fancy dinners, surprising you with flowers, or pulling similar moves, chances are, he’s deeply in love.

They Show You Off to Everyone

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A guy who isn’t really into a girl won’t bother introducing her to his inner circle. But when men are head over heels, she becomes a central figure in his life and social circles. Therefore, a big sign that he’s in love with you is when he starts introducing you to his family and best pals and bringing you along to his favorite hangouts.

They Talk About a Future Together

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If you’re hoping for a guy to lock things down, it’s pretty easy if he’s already smitten with you. In fact, he might be excited to call you his girlfriend and start making plans with you in mind. Some might even be up for discussing marriage or getting engaged sooner rather than later.

They Avoid Doing Anything that Might Hurt You

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Many people miss this: If a guy claims to be in love but casually throws insults, disrespects, or crosses boundaries, he’s not really in love. Genuine love means he can’t stand the thought of hurting a woman, so he won’t do things that upset her, especially if he truly cares about her.

They Get Softer and More Tender

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We’ve witnessed some of the toughest guys we’ve known transform into complete softies when their beloved calls them a sweet nickname. It’s not exactly groundbreaking news—it’s not even a TV cliché. But here’s something we’ve observed: Guys who are genuinely smitten with their partners often show a softer side around women in general. They’re very supportive of women’s rights, treat other women kindly, and seem happier overall.

They Stick Close, Always Wanting to Be Near You

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When a guy falls for you, he’ll likely want to stay connected with you almost all the time. Paying attention to body language is very important. Whether it’s giving you a hug or holding your hand, he’ll find a way to be close to you physically. Men are often quite tactile, and not just them—everyone craves physical touch instinctively. It has a soothing effect on us.

They Share Their Feelings and Emotions

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In our world, guys are often told to be tough and hide their emotions. But when a man is head over heels—he feels okay being softer and more open. Love gives him the courage to break down the walls he’s built up over time. So when a man loves someone, he feels safe enough to share his fears and worries with them.

They Introduce You to Their Friends and Family

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If a guy really likes you, he’ll introduce you to the important people in his life—his friends and family. You’ll hang out with them often because he wants them—and you to know how much you mean to him. You might join them for family dinners, hangouts with friends, or even those awkward work parties. And it’s not because he’s pressuring you but because he wants you to be a part of his life.

They Get Curious About Every Part of You

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If he’s falling for you, he’ll be eager to know all about you, from your very first words to your thoughts on big topics like politics. He’ll be all ears, spending loads of time listening to your tales. Guys want to understand every bit about you—why you feel the way you do and what drives those feelings. Because all those details are what make you the amazing person they’re falling madly in love with.

They Share Lots of Laughter with You

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When guys are falling hard in love, it can make them feel uneasy, jittery, or even scared. You might notice them squirming, avoiding eye contact, or laughing. Your presence can make them nervous, and when we’re nervous, our brains often tell us to laugh. But here’s the twist: they might actually be totally fine with their feelings for you. So they might laugh more because they’re sure about themselves and about you.