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Chelmsford, Massachusetts, a picturesque town in the United States, is known for its rich history and strong sense of community. Established in 1655, this town has played a role in significant historical events like the American Revolution, with its local militia participating in the Battle of Lexington and Concord as well as the Battle of Bunker Hill. Located in Middlesex County, Chelmsford is surrounded by five neighboring towns, creating a diverse and connected community.

Over the years, Chelmsford has nurtured its cultural heritage and historical landmarks. The town is home to numerous historical sites, including Forefather’s Burial Grounds and various historic buildings. In addition to its historical offerings, the town is celebrated for hosting lively community events, such as the annual Fourth of July celebration and the February Winterfest. In 2020, Money Magazine recognized Chelmsford as the 14th best place to live in the U.S., further showcasing the town’s appeal to both residents and visitors.

Modern Chelmsford is marked by its thriving local businesses and strong economy. The town offers a wide range of services and amenities, including the recently established Behavior Frontiers, an autism treatment center located at 278 Mill Road. With a commitment to preserving its past while embracing the opportunities of the present, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, provides an enriching and welcoming atmosphere for all who come to experience it.

History of Chelmsford MA

Chelmsford, Massachusetts, a thriving residential suburban town with over 33,000 residents today, has a rich history dating back to its founding in the 17th century. Established in 1655, Chelmsford was incorporated under an act of the Massachusetts General Court. The town’s inhabitants initially hailed from Woburn and Concord, and they constructed the first meetinghouse in the Town Center soon after the town’s incorporation.

Key early developments came about within Chelmsford’s first decades. In 1656, Samuel Adams built both a saw and grist mill on the Russell Mill Pond. Just a few years later, in 1669, Thomas Henchman constructed another sawmill on Stony Brook. Additionally, an iron foundry was built in 1656 to make use of the local bog ore.

Chelmsford played a significant role during the American Revolution, as its militia took part in crucial battles like the Battle of Lexington and Concord as well as the Battle of Bunker Hill. Throughout the 19th century, Chelmsford further developed its industry in lumber, textiles, and granite production.

Now, the town stands as a testament to its rich history, as residents of Chelmsford continue to reflect on its origins and progression from a small rural community to the suburban town it is today.

Geography and Climate

Chelmsford is a town in Massachusetts, United States, located at coordinates 42°35′59″N 71°22′04″W. Established in 1655, this historic town played a role in the American Revolution through the participation of the Chelmsford militia in the Battle of Lexington and Concord as well as the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The climate of Chelmsford can be classified as a humid continental type. This means that residents experience cold winters and warm summers. Average winter temperatures tend to hover between 20-30°F, while summers can see temperatures reaching up to 90°F.

Average annual precipitation in Chelmsford amounts to around 43 inches. Snowfall is also a frequent occurrence in the area, averaging nearly 50 inches each year. The warmest month in Chelmsford in terms of temperature is July, which features average high temperatures of 82.2°F and average low temperatures of 63.1°F.


Chelmsford is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the town has a diverse population with varying age groups. The median age in Chelmsford is 42.7 years, which is approximately 10% higher than the median age in Middlesex County (38.5 years) and Massachusetts (39.6 years).

The town’s population is comprised of various ethnic backgrounds and languages spoken. Some key demographic aspects of the town include:

  • A 3.8% poverty rate, indicating a generally low level of economic hardship among residents
  • 4.3% non-citizens, showing that the town is home to some international residents as well

In terms of educational attainment, Chelmsford boasts an impressive percentage of residents with a master’s degree or higher, which stands at around 23%.

With a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone, we can describe Chelmsford as a diverse and educated town that values inclusivity and is welcoming to a wide range of people. The town’s demographics demonstrate its unique appeal and contribute to its overall character.


Chelmsford, Massachusetts, located in a bustling area, offers an array of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. The local economy comprises a diverse mix of industries including manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, information, real estate and rental, and leasing, professional, scientific and technical services, among others.

The cost of living in Chelmsford is generally higher than the US average, with rent for a two-bedroom apartment averaging $2,270 per month. Grocery expenses are also slightly higher, with a Grocery Cost Index of 108 compared to the national average of 100.

The median earnings per worker in Chelmsford stand at $84,563, placing it in the middle range compared to other towns and cities within the metro area. Significant efforts have been made by the local Economic Development Commission to support and understand the needs of businesses looking to establish or relocate to Chelmsford. This includes working with town committees such as zoning, planning, and historical committees and collaborating with organizations within the community.

With its well-rounded economy and strong local support, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, continues to thrive as a desirable place to live, work, and play.


Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is proud to be home to a reputable public school system that offers a variety of educational opportunities for its residents. Chelmsford Public Schools is a highly rated district that provides K-12 education to students, ensuring a strong focus on academics, diversity, college preparation, and extracurricular activities.

The district comprises multiple elementary schools, such as Byam School, which serves students from kindergarten through fourth grade. With a student population of 456, Byam School boasts a strong emphasis on academic achievement, as approximately 63% of students are proficient in math and reading.

