15 Signs Your Marriage Is Over

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Marriages go through ups and downs, but there may come a point when the signs indicate the relationship is no longer sustainable. Recognizing these signs is crucial to addressing the issues at hand and making informed decisions about the future. While every marriage is different, there are common indicators that it may be coming to an end.

Lack of communication

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Communication is the foundation of a healthy marriage. When communication breaks down, and you and your partner struggle to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively, it can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and distance.

Emotional disconnect

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Feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner can lead to a sense of loneliness and isolation within the marriage. When you no longer feel connected on a deeper emotional level, rebuilding that bond and maintaining a fulfilling relationship can be challenging.

Lack of intimacy

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Physical intimacy is an essential aspect of a marriage that helps strengthen the emotional connection between partners. A significant decrease in physical intimacy, such as lack of intercourse, kissing, or hugging, can be a sign that the spark has faded and the marriage is no longer fulfilling for both partners.


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Holding onto past grievances and feeling resentful towards your partner can poison the marriage and create a toxic environment. If unresolved issues lead to ongoing resentment, it can be challenging to move forward and rebuild trust and connection.

Constant criticism

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Criticism can chip away at the foundation of a marriage and erode the love and respect between partners. When criticism becomes a regular occurrence, it can create a cycle of negativity that is hard to break, leading to further disconnection and unhappiness.

Seeking validation outside the marriage

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When you start seeking emotional support, validation, or companionship from someone else outside the marriage, it can indicate that your needs are not being met within the relationship. Emotional infidelity can be just as harmful as physical infidelity and may signal that the marriage is not meeting your emotional needs.

Different priorities

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If you and your partner have diverging priorities, values, or goals that you cannot reconcile or compromise on, it may lead to constant conflict and dissatisfaction. Misaligned priorities can also create tension and prevent the marriage from thriving and growing together.

Lack of respect

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Mutual respect is crucial in a healthy marriage. When respect is lacking, and partners belittle, demean, or disregard each other’s feelings and opinions, it can damage the foundation of the relationship and make it challenging to rebuild trust and connection.

Constantly feeling unhappy

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Feeling consistently unhappy, unfulfilled, or depressed in the marriage can be a clear sign that the marriage is no longer serving your emotional well-being. Staying in a marriage that brings you more unhappiness than joy may not be sustainable in the long run.


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If you and your partner actively avoid spending time together, engaging in meaningful conversations, or participating in activities that used to bring you joy, it may indicate a disinterest in maintaining the emotional and physical connection in the marriage. Avoidance can be a coping mechanism for dealing with underlying issues that need to be addressed.


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Feeling indifferent towards your partner’s feelings, experiences, or well-being can signal a lack of emotional investment in the relationship. When partners become emotionally detached and stop caring about each other’s thoughts and feelings, it can lead to further disconnection and alienation.

Financial disagreements

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Constant disagreements or conflicts over finances can add significant stress to a marriage. Money issues can be a common source of conflict and strain in a relationship, especially when partners have differing views on spending, saving, and financial priorities.

Lack of trust

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Trust is essential for a marriage to thrive. When trust has been broken, whether through betrayal, deception, or lack of transparency, it can be difficult to repair and rebuild. Without trust, the foundation of the marriage can crumble, leading to further disconnection and insecurity.

Contemplating separation

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If you or your partner have seriously considered or discussed separation or divorce as a viable option, it may indicate that the marriage is no longer meeting your emotional or relational needs. The mere contemplation of separation can be a clear sign that the relationship is in trouble and may not be salvageable.

Feeling relief at the thought of ending the marriage

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If the idea of ending the marriage brings a sense of relief rather than sadness or fear, it may indicate that the marriage has become emotionally draining and unsustainable. Feeling relieved at the prospect of moving on from the relationship can signal that staying together no longer serves your well-being and happiness.