20 People Share The Weirdest Thing They Saw At A Friend’s House

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Get ready to be intrigued as we uncover the weirdest things Reddit users have come across at their friends’ homes. From the bizarre to the outlandish, these stories will leave you amused and creeped out. Let’s explore the fascinating world of strange encounters and oddities shared by the online community.

Walking Around Naked

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“My friend’s family walked around nude at home 24/7. My friend invited me over to play Nintendo after school. When we got inside, he stripped down butt-ass naked and went to make a sandwich!”

And everyone else was naked and loitering.”

– krmsyn


Brown Paper Book
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“I had a friend in high school whose mother was a hoarder. There were little pathways throughout the house, but it was filled — from floor to ceiling — with junk. In the hallway to the bedrooms, she had stacked every newspaper she ever got, tied up in bundles. And when I walked down that hallway, my friend cautioned me not to touch the papers because if a row fell, it would take a few hours to dig yourself out!”

– ferrariguy1970

Cows Everywhere

Brown Cattle on Green Lawn Grass during Daytime
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“I had a friend whose family lived on a huge property and kept cows for the property tax exemption. Well, once, my friend asked me to come by to pick up something, and I swear, there was a full-sized cow chilling on one of their couches in the living room! Really nice people, though.”

– Veg305

Chocolate Lab

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“Once, I walked into my girlfriend’s living room, and out of nowhere, their chocolate lab jumped through an open window from outside and landed on the couch! I just froze, and her son was like, ‘Oh, he does that.'”

– L3aveblank

“I Had No Words”

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 “I was using a friend’s bathroom, and I ran out of toilet paper. When I looked for a new roll under the sink, I was horrified to see a paper grocery bag of used tampons just left there. It had to have been YEARS worth! I had no words.”

– twostepsfrombutter

Human Skull With A Dollar Bill

1 U.s. Dollar Bill
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“A friend’s mother has a human skull in her living room with a dollar bill stuffed between its teeth. Apparently she knew the guy.”

– deansprite


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“I was looking to buy a home, and we were at a house being sold by an Amish Family. They had a dozen large bricks of Velveeta! No bathrooms in the house, but a ton of cheese!”

– nothingtooit

Jungle Gym/Play Structure

“McDonalds” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Bought something on Facebook Marketplace and went to pick it up. Typical house in a suburban development, two-story with a big entry foyer. When the guy opened the door, the two-story foyer was filled with a giant jungle gym/play structure, like the kind that belongs outdoors or in a McDonald’s. Literally all I could see in that room was this enormous play structure.”

– GuyKnitter

Containers With Water

“Vintage Yellow Pyrex Refrigerator Container – Small” by GranniesKitchen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“My friend had a room in their basement that was full of all sorts of containers filled with water. Like bottles, jugs, jars, buckets, etc. I asked why they had all that and she shrugged and said ‘In case we ever need them.’ Never questioned it again.”

– suntrovert


“Gingerbread House” by terren in Virginia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“6 or 7 year old gingerbread house in the hallway. It stands there all year(s) around. The kids were not allowed to touch it, but yeah, with three kids, traces of nibbles were visible.”

– kelowana

Clown Figures

“Weird Clown Figure” by B, K, G & AB is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“A few years back, my friend would often house-sit for this family at her church. She always asked me to stay with her there because she didn’t like the house, as it had 350-some clowns in it. We always slept in the living room because all of the bedrooms had giant clown figurines. It was awful. “

– carlsine

Adolf Hitler Portrait

“Adolf Hitler, Along with Mussolini’s son-in-law, Count Galeazzo Ciano (to Hitler’s right), and Joachim von Ribbentrop, attend a NSDAP (Nazi Party) rally, some time in the 1930s.” by Jared Enos is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“When my parents were first house shopping, they ended up checking out this really nice house in the city. Real estate agent is showing them around the place, and they get to a little side room… My mom happens to glance into the adjacent living room. Right above the fireplace was a massive portrait of Adolf Hitler. The real estate agent was just like, “Oh yeah, that,” and said it belonged to the previous owner. They didn’t elaborate further.”

– In_My_Own_Image

Cockroaches Everywhere

A Cockroach on a Leaf
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“Roaches crawling around in daylight out in the open. I wouldn’t sit or eat anything the 3 times i went over. His entire family seem to think it was normal to have roaches where he was. I had family in the same building and their house was almost sterile.”

– spyro86

Blood in The Fridge

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Beside White Kitchen Cabinet
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“My house but looking back it’s unusual. My Dad was a doctor and it was not uncommon for him to take a patient’s blood on the way home and store it in the fridge next to the orange juice over night. Then take it to work the next morning. Can’t do that these days of course but the 70s was pretty wild.”

– Ozdiva

Trophy Hunting

Beige Fur
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“I had a friend in middle school whose family was really into trophy hunting, something I didn’t know until I went to a sleepover at her house. Animal heads everywhere, but the weirdest part was she didn’t have sheets on her bed, just animal fur. She slept naked on the fur and had no idea it was weird. I faked a stomach ache and had my mom pick me up.”

– IAmSoUncomfortable

Peeing Together

White Water Closet in Bathroom
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“Not really a friend, but a childhood neighbour. They used to pee together as a family. Like, I’m talking the two brothers and their dad. Never said it was to conserve water or anything. They just did it. They still live there and I still can’t look at them the same when I go there and see them.”

– scerchthegr8

Poop Towel

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“Went to a friends house around 10 years old and went to the bathroom and they had four towels hanging on a towel bar near the toilet with brown marks. I asked what it was and my friend said they don’t have toilet paper. They each had their own poop towel and hung them up after each use.”

– OkieTaco

Mom That Lived Downstairs

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“In high school, I went to my boyfriend’s house for the first time. There was absolutely no food in the fridge and his house was so dirty. I asked where his mom was. She just “lived downstairs” with her boyfriend. He only saw her every few weeks. Coming from a family that ate supper together every night, this was so sad. I always brought him leftovers after that.”

– cupcakebuddies

Worst Pasta Ever

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“I’m Sicilian. One time I went to a friends house and they made spaghetti because, hey, I’m Sicilian! I’m watching her make the sauce and this lady starts dumping in sugar like she’s making Kool-Aid. Absolutely the worst pasta I’ve ever had. “

– babbylonmon

Raw Hot Dog

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“I guess the thing I always remember is my friend and his whole family would eat cold raw plain hot dogs out of the package as a snack. This was mind blowing to 8-year-old me for some reason. I have never seen it since.”

– dave4g4e