Top 15 Most Hated States in America

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Hating something is a strong feeling, mainly when people are divided. But when it comes to places not getting along—it’s pretty common. If you ask someone from New York about Boston, especially if they’re into baseball, they might not have nice things to say. And sometimes, people even dislike where they live. Here are the top 15 most-hated states in America!


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Texas is often called the most hated state for several reasons—including its extreme weather and conservative politics. The weather can be tough, with either crazy hot, dry days or freezing cold ones. Many people struggle with these intense temperatures. Additionally, Texas is known for being rebellious, bold, and loud, which some folks find off-putting. 


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There’s a lot to love about California—but there’s also plenty to dislike. The state is known for showing off its wealth and is home to Hollywood, fast fashion, and many rich and famous people. The Bay Area is fast-paced with expensive real estate, and Los Angeles can feel fake to many. Because of these things, many folks end up hating California.

New Jersey

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People who live in New Jersey dislike their state just as much as those who don’t. Some think New Jersey residents are loud, outspoken, and bold. Plus, everything there seems to cost a lot, and the traffic is always a headache. On top of that—there’s more pollution, and the weather isn’t usually all that great.


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Florida is a lovely state with many big cities near the coast. But surprisingly, it’s one of the most disliked states in the country. Some people don’t like it because of its corrupt politics and because there is nothing else to do besides hitting the beach or going to Disney World. Also, the weather is usually hot, sticky, and humid—they get hit by strong hurricanes and tropical storms quite often.


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While Alabama might seem pretty innocent, some people hate it because of its college football teams. People in Alabama are very into their sports, which can be overwhelming for others. Everywhere you go, you see this Crimson Tide pride on full display. Alabama is all about tradition, but not all of its ways are liked by everyone.


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A lot of the dislike aimed at Michigan is really about Detroit. This big city doesn’t get great reviews and has some areas with high crime rates. Sadly, all the hate for Detroit often gets thrown at the whole state. And it doesn’t help that people who go to college in Michigan are usually hardcore college football fans for life—which some folks find a bit too much.


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Ohio isn’t hated by everyone, but it has had problems with hate crimes. In 2022, there were 548 hate crimes reported—primarily because of race, religion, or sexual orientation. For example, Ohio State University has seen antisemitic attacks, showing that these types of incidents are still an issue. Plus, in 2022, there were 20 active hate groups in Ohio.


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People living in Indiana often describe it as having a mix of unusual towns, including some known for religious activity, drug problems, and decaying old steel towns. Except for Bloomington, which is seen as okay, the rest of the state struggles with social issues and economic decline—making it a less appealing place to live or visit.


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Arkansas is often criticized for its strong ties to the Civil War, numerous Baptist churches, and many second-hand stores in its main business areas. Because of these things, people often see Arkansas as stuck in the past and not very diverse or progressive. Many people believe the state holds on too much to old ways and doesn’t embrace modern values or change.


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Illinois, especially Chicago, doesn’t always get positive vibes because of political corruption and a tricky tollway system that makes driving a pain. The number of political scandals and the chaos in Chicago are big reasons why some folks see the state in a negative light. They link it to problems with the government and challenging road situations.


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Idaho catches some flak for its conservative politics and not having a wide range of crops—mostly sticking to lettuce and corn. Some folks don’t like this lack of variety and the state’s conservative views. They wish for more diversity in both politics and the types of produce grown there. Because of these issues, Idaho is one of the most hated states.

West Virginia

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In 2022, West Virginia reported around 54 hate crimes. About 42.6% of them were because of race, 33.3% because of religion, and 16.7% because of sexual orientation. While the state’s law against hate crimes talks about force or threats—it doesn’t specifically protect people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. In 2022, the Southern Poverty Law Center found nine hate and antigovernment groups in the state.


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Maryland sometimes gets a bad rap because living costs are high, especially around Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. This puts Maryland on the list of most disliked states in the U.S. Traffic is a big headache—especially around D.C., making people spend a lot of time commuting. Plus, there’s a lot of political arguing, which adds to the stress for folks living there.


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Alaska sometimes gets a bad rap because of hate crimes, with 12 reported incidents in 2021. People criticize the gaps in hate and gun laws—which can allow convicted individuals access to firearms. On platforms like Quora, folks talk about worries regarding the cold, long winters, and short daylight hours in Alaska. Plus, reports of active hate groups in the state add to the negative views some people have.

New York

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New York, often called the Big Apple because of its fame and glamor, still gets its fair share of hate. There are various reasons behind this dislike. It’s one of the busiest spots globally. Some say it’s so crowded and lively that it’s tough to tell day from night—making it super challenging for some to cope with the pace of life there.