The 15 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World


Picture this: the dog park, a bustling runway where the tallest dog breeds reign supreme, strutting their stuff like fur-clad supermodels. Some are sleek and swift, while others boast broad chests fit for scaling mountainsides, but all share one thing: an abundance of love and adorableness, ready to steal your heart. Despite their immense size, these gentle giants have a relatively short lifespan, averaging around 8–10 years, so cherish every moment with your towering canine, making memories that last a lifetime.

Irish Wolfhound: 30–35 inches


Standing tall as the Guinness World Record holder for the tallest dog breed globally, the Irish Wolfhound boasts a rich heritage steeped in the emerald lands of Eire. Their legacy stretches back to the ancient 5th century, intertwined with the fabric of laws and legends. Beyond their imposing stature lies a heart of gold, as these gentle giants exhibit remarkable sensitivity and unwavering loyalty. Yet, don’t be fooled by their serene demeanor, for when a tiny critter crosses their path, they unleash a burst of boundless energy, a testament to their innate hunting instincts. 

Spanish Mastiff: 28–35 inches

Quique Maqueda/Pinterest

Ever met a serious-looking giant who’s secretly a softie? Enter the Spanish mastiff! This pupper isn’t just about looks; he’s all about commitment, especially when protecting his flock of Merino sheep back in his homeland. But don’t let his imposing stature fool you; underneath that formidable exterior lies a heart of gold, ready to snuggle up for a Netflix marathon or join you on epic hiking adventures. So, if you’ve got acres to roam or just crave a loyal best pal, this gentle giant is your paw-fect match!

Great Dane: 28–32 inches

Martin Tajmr/Pixabay

Picture this: you’ve got the gentle giant of the dog world lounging on your couch, and suddenly, Marmaduke and Scooby-Doo come to mind. Yep, we’re talking about the Great Dane, the real-life version of those larger-than-life characters. But here’s the scoop: your Dane, even with his German roots, is more than just a goofball; he’s the ultimate family friend, a trusted buddy to your little ones, and the master of all snuggle sessions. Look no further if you’re in the market for a friend who’s part comedian, part cuddle machine.

Scottish Deerhound: 28–32 inches

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Imagine this: you’ve got a sprawling backyard just waiting to be explored, and along comes your new furry friend, the Scottish Deerhound. Once the trusty sidekick of Highland estate keepers, these majestic hounds are more than just loyal companions; they’re the epitome of laid-back charm. But here’s the kicker: don’t let their easygoing vibe fool you because when it’s time to sprint, they’re off like a rocket, hitting speeds of up to 30 mph! So, buckle up and get ready for some leash-training adventures.

Great Pyrenees: 25–32 inches

Tychon Krug/Pexels

With a name like that, you just know they’re built for rugged outdoor escapades. But here’s the kicker: beneath that fluffy exterior lies a patient and composed animal, making them the best family guardian. And let’s not forget their luxurious coat, begging for quality grooming sessions that double as bonding time. The Great Pyrenees is your go-to partner in crime if you’re ready to embark on epic outdoor journeys with your own fluffy mountain explorer.

Leonberger: 25.5–31.5 inches


Towering and hefty, weighing in at a whopping 100–170 pounds, these pups are the epitome of big-hearted charm. Hailing from Germany and adored by farmers and royalty alike since the 1800s, they’re dripping with sweetness. Known affectionately as “Leos,” these furballs aren’t just cuddle experts but also therapy dog pros, spreading joy wherever they go. Even so, don’t let their soft side fool you; when duty calls, these guys are ready to swing into action, excelling at search and rescue tasks.

Neapolitan Mastiff: 24–31 inches

Mezei Béla/Facebook

With roots tracing back to ancient civilizations and boasting a lineage as old as time, these pups are the real deal. Take the Neapolitan mastiff, for instance, rumored to have thrown down with the Romans back in the day! But here’s the kicker: despite their storied past, today’s mastiff is just a laid-back cuddle connoisseur. Easygoing and mellow, all they’re after is a cozy spot to kick back and relax with you after a stroll around the neighborhood.