The town’s community education program extends the learning experience for Chelmsford residents of all ages. Operated by Chelmsford Community Education, the program offers a wide range of classes and activities, including financial and estate planning, Medicare navigation, and retirement preparation. The goal of these offerings is to enrich the lives of community members by fostering new skills and knowledge.

In addition to standard K-12 education and community programs, Chelmsford provides extended day and preschool options for families in need of additional care and early learning opportunities. The Extended Day program offers childcare before and after school, while the Lion’s Pride Preschool Program helps to prepare young children for their upcoming academic journey.

Overall, Chelmsford’s commitment to education demonstrates a dedication to enriching the lives of its citizens. With a strong public school system and a diverse range of community education programs, Chelmsford is a town that values lifelong learning and development.

Local Government and Politics

Chelmsford, MA is governed by a local government consisting of various departments and offices. These departments work collaboratively to provide technical assistance, support, and resources to the town’s residents and businesses. Chelmsford’s local government prioritizes building strong working relationships and establishing the municipality as a point for helpful resources.

In recent elections, Chelmsford residents have participated in choosing their representatives at the local and state level. Voters in Chelmsford elect officials to the town’s government offices as well as state representatives for the area. The town’s electoral process ensures that its residents have a say in the various aspects of governing, from local issues to state-wide matters.

Chelmsford residents also have access to state, federal, and local resources provided by different governmental branches and organizations. These resources include housing assistance from the Chelmsford Housing Authority, food support from the Chelmsford Community Exchange (Food Pantry), and business development through the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments.

Overall, the local government and political landscape in Chelmsford, MA represent a well-rounded and collaborative approach to addressing the needs of the community while ensuring that the town’s values and vision are upheld.

Public Safety

The town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. To this end, the town has established a Police Department and a Fire Department, each staffed by well-trained and dedicated personnel.

The Chelmsford Police Department works tirelessly to protect and serve the community. Its mission is to provide the highest quality of law enforcement services, relentlessly pursuing programs that prevent, deter, and reduce crime, while working closely with citizens to improve the quality of life. Chelmsford police officers undergo regular training to ensure that their skills and knowledge are up-to-date, allowing them to effectively respond to emergencies and challenges faced by the town.

Chelmsford’s Fire Department is responsible for providing fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the community. The department is staffed by a team of professional firefighters who are trained in various aspects of firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical care. The fire department operates out of several stations strategically located throughout the town, ensuring quick response times in case of an emergency.

In addition to the Police and Fire Departments, Chelmsford also has a team of Public Safety Dispatchers. These dispatchers play a critical role in the town’s public safety system by efficiently answering and directing emergency and non-emergency calls for police, fire, and other services. The dispatch team works closely with the town’s first responders to ensure rapid and effective response to emergencies.

To further enhance public safety, Chelmsford’s town officials collaborate closely with various departments, such as Public Works, to maintain and improve the town’s infrastructure. This includes the continuous upkeep of roads, bridges, and public facilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of Chelmsford’s residents.

Chelmsford’s commitment to public safety has created a community in which its citizens can feel secure and confident, knowing that they are well-protected and supported by dedicated professionals.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Chelmsford, Massachusetts has a well-developed transportation infrastructure that serves its residents and visitors efficiently. The town is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, including roadways, public transit, and bicycle paths.

The primary roadways in Chelmsford include Interstate 495 and Route 3, which provide convenient access to nearby cities like Lowell and Boston. For concerns and complaints about these roads, residents can contact the Massachusetts Department of Transportation at 857-368-4000. The town also maintains local streets and roads to ensure safe and smooth travel within the community.

Public transportation options are also available within Chelmsford and its surrounding areas. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) operates several bus routes that connect Chelmsford to neighboring cities. In addition to these regular bus services, microtransit services are available through a number of public transit authorities, such as CATA On Demand, CATCH Connect, FRTA Access, GATRA GO, SmartDART, and Via WRTA.

For those who prefer non-motorized transportation, Chelmsford offers a number of bike paths and multi-use trails that encourage active transportation and promote a healthy lifestyle. These paths connect various neighborhoods, schools, parks, and commercial areas throughout the town. Furthermore, Chelmsford is located just 10 miles away from the nearest airport, which makes it convenient for frequent travelers and individuals who frequently work from home.

In addition to transportation infrastructure, the town of Chelmsford is committed to investing in its overall infrastructure, covering aspects such as housing, economic development, and safety. As part of Chelmsford’s Master Plan, town officials aim to maintain eligibility for state funding programs and manage growth effectively to enhance the quality of life for residents and support business development.

Culture and Recreation

Chelmsford, MA, a picturesque community not far from Boston, offers a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities for its residents and visitors. The town proudly preserves its history while providing engaging activities for people of all ages and interests.

