A Tour of America’s Best Donut Shops

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We’re taking you on a delectable tour of every state’s most irresistible donut shops. This roundup is your golden ticket to donut heaven, from classic glazed wonders to wild, inventive flavors that’ll make your taste buds do backflips. Let’s find out if you are a sugar-coated traditionalist or a filling-fanatic adventurer.

Alabama: Heavenly Donuts, Birmingham

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Heavenly Donuts is your spot if you’re searching for the ultimate glazed donut. They’ve nailed the secret recipe of fluffy donuts with a divine caramelized crunch. Plus, the cozy vibe makes every visit feel special; it’s a place that sticks in your memory.

Alaska: Dino’s Donuts, Anchorage

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Dino’s Donuts lights up the long, dark Alaskan winters with its dazzling array of treats. Far from your standard glazes and fillings, they wow with toppings like cream cheese and mocha. Their cake donuts are a decadent and feather-light delicacy that succumbs to the mere touch of a fork.

Arizona: Desert Donuts, Phoenix

Desert Donuts/Facebook

The cactus berry donut is a local favorite that combines prickly pear cactus fruit with a sweet, berry-filled center. This unique offering, among other equally delicious fare, Desert Donuts, brings the heat with its innovative flavors and vibrant atmosphere. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking culinary surprises in the desert.

Arkansas: Mark’s Donut Shop, North Little Rock

The Mighty Rib/Facebook

Customers flock to Mark’s Donuts in North Little Rock for the mouthwatering selection, from classic glazes to specialty flavors like maple bacon and red velvet. Here, Mark crafts each doughnut carefully, turning dough into golden-hued pillows lighter than air. A delicate glaze adds sweetness, while toppings like coconut shavings enhance the experience.

California: Donut Friend, Los Angeles

Donut Friend/Faebook

Donut Friend is revolutionizing the donut scene, emphasizing personalization and creativity. Here, patrons are encouraged to design their dream donuts from various fresh ingredients. This interactive experience and the shop’s commitment to conventional and innovative flavors make every visit tasteful.

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Donuts, Denver

Rocky Mountain Donuts/Facebook

Denver’s Rocky Mountain Donuts takes inspiration from its namesake, crafting donuts that reach new heights in flavor and quality. The mile-high chocolate glazed donut is a rich, decadent masterpiece, reflecting the adventurous spirit of Colorado. The shop’s warm, rustic interior and friendly staff make it a cozy retreat for tourists.

Connecticut: Donut Crazy, New Haven

Donut Crazy/Facebook

Donut Crazy in New Haven is where innovation meets indulgence. The maple bacon donut is a standout, perfectly balancing the sweetness of maple with the savory crunch of bacon. Along with its dedication to premium ingredients, Donut Crazy makes an excellent destination for those seeking extraordinary flavors.

Delaware: Duck Donuts, Newark

Duck Donuts/Facebook

Duck Donuts in Newark exceeds expectations with warm, dripping toppings, including adventurous options like chopped bacon and citrus combinations. Gifting an exclusive and customizable experience, guests create their doughnut masterpieces from various coatings, toppings, and drizzles—each made-to-order doughnut guarantees freshness and flavor, making Duck Donuts a Newark favorite.

Florida: Glazed Donuts, Key West

Glazed Donuts & Red Buoy Coffee/Facebook

Key West is making waves with its key lime donut, a citrusy, tangy pastry that rivals the regional key lime pie. Renowned for its artisanal approach and use of local produce, it offers a taste of Florida’s tropical paradise. Glazed Donuts’ friendly atmosphere turns every visit into a delightful escape.

Georgia: Peachy Keen Donuts, Atlanta

Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm/Facebook

Peachy Keen Donuts celebrates Georgia’s famed peaches with its mouth-watering peach-glazed donut. This sweet, fruity confection with locally sourced peaches ensures a juicy flavor that reflects Southern charm. Peachy Keen is a staple among Atlanta’s food connoisseurs.

Hawaii: Kamehameha Bakery, Honolulu

Kamehameha Bakery Inc./Facebook

Kamehameha in Honolulu is celebrated for its tasty poi donuts that feature a distinct purple hue and slightly sweet taste from the taro-derived poi. These morsels attract long lines of donut enthusiasts, particularly the glazed poi malasadas.

Idaho: Boise’s Best Bites, Boise

Boise’s Best Bites/Facebook

Boise’s Best Bites is renowned for its huckleberry-filled donuts, a tribute to Idaho’s state fruit. These donuts filled with handpicked huckleberries that burst with flavor are a hit among desert lovers. A beloved institution in Boise, its allegiance to local farmers and fresh raw materials can be tasted in every delicacy.

