15 Retro House Features Making a Trendy Comeback 


Nostalgia is in the air, and homeowners like you are craving a feel of vintage charm. From snug compartments to timeless architectural details, these old house features are making a stylish resurgence in contemporary builds, blending the best of the past with modern practicality.

Telephone Nooks: Vintage Respites for Contemporary Connectivity


Harkening back to the era of rotary phones, these cozy alcoves have evolved into charming sanctuaries that now accommodate modern tech and home office setups, blending nostalgic appeal with practical functionality.

Exposed Brick Walls: Rustic Vibes Meet Urban Swanky

Vasyl Cheipesh/Getty

Once a hallmark of gritty urban spaces, exposed brick walls have transcended their industrial roots. They infuse novel interiors with an inviting, rustic warmth that effortlessly blends city elegance with countryside appeal.

Built-In Bookcases: Literary Havens for Bibliophiles


For all you book lovers, you will undoubtedly fancy a built-in bookcase in your new home—these comfy nooks double as architectural eye-catchers, providing a charming sanctuary for your cherished book collection.

Wainscoting: Classic Charm With a Trendy Twist

Suchada Tansirimas/Getty

Adorning modern walls with wainscoting’s classic paneling creates a captivating blend of old-world appeal and extant flair. On top of that, it adds depth, texture, and an undeniable graze of grandeur.

Transom Windows: Whimsical Illuminators for Bright, Airy Spaces

Chattanooga Window Treatments/Facebook/Getty

Perch transom windows above doors or separating rooms to allow natural light in through their panes and infuse your interiors with an airy, enchanting glow. No architectural elements add a feel of glamor and luminosity to any space better than these.

Pocket Doors: Space-Saving Sophistication

C K Carpentry and Building/Facebook

Say hello to space-saving finesse! Pocket doors have returned triumphantly, smoothly gliding into walls to maximize square footage while conjuring an air of sophisticated minimalism. This versatile design element consistently blends functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Shiplap Walls: Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic Refinement

Tucker Homes/Facebook

Get that ranch-inspired rustic finishing with shiplap walls. With the allure of rural living, shiplap walls add warmth, texture, and a cozy ambiance with a retro aesthetic to just about any abode.

Butcher Block Countertops: Timeless Kitchen Centerpieces

Criss Bonomo/Facebook

These sturdy, wooden surfaces were a staple in old kitchens and now offer a charming, practical touch to present-day cooking spaces. Butcher block countertops provide a durable option, complementing both traditional and novel kitchen designs.

Stained Glass Windows: Kaleidoscopic Elegance

Kate Hudspeth/Facebook

Make a whimsy and artistry statement in your current home with these stained glass windows, once reserved for churches and grand estates. The vibrant, kaleidoscopic panes infuse any space with enchantment and unique character.

Farmhouse Sinks: Rustic Chic for the Kitchen

Cool House Connection/Facebook

Deep and apron-fronted, these everyday workhorses in old granges lend a vintage vibe to ultra-modern kitchens. With their practicality and visually striking design, farmhouse sinks seamlessly blend rustic glamor with contemporary functionality.

Beadboard Paneling: Cottage-Inspired Coziness

I Love Wallpaper/Facebook

Bring a snug, inviting ambiance to any room with beadboard paneling. This classic wall treatment was a staple in old beach cottages and now evokes a sense of enduring cottage-style perfection. 

Clawfoot Tubs: Soaking in Vintage Opulence

Hana – DIY, Design, Crafting/Facebook

Not only do clawfoot tubs exude an ageless allure, but they also add luxury and character to trendy bathrooms. A luxurious bathing experience, these freestanding tubs effortlessly blend quaint style with just-out comfort, creating a haven of relaxation.

Leaded Glass Windows: Victorian glitz, Trendy Flair

Standout Glass/Facebook

Leaded glass windows, a hallmark of stately Victorian architecture, now grace the facades of just-out builds, bringing a graze of old-world refinement to new spaces. The intricate panes add visual interest and a sense of historic glitz to any setting, harmoniously blending with traditional and present-day design aesthetics.

Tin Ceilings: Industrial-Chic Overhead Statements

DeGeorge Ceilings/Facebook

These ornate pressed-tin ceilings were standard in old commercial spaces, adding a unique, quaint touch to current homes. Tin ceilings offer a captivating and eye-catching design element, infusing any room with an industrial-chic ambiance.

Turrets: Fairy-Tale Towers for Storybook Living

For The Love Of Old Houses/Facebook

Feel like you’re residing in a fairy tale with whimsical turrets. Adding a touch of fairy-tale glitz and architectural interest, these symbols of grandeur in old castles and estates create a sense of wonder and enchantment in any residence.


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