One notable attraction is the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, a well-maintained, multi-use trail catering to walkers, bikers, and hikers. Starting in Lowell and passing through Chelmsford, the trail provides scenic views and convenient access to other parks and recreational areas.

The Chelmsford Community Education program offers a wide range of classes and activities for townspeople. By creating an account, participants can access information regarding emergency contacts, medical data, and more, ensuring a seamless registration process for various programs.

Chelmsford’s natural beauty, visible in its nestled trails, beaches, and pathways, lends the town a rural, small-town charm. Its close proximity to the Atlantic coastline and the White Mountains of New Hampshire adds to the allure, ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The town is also supported by the Mass Cultural Council, which provides funding and resources for local arts and culture initiatives. Chelmsford residents and organizations can apply for grants to facilitate cultural events, fostering a vibrant arts scene within the community.

For families and younger residents, Chelmsford offers numerous parks and playgrounds for recreational purposes. The Town of Chelmsford maintains these spaces, ensuring they are accessible and well-maintained for public use.

In summary, Chelmsford, MA, boasts a rich blend of culture and recreation, making it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors seeking a well-rounded, engaging community experience.

Notable People

Chelmsford, a town in Massachusetts with a rich history, is the birthplace and residence of numerous notable individuals. One of the most famous people to come from Chelmsford is John Galen Howard. Born in the town, Howard made a name for himself as an influential architect, responsible for designing many prominent buildings on the University of California, Berkeley campus. His legacy lives on through his work and his contributions to American architecture.

Another well-known person from Chelmsford is Jeff Bauman, a memoirist who gained national attention after surviving the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. His story of resilience and determination was recounted in his memoir, which was later adapted into the movie “Stronger.” Bauman’s inspiring journey has touched the hearts of many, and his connection to Chelmsford offers a point of pride for the community.

Kristen Wilson, an accomplished TV actress, also hails from Chelmsford. With a career spanning over two decades, Wilson has appeared in various television shows and movies, making significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Her success in the acting world demonstrates the diverse array of talent that Chelmsford has produced.

Chelmsford has also given rise to popular social media stars, such as TikTok creator Danny Sousa. With a large following on the platform, Sousa represents the younger generation of talent emerging from the town.

In politics, Josiah Gardner Abbott gained recognition as a prominent figure. Born in Chelmsford, Abbott served in the United States House of Representatives, the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and the Massachusetts Senate. His political career showcases the town’s ability to produce significant figures in American history.

Overall, Chelmsford, Massachusetts has produced an impressive array of influential and prominent individuals, spanning various professions and fields. These notable people reflect the town’s rich history and diverse talent pool, adding to Chelmsford’s distinct identity and character.

Community Events

Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is a vibrant community with various events catering to the interests of both residents and visitors. These events often take place on the Town Common and showcase the town’s friendly atmosphere and dedication to providing entertainment and education for everyone in the community.

One notable event in Chelmsford is the Fall Festival, which is presented by the Chelmsford Board of Health. Scheduled for Saturday, September 30, the festival will run from 12pm to 4pm, featuring activities and attractions for all ages, including games, arts and crafts, and food. This annual celebration is an excellent way for residents to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather while bonding with their neighbors and supporting local organizations.

Chelmsford also maintains a Community Events Calendar on its official website, offering information on various happenings in the town. This calendar includes town meetings, classes, and special occasions designed to engage residents and encourage participation in local affairs. By visiting the town’s website, one can stay up-to-date with the diverse range of upcoming events.

Eventbrite is another useful resource for discovering community events in Chelmsford. It allows users to search by location, providing a list of events with detailed descriptions and ticket purchasing options. From charity fundraisers and networking events to cultural and historical presentations, Eventbrite helps connect people to activities that pique their interest.

In summary, Chelmsford, MA, is a community that values engagement and connection, as evidenced by its array of community events throughout the year. These occasions foster long-lasting relationships among residents, promote local businesses, and contribute to the overall quality of life in this lovely town.

Future Developments

In Chelmsford, MA, several development projects are in the pipeline, bringing transformative changes to the downtown area. Among them, a major proposed residential development project on the former UMass Lowell West Campus has undergone modifications, reflecting the developers’ responsiveness to community feedback and changing needs.

A new housing development known as Alexan Chelmsford has attracted community attention and undergone revisions since its original design was presented in May. With an aim to create a better living experience for residents, these adjustments showcase the developers’ commitment to incorporating feedback and fine-tuning their design to meet the community’s expectations.

Additionally, the town has seen a rise in new construction homes, with properties like 53 Brick Kiln Road offering a glimpse into Chelmsford’s future housing market. Listings in new neighborhoods and developments, such as Adams Farm Condos, Brentwood, Chelmsford Center, and Chelmsford Village, showcase various new construction options catering to diverse needs and preferences of potential buyers.

Future developments in Chelmsford are poised to provide a variety of new housing opportunities to accommodate its growing population. Opportunities for both residential and commercial spaces are expected to reshape the landscape and enhance the overall living experience for all residents.