15 Signs There Is Someone Else In Your Partner’s Life

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Before big problems arise, there are small warning signs. For example, your close friend might see your partner hanging out with someone you’ve never heard of in another town. But before that, there are little clues that your partner might be interested in someone else—clues you’ve probably noticed but pushed aside. In here, we will share the signs there is someone else in your partner’s life.

They keep talking about someone new

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Does your partner constantly talk about someone new? Maybe they’re suggesting places to go, discussing vacations, sharing jokes, or telling stories about this person. Do they seem unable to stop mentioning this other woman or man? This is a common sign that they might be involved with someone else. When someone is always on your partner’s mind, it’s natural for their name to come up in conversations often.

Suddenly, they’re doing things differently

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Your partner used to say they preferred coming home from the gym to shower and get ready for work instead of doing it at the gym. Their work schedule hasn’t changed, but suddenly, they’ve switched gyms to one closer to the office. Now, they bring their change of clothes and head straight to work from there. When their routine doesn’t add up anymore—it’s a clear sign that someone else is present in their life.

They’re changing how they look and act

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Your partner is making changes to how they look and act—both inside and out. Maybe they’ve got a new hairstyle or suddenly picked up a new hobby. These changes could suggest they’re developing a new passion or showing interest in someone else, especially if they keep you in the dark about it. It could be part of a recent decision to try something different, or maybe they’re doing it for you—your gut will tell you.

They’re not staying in touch with you like they used to

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It’s normal to expect a call or a text from your partner, even on a busy day. We’re not talking about them devoting all their time to you—that’s not practical or fair. But it’s also not okay for them to disappear for long periods without explanation. Do they say they didn’t have time to respond to your call or couldn’t even send a quick message? These are super big signs that something might be wrong.

You catch them telling small lies

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Has your partner been telling you the same stories over and over again, or do you think they already shared something with you when they didn’t? This could be a sign that they’re sharing intimate details with someone else. They seem to need to remember who they’ve shared what with and when. The lies they’ve been telling have become too much for them to handle—and they can’t keep track of them anymore.

They’re always keeping their phone close

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Is your partner always keeping their phone close—even bringing it with them to the bathroom? Have they become extra cautious about not leaving their phone unattended? Did they recently change their passwords and PINs? Are they suddenly concerned about privacy and making sure you can’t get near their devices? It’s possible they’re talking to someone else on WhatsApp or other messaging or dating apps.

They’re acting like they’re single on social media

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If your partner is interested in someone else or already involved with someone—they might try to make themselves seem single on social media. This could mean deleting photos of you together, avoiding any labels that show you’re in a relationship, and not acknowledging posts that indicate you’re a couple. It’s clear your partner is trying to appear available to other romantic interests or to keep their affair partner satisfied.

They’re not as affectionate with you in public anymore

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Just like online, they might not act like they’re in a committed relationship in person, too. Why? It could cause problems if their other partner saw you two together, like holding hands or going on a date, or if someone else saw you being intimate and told their partner. If they’ve always been shy, that’s one thing. But if there’s suddenly a change in how affectionate they are in public, your instincts are probably right.

They don’t seem bothered by problems

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It’s about more than what your partner is doing, but also about what they need to do. They might seem emotionally distant, not reacting to issues in your relationship like they used to. Even when you express concerns, they might not really listen, just brushing them off. Their focus and energy seem to be elsewhere—and they either don’t notice the problems in your relationship or they’ve stopped caring about them.

They either share too much or avoid answering your questions

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Did you ask your partner where they were expecting a simple answer, but instead, they gave you a detailed story about going to the pub with their coworkers— who was there, what they ate, and who stayed till the end? You know the saying, “Liars talk too much.” Sometimes, people give too much detail when trying to cover up lies. On the flip side, your partner might stop sharing things with you altogether.

They’re being secretive about money

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If your partner spends time with someone else, it usually involves spending money, which can be easily tracked. Have you noticed your significant other hiding their financial transactions from you? Are they keeping receipts, messages about transactions, and bank statements hidden? If you and your partner have always shared expenses in your relationship, it would be noticeable if their spending habits suddenly changed.

They’re either more distant or overly loving toward you

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Does your partner seem uncomfortable when you ask where they’ve been? Are they snapping at you more often—seeming more easily annoyed than usual? They might act this way because they’re trying to avoid getting caught in their lies. On the flip side, it’s also possible that they feel guilty about cheating and are trying to make up for it by being super loving and affectionate.

You notice a different smell on them

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This one is a classic, like finding a lipstick stain. It might seem overused, but it’s still super important. We often overlook small details—like noticing an unusual smell on our loved ones. But it’s a sign that we’re instinctively being watchful. So maybe pay attention if your partner smells different. We’re not talking about their new perfumes but the scents they might be picking up from their new partner and bringing home with them.

Your intimate moments feel different

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In a good relationship, intercourse is about honest connection and being open with each other. When partners are willing to be vulnerable, they show their true selves. In this close and intimate space, it’s easy to sense if something isn’t right. When your partner has someone else in their life—intercourse might start to feel different. Your partner might become emotionally distant, and you may feel like you’re not connecting with them anymore.

Your gut feeling tells you something’s not right

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Always listen to your instincts. Your body is tuned to notice things you might not even consciously realize. It gathers information and sends signals to protect you. Your gut feeling often knows what’s going on before your conscious mind figures it out. If something feels wrong, it probably is. But keep in mind that this approach might not work for people who tend to be naturally suspicious.