15 Cat Breeds That Are Good With Dogs

Photo of People Holding Siamese Cat and Chihuahua
Photo by Alexander Grey on Pexels

Looking for a cat that gets along well with dogs? We’ve got you covered! While every cat has its own personality, some breeds are known for being compatible with our four-legged friends. These breeds have friendly and sociable temperaments, which makes them more likely to have positive relationships with dogs.

brown tabby cat with white eyes
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The Abyssinian is an intelligent, playful, and curious breed that doesn’t mind spending time with dogs. They’re known for their confidence and adaptability and adjust well to living with another pet. Although Abyssinians can be cautious around unfamiliar dogs, they tend to be playful and affectionate once they become comfortable with them.

brown tabby cat on white textile
Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

The Maine Coon is a big cat with a friendly and sociable personality. These cats have a laid-back attitude and calm nature. They’re an excellent choice for households with dogs. Maine Coons also have a strong hunting instinct, which means they can help keep your home free of unwanted pests while being kind and friendly to your dog.

white and gray cat
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The Ragdoll is a super chill breed of cat that gets along well with dogs. They have a gentle and sweet nature and can handle all the wild and crazy stuff that dogs sometimes do. Ragdolls can easily fit into any home setup and make friends with humans and dogs.

burmese, cat, chocolate
Photo by ge-hall on Pixabay

The Burmese is a friendly and flexible cat breed that easily makes friends with dogs. They love to shower their family with affection and are always ready to play and have fun. Burmese cats are great for families with kids and other pets because of their sociable and loving personality. Plus, their high energy level perfectly matches a dog’s playful spirit!


short-fur white and black cat on green textile
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British Shorthair

Siamese cats are super friendly and love hanging out with people and dogs. They’re known for their chatty nature and can make strong connections with both their human and doggy friends. They’re also super smart and love playing interactive games, which can keep your dog entertained.

macro photography of grey cat
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While British Shorthairs tend to be more independent and enjoy their own space, they can still get along with dogs if you introduce them properly. With the proper socialization and introductions, British Shorthairs can adapt well to living with dogs and become great friends. Their chill personality also makes them a good choice for people who prefer a more relaxed environment.

American Shorthair

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American Shorthairs are a laid-back and affectionate breed that can coexist peacefully with dogs. They are playful and curious and will happily engage in interactive play with their dog buddies. American Shorthairs are adaptable and can adjust well to living with other pets, including dogs.


a white cat with blue eyes laying on a window sill
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Birman cats are gentle, affectionate, and great with dogs! They adapt quickly to living with other pets and love being social. These intelligent and playful cats will keep your pup entertained mentally and physically. Having Birmans and dogs together will make your home a fun and happy place for everyone!


Photograph of a Sphynx Cat
Photo by Alexey Demidov on Pexels

Sphynx cats are social and outgoing. Also, their high energy levels and playful personality align perfectly with dogs. Oh, and they absolutely love attention! With their friendly and curious personalities, Sphynx cats make wonderful friends for puppies and adult dogs. And they’ll definitely keep your furry friend entertained and engaged!

Turkish Van

a close up of a cat in the snow
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Turkish Vans are famous for being adventurous and energetic and love having dogs around. These cats have a unique love for water, and you can often spot them playing around in sinks or bathtubs. Also, Turkish Vans are friendly and can easily adapt to new surroundings. Their playful nature can bring lots of happiness to both you and your furry friend!

Norwegian Forest Cat

shallow focus photography of tuxedo cat
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Norwegian Forest Cats are not only friendly but also super smart! They get along with dogs and love playing together. With their playful and social personality, they’ll bring lots of happiness and fun to your home. These cats are really adaptable and will quickly get used to living with other cats and dogs.

Oriental Shorthair

russian blue cat on white and blue checkered textile
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Oriental Shorthairs are full of energy and adore being in the company of people and dogs. They love to play and will happily join in the fun with their owners and dog buddies. With their playful and curious personality, they are a perfect fit for homes with multiple pets. Oriental Shorthairs easily adjust to living alongside other pets, including dogs.


black and white cat on white textile
Photo by Maude Frédérique Lavoie on Unsplash

Tonkinese cats are known for being energetic and friendly towards humans and animals. They love to play and spend time with their owners and dog friends. Tonkinese cats easily adjust to living with other pets. So, if you’re looking for a cat who will add good vibes to your home, a Tonkinese cat is a great choice!


russian blue cat on white textile
Photo by Camille on Unsplash

Chartreux cats are calm and loyal, and can become good friends with dogs. They like to spend time with dogs and get along well with other pets in the house. Also, they’re patient and easygoing! A Chartreux cat could be a great addition to your family if you want a cat that will become besties with your dog.

Devon Rex

a cat sitting on a window sill next to a glass of water
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The De­von Rex, a friendly and fun-loving cat, is great at making frie­nds with other cats and dogs. They love atte­ntion and get along with dogs due to their share­d playful energy. Easy-going and adaptable, the­ Devon Rex loves to be in the company of other pets. Having a Devon Rex cat in your home will keep you happy and entertained!