Must-Visit Chicken Wings Hotspots In The U.S.

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Once considered a neglected portion of the chicken, juicy, flavorful wings have evolved into a game-day staple and a mandatory item on any respectable bar menu. With items ranging from flats to drums, smoked to deep-fried, and sauces spanning from Asian sticky to Alabama white, there’s ample diversity in how these delectable treats can be enjoyed. Hungry? Don’t leave it to chance. We’ve scouted out the premier spot in every state to indulge in this humble yet messy delight.


Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant/Facebook

Hot Wings is a culinary triumph at Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant, a beloved hub of classic American flavors. Imagine sinking your teeth into the crispiest chicken, bathed in a compelling blend of savory, sweet, and spicy sauce and a satisfying spread of French fries, bread, and ranch dressing. Wait, the indulgence doesn’t end there. For those seeking an extra touch of decadence, they offer a golden fried variation, served alongside fluffy Belgian waffles, fresh fruit, and syrup.



San Tung in San Francisco stands out as the undisputed champion of chicken wings in the Golden State. Well known for its original dry-fried chicken wings, this Chinese eatery elevates the culinary experience by infusing batter with garlic, ginger, and roasted red peppers before deep-frying to perfection. Regulars consistently sing praises of these wings, lauding them as the epitome of crispiness, juiciness, sauciness, and flavor, confirming that they live up to every bit of the hype surrounding them.


Crooked Hammock Brewery (Middletown)/Facebook

The Crooked Hammock Brewery offers more than just great cocktails—it’s a haven for inventive culinary delights, including their signature Pineapple Express wings. Slow-cooked and encased in crisp coconut breading, these wings are elevated with a tantalizing pineapple and jalapeño sauce. Regulars rave about their unique flavor profile, deeming them a must-try indulgence that complements the pub’s inviting atmosphere. The Crooked Hammock Brewery always delivers for those seeking a memorable dining visit with a twist.


Chi-Kin Korean Fried/Facebook

In Orlando, Chi Kin is the go-to spot for delicious wings with a Korean twist, offering a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Their secret? Double-fry the chicken pieces to achieve unparalleled crunchiness before coating them in your sauce of choice. The sweet soy sauce is among the favorites, striking a balance between savory and sweet, making it a hit for those who prefer a milder flavor. Chi Kin promises a delightful wing meal that keeps customers returning for more.


The Wing Bar ATL/Facebook

The Wing Bar, founded by two friends in 2017, is Georgia’s ultimate destination for wing fans. Visitors consistently praise their wings for their impeccable crunchiness and flawless saucing, ensuring a memorable dining adventure with every bite. Mixing and matching options are available for those torn between flavors, but why stray when the agave BBQ receives such glowing accolades? The Wing Bar is a must-visit hotspot for discerning wing lovers visiting this southern state.


Good Chicken Hawaii/Facebook

At Good Chicken, a Korean take-out gem, the name hardly does justice to the exceptional quality of their fried chicken wings—they’re simply fantastic. Delighting customers with their light, crispy batter, and flavorful sauces, these wings elevate the standard for take-out fare. While the garlic chili flavor garners attention for its bold kick, the honey shoyu option is a crowd-pleasing favorite, offering a delightful balance of mild sweetness and subtle savory notes.


Barbacoa Grill/Facebook

Barbacoa Grill is a trendy Boise bar and restaurant. Their famous chicken wings come with a unique twist—they’re served alongside a hibachi, a portable Japanese charcoal cooker, adding a visual flair to the table and allowing patrons to toast up the glaze to perfection. Customers rave about the wings, praising them for their irresistible flavor and juiciness, while the accompanying polenta chips and chipotle ranch complement this delectable dish.


Mott St/Facebook

Look no further than Mott St in Chicago for those who crave a medley of flavors. Their renowned Everything Wings boast a tasty combination of soy glaze, two varieties of chili, fried shallots, and their ‘everything’ seasoning, delivering a symphony of sweet, spicy, and sticky goodness in every bite. Accompanied by a refreshing tzatziki dip, these jumbo-sized wings have earned rave reviews from patrons who declare them nothing short of sensational. Mott St has become a hotspot for wing cravers seeking a fantastic meal in the Windy City.


Peanut Wings/Facebook

The Peanut, a dive-style sports bar with four bustling locations across Kansas, takes pride in crafting wings that are worth the wait. Made fresh to order, these wings require a minimum of 20 minutes to cook, ensuring that each batch emerges from the kitchen as tender, flavorful, and crispy. Tourists consistently praise them for hitting the mark, delivering satisfaction that keeps them returning for more. This dedication to quality and flavor has solidified The Peanut’s reputation as a go-to destination for wing connoisseurs in the heart of Kansas.


Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ/Facebook

Momma’s BBQ joint reigns supreme in Louisville with its award-winning smoked wings, earning accolades for their irresistible flavor. While simplicity is the name of the game here, with only one type of wing on offer and minimal sauces, the unparalleled taste speaks for itself—leaving everyone thoroughly satisfied and craving more. And for the perfect finishing touch, be sure not to overlook their delectable homemade ranch dressing, elevating the wings to new heights of deliciousness.


Bayou Hot Wings/Facebook

No trip to New Orleans is truly fulfilled without a pilgrimage to Bayou Hot Wings, where fans indulge in various lightly battered and sauced delights. From the mild allure of garlic butter parmesan to the fiery challenge of the Bayou Beast, their menu caters to all spice preferences. Nestled comfortably in the middle is the beloved Bayou Sweet Heat, which balances sweetness and spiciness—a perennial favorite among natives. Bayou Hot Wings promises great flavor, embodying Louisiana’s gastronomic charm.


The Great Lost Bear/Facebook

From Thai to PB & J, The Great Lost Bear offers a playful array of wing flavors. But it’s the classic Buffalo Wings that steals the show. Prepared whole for a hearty crunch, these wings are generously coated in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce, providing a satisfyingly nostalgic taste experience. Portion sizes are enormous and accompanied by a creamy blue cheese dip, rounding out the wing indulgence. And if the wings aren’t reason enough to visit, customers can enjoy a selection of Maine-brewed beers and impeccable customer service.


The Smoke Shop BBQ/Facebook

The menu at BBQ hotspot The Smoke Shop boasts tempting offerings like meaty ribs, succulent brisket, and flavorful pulled pork. Overlooking their wings would be a mistake you won’t want to make. Famous for good reason, these wings undergo a meticulous process, being smoked for two hours, lightly fried, and then tossed in an irresistible blend of agave syrup and spices. Locals have declared them their favorite dish on the menu, solidifying The Smoke Shop’s reputation.


Oscar’s Pub & Grill/Facebook

While sports bars may not always prioritize exceptional cuisine, Oscar’s defies expectations with its founding philosophy that great food is just as crucial as sports and cold beer. Spearheaded by three local enthusiasts, this bar has become renowned for its ‘char buffed’ wings, which undergo a unique process of frying, saucing, and grilling to ensure that the flavors are perfectly melded. From classics like Buffalo, BBQ, and garlic parmesan to more adventurous choices such as Thai chili bourbon, there’s something to satisfy every taste.

New York

Bar-Bill North/Facebook

With a legacy spanning nearly 150 years, the iconic Bar-Bill in East Aurora is synonymous with exceptional chicken wings, available in many sauce options to tantalize your taste buds. The Cajun honey butter BBQ is among the standout choices, celebrated for its distinctiveness and undeniable excellence. For those who prefer flats and drums, customization is available for an additional fee, ensuring a tailored meal. Each order is promptly prepared and served with the establishment’s signature house blue cheese dressing.


907 Wingman/Facebook

If you’re on the hunt for finger-licking good wings, look no further than 907 Wingman – the top-rated takeout joint in Anchorage, Alaska. They have an extensive menu, but here’s an insider tip: the sriracha wings are a must-try!


Valley Wings Az/Facebook

Visit Valley Wings if you enjoy wings that are so juicy that they fall off the bone. Wings tossed in mouth-watering sauces and seasoned to perfection are the specialty of this family-run restaurant. These delectable wings are always within reach, thanks to their three convenient locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Apache Junction.


Foghorn’s Wings/Facebook

When it comes to game day feasts in Arkansas, sports fans know where to go: Foghorn’s Wings. Anyone will have the best time watching the game here since they have great food and the ambiance match. No one can blame Foghorn’s Wings for being a local favorite; the seasoning keeps people coming back for more!


Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings

Located in both Washington Park and Highlands, Fire on the Mountain is a popular venue in Denver known for its high-quality chicken wings. The spicy peanut wings steal the show, but there are plenty of tasty sauces, such as extra hot Buffalo and raspberry habanero.


J Timothy’s Taverne/Facebook

J. Timothy’s Taverne has been serving up the finest wings around since the early 1990s, and with good reason. There’s a flavor for everyone, thanks to their extensive sauce options. But for the ultimate experience, try ordering them “dirt-style,” which basically means each chicken wing is double-fried.


