20 Dogs in Movies and TV Shows That Stole Our Hearts


Dogs are man’s best friend for several reasons, especially for their unconditional love and acceptance. They aren’t just our furry companions; these sweethearts are movie stars, too! From Brian Griffin to Scooby-Doo, here are 20 famous canine celebrities who stole the show on our screens.

Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Family Guy/Facebook

This talking dog wasn’t just sarcastic – he was a social commentator with a bite. Brian’s witty remarks and dry humor made him a favorite, proving that dogs can be intelligent and cynical. The martini-sipping, novel-writing, and piano-playing canine is one of the coolest dogs in animation!

Lady and the Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

Alicia Duong/Facebook

In the movie, the Lady and the Tramp had their Spaghetti Dinner under the stars, a perfect show of canine romance which proved that love can be found in the most unexpected places. ‘Lady and the Tramp’ taught us love knows no boundaries, even between a refined Cocker Spaniel and a lower-class Mutt.

Lassie (Lassie Franchise)

Colouring The Past/Facebook

Lassie, the collie with a heart of gold, has graced our screens since the 1950s, proving that a dog’s loyalty can transcend generations. From rescuing Timmy to leaping across the most treacherous terrains, Lassie showcased the unwavering bond between humans and their furry friends. Lassie wasn’t just loyal; she was a box office champion!

Benji (Benji)


Benji was an adorable Mutt with a heart of gold who charmed audiences in a series of heartwarming films. Benji showed that you didn’t have to be a heroic large dog or a special breed with talents to become a cinematic favorite. Even a tiny, scruffy mixed-breed dog can steal the heart of a human.

Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo Franchise)


This Great Dane wasn’t just a snackaholic – he was a mystery-solving legend (with a healthy appetite). Scooby and the Mystery Inc. gang proved that teamwork, snacks, and a talking dog can conquer any villain, no matter how spooky. Scooby-Doo never failed to instill the spirit of friendship and adventure in its fans.

Eddie (Frasier)


Eddie, the clever Jack Russell Terrier from the TV show ‘Frasier,’ stole scenes with his deadpan stares. His quirky antics added humor to the iconic sitcom, earning him a place in TV history. Eddie’s comedic timing was so impeccable that he earned $10,000 per episode for the NBC show.

Old Yeller (Old Yeller)

Old Yeller/Pinterest

The brave Yellow Labrador taught us that dogs can leave an indelible mark on our hearts, even in tragedy. His loyalty and courage in danger taught us enduring lessons about love and loss. The classic film is as inspiring as it is heartbreaking.

Beethoven (Beethoven)


Beethoven wasn’t just a clumsy and slobbery dog – he was a box office smash! ‘Beethoven’ grossed over $140 million in the 90s, proving audiences can’t resist a goofy St. Bernard giant with a heart of gold (and a penchant for chewing furniture). Thanks to him, many of us understand that sometimes a little messiness makes life more memorable.

Max (Max)


‘Max’ showed us a war hero dog’s emotional journey and struggles, illustrating that dogs, like humans, can also experience the effects of trauma. The Belgian Malinois military dog dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Afghanistan.

Cujo (Cujo)


‘Cujo’ will further terrify the hearts of anyone ever afraid of dogs. He was a calm and loving dog at first, but things went south after he got bitten by a rabid bat and became a formidable villain. In a cinema world of heroic and loving dogs, Cujo is a breath of fresh air.

Hooch (Turner and Hooch)

Turner & Hooch/Facebook

‘Turner and Hooch’ was a box office success, grossing over $70 million. The movie is an amiable cop-and-dog comedy brought to life by the charm of Tom Hanks and his homely French Mastiff canine partner.

Toto (The Wizard of Oz)


In ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Toto, a Cairn Terrier, was Dorothy’s trusted sidekick who embodied loyalty and courage. Small in size but mighty in heart, Toto proved that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Toto’s weekly paycheck for “The Wizard of Oz” was a whopping $125 which, when adjusted for inflation, equals to $2,729.38 today.

Buddy (Air Bud)


Our Buddy, on the other hand, was a Golden Retriever with a talent for sports who dunked his way into our hearts. The athletic sensation starred on basketball courts and soccer fields, making him a heartwarming companion and teammate.

Dug (Up)

Pixar movie/Pinterest

Dug, the goofy Golden Retriever, had a superpower because his collar allowed him to speak by translating his thoughts. Dug’s relentless optimism and quest for “squirrel!” always remind us to embrace the simple joys in life.

Bolt (Bolt)


Our very own superhero hound! Bolt was a TV star who made fans believe in the power of imagination. The action hero taught us that even when our perception isn’t factual, the bonds of friendship and love are genuine and stand the test of time.

Snoopy (Peanuts)


As the World War I Flying Ace, Snoopy inspired us with his grand aspirations, bringing our collective imaginations to vivid life. This Beagle forged a deep connection with audiences across generations. His iconic happy dance charmed younger viewers, while his philosophical musings resonated with the older demographic.

Hachiko (A Dog’s Tale)


Hachiko’s story is based on a real dog in Japan. The movie was created to emphasize the universal theme that the loyalty of our furry friends transcends cultural boundaries. Hachiko’s enduring wait for his deceased owner at a train station depicts the pure and timeless bond between humans and their canine companions.

Petey (The Little Rascals)

America’s favorite/Pinterest

Pete the Pup was a beloved “The Little Rascals” member who left an indelible mark on pop culture. Despite Petey’s distinctive eye patch and often misunderstood breed that makes it easy to judge him, this lovable Pit Bull managed to endear himself to the audience.

Blue (Blue’s Clues)


‘Blue’s Clues’ was a kids’ program that used imaginative clues and a catchy song to teach children problem-solving skills. Blue was never short on interesting clue-finding escapades that kept preschoolers’ glued to their screens.

Clifford (Clifford the Big Red Dog)

Clifford The Big Red Dog/Facebook

As you’ve seen, the love our pets have for us isn’t defined by breed or unique qualities, and Clifford further proved that fact. Despite his giant ten-foot frame and head reaching the second floor, Clifford was a kind and loyal friend


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