Illinois: Windy City Donuts, Chicago

Windy City Baking Co./Facebook

Windy City Donuts in Chicago is where customary meets innovation. Their deep-dish pizza donut, a savory twist on the city’s famous dish, is a bold, flavorful experience. Windy City pushes the boundaries of donut-making while maintaining superior standards to serve a flavorful experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Indiana: Long’s Bakery, Indianapolis

LONG’S BAKERY on Southport Rd/Facebook

Eminent for its light and fluffy yeast doughnuts, Long’s in Indianapolis earns praise from culinary icons like Alton Brown and Martha Stewart. Each snack is customized with classic glazes and sugary toppings, ensuring a charming experience. It’s a precious institution known for mouthwatering baked goods, catering to every palate.

Iowa: Wyman’s Spudnuts, Okoboji

Wyman’s Spudnuts, LLC/Facebook

Wyman’s Spudnuts in Okoboji revitalizes a piece of American baking history by crafting donuts with potato flour. This lighter and airer treat stands out among the rest of the donuts for their singular texture and flavor. Wyman’s is always brimming with out-of-towners who crave a bite of their luscious donut.

Kansas: The Donut Whole, Wichita

The Donut Whole/Facebook

The Donut Whole in Wichita combines big flavors with entertainment and serves specialized donuts like the cereal-speckled citrus-glazed and the King Midas amidst weekend concerts. Preferred for its eclectic atmosphere and social events, this shop serves handcrafted donuts in a vibrant setting, making it a hub for food and culture.

Kentucky: Red’s Donut Shop, Paducah

Sara Gipson Group Brokered by EXP Realty LLC/Facebook

Since the mid-fifties, family-owned Red’s has mastered the art of the doughnut. Their award-winning classics include cake and yeast varieties alongside satisfying apple fritters. Each dessert, among various excellent offerings, is prepared carefully to ensure a perfect balance of flavor and texture.

Louisiana: Blue Dot Donuts, New Orleans

New Orleans Mom/Facebook

Founded in 2011 by ex-NOPD officers, Blue Dot Donuts is famed for its one-of-a-kind up to 50 daily flavors, including almond wedding cake and king cake. A local and tourist favorite, the shop’s reputation for quality and creativity is enhanced by media features and its community-oriented spirit, making it a must-visit destination.

Maine: Lighthouse Donuts, Portland

Maine Brews Cruise/Facebook

Lighthouse Donuts in Portland highlights Maine’s legendary blueberries with their wild blueberry donut. It is a tasty confection packed with newly-sourced blueberries that presents flavor with every morsel. The shop’s nautical-themed décor creates a charming experience that’s quintessentially Maine.

Maryland: Chesapeake Donuts, Annapolis

Chesapeake Doughnut Co./Facebook

Chesapeake Donuts in Annapolis offers a taste of the sea with its Old Bay-seasoned crab donut. This savory concoction combines Maryland’s famous seafood seasoning with a creamy crab filling, creating a bold flavor profile. The innovative approach of the shop towards donuts makes it a certified destination for food enthusiasts.

Massachusetts: Kane’s Donuts, Saugus

Kane’s Donuts/Facebook

For over 65 years, Kane’s Donuts has been a landmark for gourmet, handcrafted doughnuts in Saugus, Massachusetts. A family-run gem, Kane serves large, flavorful creations ranging from apple fritters to jelly and cream delights, which shows their mastery in doughnut art with a focus on quality and local produce.

Michigan: Hinkley Bakery, Jackson

Hinkley Bakery/Facebook

Since 1899, Hinkley in Jackson, Michigan, has been celebrated for its artisanal doughnuts and baked goods, rooted in tradition and a century-old oven. Notable for diverse treats, from chocolate crescents to cakes, this family-owned establishment symbolizes quality, history, and a warm community spirit.

Minnesota: North Star Donuts, Minneapolis

North Star Donuts/Facebook

North Star Donuts lights up Minneapolis with its innovative wild rice donut, a nod to the state’s cherished grain. This signature dish, mixing local flavors and a rare, nutty texture, makes the shop stand out. Its commitment to local ingredients and creative concoctions makes it a must-visit for a genuine taste of Minnesota’s culinary heritage.

Mississippi: The Tatonut Donut Shop, Ocean Springs

The Tatonut Donut Shop/Facebook

What sets Tatonut apart is its use of potato flour in the dough, which gives the doughnuts a uniquely light and airy texture with a slightly different flavor profile than age-old wheat flour doughnuts. Despite its modest exterior, the bakery is often bustling, with customers eager to relish their legendary potato donuts.

Missouri: Hurts Donut, Springfield

Hurts Donut – Springfield MO/Facebook

In the heart of Springfield, Missouri, Hurts Donut dazzles as a whimsical haven for donut lovers. Renowned for its eclectic and inventive flavors—from cereal-smothered delights to candy-inspired wonders and beyond—this shop breaks the mold with a playful twist on donut tradition, serving joy and jest 24/7 in a lively setting.