Ale Emporium Fishers/Facebook

Famous for its Hermanaki wings, the Ale Emporium in Fishers, Greenwood, and Indianapolis are hard to miss. Their signature flavors are crispy fried chicken smothered in teriyaki and the bar’s secret sauce—a blend of sweet and spicy—jumbo wings seasoned with peppers and spices.


2 Dogs Pub/Facebook

In search of the best Iowa pub to watch the game and eat some tasty bar food? Get in touch with 2 Dogs Pub right away! You may have their chicken wings paired with a plethora of sauces and dry rubs to complement them. These wings are a guaranteed hit, especially when dipped with ranch or blue cheese sauce.


The Corner Bistro & Catering/Facebook

The Corner Bistro and Wine Bar in Baltimore is a snug, private place that serves excellent wine and tasty bar grub. If you want ten crisp, sweet chili wings, choose the bistro chicken wings. They come with a choice of ranch or blue cheese dipping sauces. Everyone who orders this meal will be satisfied with every bite.


sweetwater detroit/Facebook

Sweetwater Tavern is a Detroit bar with a solid reputation mainly for its tasty chicken wings. A remarkable 15,000 pounds of wings are sold weekly across all of the pub’s locations, proving that its wings are of outstanding quality. The 24-hour marinade process gives the award-winning Sweetwater Wings their mild but tantalizing taste.


Red Cow/Facebook

Red Cow in Minnesota is a great place to enjoy some delicious wings. The Japanese Sticky wings, available on the bone or boneless and gluten-free, are described as “the best ever.” Don’t miss out on this mouth-watering dish when you’re in town!


The Pig & Pint/Facebook

People rave about the pecan-smoked wings with Pepsi-Cola glaze at The Pig & Pint, a barbecue and craft beer spot that has won a few awards. Their unique flavor and tender chicken wings are always the most-liked among loyal patrons. They also provide a tasty garlic ranch dressing for a smokier taste.


Salt + Smoke/Facebook

Salt + Smoke is a fast-casual restaurant with six stores that offer a notable twist on traditional cuisine. Their smoked wing platter is a crowd favorite, and customers can add a bacon and cheddar popover and two sides to complete their meal. With its crackling skin and juicy white meat, these wings are often hailed as the best around.


Desperado Sports Tavern/Facebook

The wings at Desperado Sports Tavern are consistently recognized for their excellent chicken wings. Their in-house sauce features a superb blend of spices that genuinely sets it apart. The mild and sweet Sissy Sauce is the best choice, and you may request more crispy wings if you want them.


Johnny Mac’s Restaurant & Bar/Facebook

There is no better place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip than Henderson’s Johnny Mac’s. With a range of sauces, including hickory BBQ and lemon pepper, these giant wings are both fiery and incredibly good. Stop into Johnny Mac’s if you’re craving savory wings while in Las Vegas.

New Hampshire

Wing-itz Hampton NH/Facebook

Using only high-quality chicken, Wing-Itz takes great delight in its “wing butchery” and hand-cut wings. A wide variety of moderate to extremely spicy 30 house-made sauces and rubs guarantees everyone will find something to their liking.

New Jersey


TaKorea BBQ cleverly combines Korean barbecue with tasty tacos and drinks. Their wings are double-fried twice to remove the fat, leaving juicy meat and a crispy coating behind. Customers usually rave about their large-portion servings and flavorful sauces. It’s fusion food at its best!

New Mexico

Two Cranes Bistro and Brew/Facebook

Two Cranes Bistro and Brew in Albuquerque is a food joint where chicken wings are an absolute obsession. These huge, bone-in wings are grilled with dry seasoning and served with a side of sauce to keep them from getting soggy. Food lovers can choose from various sauces, including Dr Pepper BBQ, Naked, Buffalo, or Chipotle.

North Carolina

Midwood Smokehouse/Facebook

Fried or hickory-smoked chicken wings, dry-rubbed or with your choice of sauce, are on the menu at the classic Midwood Smokehouse, one of five North Carolina locations. People love the smoked ones, especially when doused in the spicy vinegar and mustard from South Carolina.

North Dakota

The Parrot’s Cay/Facebook

Shark Wings at Parrot’s Cay Tavern, a hidden gem in the neighborhood, are not for the faint of heart. Those who have a taste for heat love their spicy wings slathered with a fiery mixture of Buffalo and BBQ sauce. Meanwhile, anyone not feeling too adventurous might choose from a wide variety of milder tastes.


