15 Signs You’re A Terrible Partner

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When your relationship runs into big problems, it’s common to blame your partner immediately. You might think they’re always absent or not trying anymore. But before you accuse them, think about your own actions. Could you be causing the issues? Here are the signs you’re a terrible partner.

Ignoring Your Partner’s Point of View

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When arguments flare up with your partner—it’s easy to get stuck in your own perspective. But have you ever considered that there might be another side to the story? Imagine how frustrating it must be for them when they feel like their voice isn’t being heard. It’s like watching a movie with only one character! It’s essential to ensure everyone gets a chance in the spotlight.

Storming Out During Arguments

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Another unhealthy way of fighting is storming out of the room during an argument. By doing this, you’re stopping the conversation and leaving things hanging, leaving your partner feeling left out and disconnected. It’s totally okay to take a break when things get heated, but if it’s always you who decides when to stop, it’s not fair.

Being Too Controlling

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You like things done your way, so you’re always correcting your partner—whether it’s about washing dishes or talking. Your better half might feel like they’re being bossed around, almost like a little kid. But remember, you can’t control everything in your relationship. It’s important to let them make their own choices and respect what they decide.

Making Everything About Yourself

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Do you ever see your partner looking bored or tired when you talk to them? You might think they’re being negative, but it could be because you’re talking about yourself all the time. It’s crucial to have balanced conversations where you both get to share. Asking your partner about their day—or even small questions will show them that you care about them and make them feel good.

Having Trouble Telling the Truth

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Telling lies all the time is very disrespectful, especially because eventually, those lies will come out, and your partner won’t trust you anymore. Even if you think little lies are harmless—they’re actually hurtful to your better half and make them feel small. It’s better to be honest, even if it’s very hard. Trust us, being truthful will make your relationship stronger in the long run.

Guilty of Secret Flirting

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Even if you haven’t slept with someone else while in your relationship, small behaviors that might seem innocent can still hurt just as much, if you’re sharing personal things or flirting with others in secret, it’s not right. These actions chip away at trust and can ruin your relationship over time. Cheating isn’t just about physical actions—it includes emotional betrayal, too.

Avoiding Updating Relationship Status

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Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal—neglecting to update your relationship status on social media can hint at a larger issue. It tells your partner that you’re not fully transparent and you’re hesitant to display your commitment publicly. This might raise doubts in their mind about what you’re hiding. While you might be a private person online, remember that this could affect how your partner sees things.

Having Unfair Relationship Rules

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Having deal breakers is super important to keep your relationship healthy, but if yours are unfair to your partner, it’s worth thinking about. For instance, it’s unfair if you want your partner to give up their friends or completely change who they are. That’s not right—it’s toxic and harmful. If you can’t love your partner for who they are, maybe you shouldn’t be together.

Disappearing Without a Trace

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It’s good to have your own space even when you’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you can just vanish for days without telling your partner where you are. Doing that tells them you don’t value or respect them—and it’s like you believe you can come and go as you please without any consideration for them.

Always Needing to be Right

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Believing you’re always right can drive your partner away because it makes you hard to handle. When you shut out your partner’s thoughts and feelings, it makes them feel like their opinions don’t matter. Nobody’s flawless, and pretending you are doesn’t just annoy your partner—it puts them in a tough spot where they can’t win from you.

Dismissing Their Feelings

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If your partner opens up about feeling sad, do you brush it off or criticize them for being “too sensitive”? That’s not okay—it’s something hurtful people do. Constantly dismissing your partner’s feelings might lead them to hold back or hide their emotions from you. Sharing their feelings should make them feel supported, not invalidated and misunderstood.

Still Hanging onto Exes

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Bringing up past relationships in your current one can really hurt your partner’s trust. It’s totally okay to be friends with an ex if you’re open about it with your current partner. But if you’re still flirting with your ex while you’re with your partner—that’s not right. If you’re not over your past relationship, it’s not fair to start a new one.

Not Fully Committed

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You’ve been together for ages, but you’re still not fully committed. That’s not fair to your partner—they’re giving their all while you’re holding back. If you’re with them but not ready to commit, it feels like you’re just waiting for something better. Time to ask yourself what’s holding you back. Maybe past relationships have left you unsure about commitment.

Putting Your Own Needs Last

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Putting your partner’s needs first might seem like the right thing to do, but it’s not always the best. Ignoring your own needs can lead to unhappiness and build up resentment and anxiety in your relationship. Remember, you can’t give to others if you’re not taking care of yourself first, like they say—you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Refusing to Compromise

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In a healthy relationship, it’s like a dance—you both need to be willing to meet halfway. It’s about finding that balance where both of you feel happy. But if one person refuses to budge, it’s like they’re making the other do all the steps. Not cool, right? And trust us, nobody wants to keep dancing alone for too long.