Mastiff: 27.5–30+ inches

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Animal Cruelty Task Force/Facebook

Meet the OG big softie, the mastiff, a canine legend recognized by the American Kennel Club since the mid-1800s. Picture this: Zorba, a mastiff extraordinaire, not only boasts impressive height but also clinches a spot in the Guinness World Records as the longest dog, stretching a jaw-dropping 8 feet, 3 inches! Now, if you’re thinking, “Do I really need another couch in my apartment?” Well, with a mastiff around, it might just be a wise investment!

Greyhound: 27–30 inches

Elisabetta Bellomi/Pixabay

From ancient Egypt’s hallowed halls to Greece’s vibrant streets, these hounds have left their mark throughout history. In spite of their noble demeanor, they wear their hearts on their paws, forming deep bonds with their human family, to the point of experiencing separation anxiety if left alone for too long. But here’s the kicker: beneath that affectionate exterior lies a lightning-fast sprinter, capable of reaching 40–45 mph speeds, leaving even the fleetest of foot in their wake. 

Saint Bernard: 26–30 inches

Bernell MacDonald/Pixabay

The legendary Saint Bernard, a hero of the Alps and a silver-screen superstar is known to all as Beethoven’s partner. But behind the tales of mountain rescues and wartime bravery lies a lovable giant, brimming with boundless cheer and familial affection. Your Saint will quickly become your kids’ steadfast playmate, guarding their secrets and happily cleaning up any crumbs they drop under the table. If you’re looking for a friend who embodies heroism and heartwarming antics, the Saint Bernard is your paw-some pick!

Anatolian Shepherd: 27–29 inches


The Anatolian Shepherd is also known as the Kangal. This dog is the ultimate trusty sidekick. Assigning chores is a breeze for this diligent canine! Originating from the rugged Anatolian Plateau of Turkey, this breed boasts a lineage stretching back a whopping 6,000 years, spending millennia as the stalwart protectors of sheep herds. Seasoned dog owners know the secret sauce: positive reinforcement training, unlocking the full potential of this active and vigilant guardian. 

Borzoi: 28+ inches


Ever heard of the “Deco Dog”? Meet the Borzoi, the glamorous Russian canine sensation that stole the spotlight in the art world of the 1920s and 1930s, inspiring the renowned artist Erté with its elegant lankiness. Even though they fly somewhat under the radar compared to other sighthounds in the U.S., these big pups are the epitome of grace and gentleness, effortlessly blending into family life with their accommodating nature, especially for kids and relatives. 

Newfoundland: 26–28 inches


Guess who’s crashing the paw-ty with three enthusiastic woofs? It’s none other than the Newfoundland, or as their devoted fans affectionately dub them, the “Newfie”! These majestic cuddlebugs have a knack for understanding that sometimes, the comfiest pillow is a furry one—especially when it’s big enough to cradle your entire head. Hailing from the picturesque Canadian province that shares their name, these hardworking pups aren’t just your average doggy paddlers; they’re the unsung heroes of the waterways.

Cane Corso: 23.5–27.5 inches


Imagine having a four-legged dynamo by your side, ready to tackle any adventure head-on—that’s the Cane Corso for you! Descended from the mighty Mollosser breed like their mastiff cousins, these pups are all about action, whether sprinting, hiking, or even showing off their diving skills at the dock. As the most athletic of the tall dog breeds, they’ve got zero tolerance for laziness—yours included! With a keen sense of purpose, they’re always on the lookout for their next job, whether it’s guarding the house or simply being your loyal companion. 

Dogue de Bordeaux: 23–28 inches


Hailing from France, this formidable breed, also known as the French Mastiff, is a force to be reckoned with. With a lineage dating back centuries, they share ancestry with other mighty mastiffs, boasting strength and resilience. Beneath their imposing stature and those wrinkles, they are brimming with loyalty and affection. As a pet parent, consistency is key, so invest in their training early on, harnessing their innate intelligence and eagerness to please.