Oak Room Restaurant/Facebook

The Oak Tavern is a great spot if you’re having trouble deciding on a chicken wing sauce. Their wings are marinated in rubs, smoked over low heat, and then cooked thoroughly on the grill (or in the deep fryer, per your preference).


Mack’s Wings/Facebook

When Mack’s Wings opened its doors in 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it was immediately known as the place to go for flavor-filled wings. The original recipe is the flavor thrill of Oklahoma Dry Rub, a blend of moderate sweetness and savory spices. Even those who don’t eat meat can try their cauliflower wings.


Hat Yai Restaurant/Facebook

Hat Yai is a Southern Thai joint with two Portland branches that serves some of the state’s best wings. You’ll receive two succulent pieces of free-range chicken, a bowl of sticky rice, and a sweet tamarind dipping sauce with your order of Hat Yai fried chicken wings.



Every meal at Crunchik’n lives up to the name, a Korean fusion restaurant with three locations along the Jersey Shore. After Crunchik’n chicken has marinated for 24 hours, it is fried till golden and topped with a sauce of your choosing.

Rhode Island


Beloved among locals is the sweet soy wings offered as an appetizer at the fancy pub The Shanty. Served with sweet and sticky ginger, chili sauce, and a generous amount of chopped scallions, they look as good as they taste.

South Carolina

Home Team BBQ of Charleston, SC/Facebook

Go to Home Team BBQ in Charleston for the finest wings you’ll ever taste. You’ll find Fiery Ron’s Smoked Chicken Wings on the menu, coated in dry rub, smoked for several hours, and finally served with a creamy Alabama white sauce.

South Dakota

Circus Sports Bar & Grill/Facebook

Circus Sports Bar & Grill may not be known worldwide, but their World-Famous Hot Wings are a local sensation. These wings are always a hit and are available in mild, medium, hot, Buffalo BBQ, sweet BBQ, and garlic Parmesan.


Rocky’s Wing Shack/Facebook

Rocky’s is a hole-in-the-wall joint in Nashville that serves some of the best soul food in town, including their irresistible wings. With various sauces, buyers can opt for mellow classics like lemon pepper and garlic Parmesan or the seriously spicy Rocky Hot. The tangy Strawberry Kick should be on everyone’s must-eat list, too!


hi wings/Facebook

Some have said the battered wings at Hiwings, a fancy Korean chicken eatery, are among the finest wings they’ve ever had. With twelve different sauces, these crunchy and spicy treats are a sensory feast, especially the peach habanero!


Stellar 181 Taphouse/Facebook

Stellar Wings is home to Utah’s finest wings despite its unassuming exterior. A huge selection of rubs and sauces are at your fingertips for seasoning these large, juicy wings. If it’s your first time, we highly suggest the mango habanero.


Bluebird Barbecue/Facebook

You should visit any place that appears on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network. After trying Bluebird Barbecue’s smoked wings, you’ll know why the show chose it. A six-pack of smokey, thoroughly seasoned, and crunchy wings are made with its ‘pitmaster’ dry rub and Alabama white sauce.



Excellent service and hand-crafted wings await you at WingsWay. This restaurant takes phone orders and even notifies you when your food is ready. The selection of handmade sauces is extensive, with seasonal offerings including the fiery Fireball and the sweet-and-sour Pineapple Trail. The sweet and spicy WingsWay and the garlic Parmesan are customer favorites.


Simply Soul/Facebook

Chicken wing dinners are a crowd-pleaser at Simply Soulful, a homegrown bistro known for its comfort food. Every patron’s meal includes a cornmeal muffin, two yummy sides like the classic mac ‘n cheese and collard greens, and half a dozen fried chicken wings. Their homemade recipes are the heart and soul of this establishment.

West Virginia

The Bucket/Facebook

At The Bucket, a family-friendly sports bar, you can enjoy cold beer and delicious wings without breaking the bank. Their mammoth plate of 100 wings for just $110 is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Choose between fried and smoked wings, and pick your favorite sauces from spicy honey, Buffalo ranch, and Carolina Reaper.



Points East Pub in Milwaukee has set high expectations with the name “Our Famous Wings,” but luckily, the wings live up to the hype. The restaurant fries the flats and drums in a deep fryer before dipping them to get a baked-on sauce texture.


Born in a Barn/Facebook

Born in a Barn is a Western-style diner that you will want to return to again and again. Travelers taking a break to sample the smoked and classic fried wings gush about how great they are. Most people enjoy the Yakitori sauce—a Japanese-style glaze that’s dark, sweet, and savory.


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