Montana: Big Sky Donuts, Billings

Big Sky Donuts/Facebook

Big Sky Donuts in Billings captures the essence of Montana with its huckleberry and sage donuts. This combination of sweet wild huckleberries and earthy sage offers a taste of the wilderness. The shop’s rustic decor and friendly service make it a warm, inviting space for everyone.

Nebraska: Olsen Bake Shop, Omaha

Olsen Bake Shop/Facebook

Olsen Bake Shop in Omaha blends time-honored charm with exceptional baking, offering everything from elaborately decorated wedding cakes to irresistible doughnuts. This family-owned gem is notable for its gooey chocolate-covered old-fashioned doughnuts and fetchingly cakey bite-sized doughnut holes, making it a favored spot for authentic, quality desserts.

Nevada: Pinkbox Doughnuts, Las Vegas

David de la Fuente/Facebook

Recognized for its artful designs—from cereal-topped to seasonally themed treats—each visit to Pinkbox Doughnuts promises a fascinating adventure. This beloved place turns doughnut-making into an art, captivating every donut lover who enters their shop with every colorful nibble of their imaginative assortments.

New Hampshire: Brothers Donuts, Concord

Brothers Donuts/Facebook

Brothers Donuts in Franklin, New Hampshire, is an old-school deli renowned for perfecting doughnut classics. Their light, airy, and satisfyingly sweet creations, mainly the plain glazed, receive rave reviews and sell out daily. Despite the high quality of their baked goods, Brothers Donuts is known for keeping prices affordable.

New Jersey: Broad Street Dough Co., Oakhurst

Broad Street Dough Co./Facebook

Broad Street Dough Co. in Oakhurst, New Jersey, delights with custom-made donuts catering to all tastes, including kosher, vegan, and gluten-free options. Acknowledged for its vast, creative menu—from timeless classics to seasonal innovations—and its celebration-ready customizations, this donut haven ensures an incomparably tasty experience for every visitor.

New Mexico: Rebel Donut, Albuquerque

Rebel Donut/Facebook

With creations ranging from the intriguing maple bacon to cherry lemonade and even a chicken and waffle donut, Rebel Donut has undoubtedly broken the mold regarding breakfast confections. It gained fame for its signature Breaking Bad-themed “Blue Sky” variety, endorsed by the stars.

New York: Daily Provisions, New York City

Daily Provisions/Facebook

Daily Provisions is mainly talked about for its crullers, a twisted donut. Unlike conventional dense or cakey donuts, crullers are known for their light, airy interior and crisp exterior, often glazed or flavored in various ways to add sweetness and depth. These enticing pastries are part of their breakfast menu.

North Carolina: HOLE – Hot Doughnuts & Fresh Coffee, Asheville

HOLE – Hot Doughnuts and Fresh Coffee/Facebook

In Asheville, HOLE has just four flavors of yeasted donuts, favorites among them being vanilla glaze and toasted almond sesame cinnamon. Their donuts have a delicately crispy exterior with a fluffy heart. Every donut is meticulously hand-rolled from the open kitchen, inviting patrons to witness the artistry firsthand.

North Dakota: Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop, West Fargo

Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop/Facebook

Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop delights customers with doughnuts that evoke childhood wonder. Each morsel brings back memories of morning cartoons, from the colorful M&M–topped nibbles to the playful Dirt & Worms creation. With a warm atmosphere and friendly service, Sandy’s is an adored destination for homemade doughnuts and quality coffee.

Ohio: Buckeye Donuts, Columbus

Buckeye Donuts/Facebook

Buckeye Donuts in Columbus is well-known for its peanut butter and chocolate donuts, which take inspiration from the prized Buckeye candies of Ohio. This delectable treat combines a smooth peanut butter filling with a rich chocolate glaze. Buckeye’s energetic setting reflects the lively spirit of Ohio State University nearby, transforming it into a popular hub for the students.

Oklahoma: I Love Donuts, Oklahoma City

I Love Donuts/Facebook

At I Love Donuts, creativity knows no bounds regarding their delightful creations. From heart-shaped to monkey-themed and personalized messages like “Happy Birthday,” their diverse array of donuts caters to every taste and occasion. It’s a bakery where imagination takes center stage, providing an unforgettable experience for donut enthusiasts.

Oregon: Cascade Crullers, Portland

Cascade Grill/Facebook

Cascade Crullers in Portland stands out with its marionberry-filled donut, paying homage to Oregon’s state berry. This succulent dessert adds an exquisite twist to inventive baking. Cascade Crullers’ modern, eco-friendly space is a hub for those seeking sustainably sourced, delicious eats in a city known for its culinary culture.

Pennsylvania: Federal Donuts, Philadelphia

Federal Donuts & Chicken South Street/Facebook

Federal Donuts is a celebrated culinary hotspot in Philadelphia that features a memorable fusion of savory fried chicken and irresistible donuts. From chocolate-dipped varieties to more adventurous options like maple bacon and strawberry lavender, Federal Donuts ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Rhode Island: PVDonuts, Providence


PVDonuts in Providence is a culinary gem with desserts like rosemary brown butter and chamomile yogurt honeycomb. Due to the high demand for these tempting sweets, PVDonuts typically sell out by early evening, leaving satisfied customers craving more of their irresistible creations.

South Carolina: Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, Charleston

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts/Facebook

At Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, flavor, and crispness enhance the donut experience. Free from preservatives and artificial coloring, these doughnuts boast vibrant hues naturally derived from blueberry juice and green tea. Established in late 2010, it has become a treasured destination for discerning pastry lovers.

South Dakota: Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts, Rapid City

Jerry’s Cakes and Donuts/Facebook

Jerry’s Cakes & Donuts has been the go-to spot in Rapid City for three decades, where citizens gather for sour cream cake donuts and personalized coffee mugs. Named one of the country’s top bakeries by Saveur magazine, it attracts a diverse clientele, from regular coffee-goers to celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Adam Vinatieri.

Tennessee: Jody’s Donuts and Bakery, Memphis

Jody’s Donuts & Bakery/Facebook

In Collierville, Jody’s Donuts serves various treats, from classic glazed to inventive flavors like peanut butter and coconut. Alongside donuts, indulge in cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and more. Seasonal delights like pumpkin spice and apple crumb cakes add extra flavor to the menu and satisfy every craving.

Texas: Lone Star Glaze, Austin

Lone Star Donuts/Facebook

Lone Star Glaze in Austin serves up a barbecue brisket donut as bold and innovative as the city. This savory masterpiece combines slow-cooked brisket with a smoky glaze atop a soft and crisp donut, which marries Texas’s barbecue culture with a classic American indulgence. Lone Star’s eclectic decor mirrors Austin’s lively music scene.

Utah: Fresh Donut & Deli, Salt Lake City

Fresh Donuts & Deli/Facebook

Fresh Donut & Deli is a hidden gem in Salt Lake City, treasured by loyal customers for its divine, made-from-scratch delicacies. This small, family-owned shop gives a delightful selection of donuts and deli items. Their favored apple fritter is hailed as one of the city’s best pastries, drawing in devoted patrons.

Vermont: Allen Brothers Farm Bakery, Westminster

Allen Brothers Farm Market/Facebook

Allen Brothers is celebrated for its iconic cider doughnuts that taste of autumn perfection. Crafted with regionally sourced produce, their flaky pies, decadent pastries, and artisanal bread showcase Vermont’s culinary heritage. With a cozy atmosphere, it’s a haven for indulging in homemade delights and savoring the tranquility of the countryside.

Virginia: The Apple House, Linden

The Apple House/Facebook

In scenic Linden, Virginia, The Apple House is an endearing stop along Skyline Drive, offering barbecue delights followed by their famous apple butter doughnuts. Known for warm hospitality and fall flavors, it’s a hub for cider donuts, pies, orchard-fresh apples, inviting visitors to savor autumn’s essence amid Virginia’s countryside charm.

Washington: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, Falls Church

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken/Facebook

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken in Falls Church stands out for its bold culinary fusion, where the savory meets the sweet in unexpected harmony. With iconic selections like the crackly-topped creme brûlée doughnut and inventive fried chicken sandwiches, it promises a dining experience that defies convention and delights the taste buds.

West Virginia: Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, Huntington

Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Va. Beach/Facebook

Established in Huntington, Peace, Love, and Little Donuts takes donut indulgence to a groovy level. For donut enthusiasts seeking a funky, nostalgic experience, this ’70s-inspired shop prepares an array of far-out flavors like raspberry lemonade and salted chocolate.

Wisconsin: Manderfield’s Home Bakery, Appleton

Manderfield’s Home Bakery/Facebook

Prominent for their raised donuts, including savored varieties like triple chocolate, cream-filled, snowball, and turtle, Manderfield’s has been delighting customers with its homemade baked goods for over 85 years. It has been voted the best bakery in the Fox Valley for 18 consecutive years for its dedication to exceptional quality.

Wyoming: Cowboy Donuts, Rock Springs

Cowboy Donuts/Facebook

Whether you’re stopping by for your morning coffee or treating yourself to an afternoon snack, Cowboy Donuts is the perfect destination for delicious, homemade donuts in Rock Springs. Each is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, from chocolate-covered to rare flavors like maple bacon and blueberry crumble.


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