15 Most Expensive Supermarkets in the World

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Step into the world of luxury groceries and epicurean delights! These supermarkets aren’t just places to stock up on essentials; they’re gourmet destinations where food becomes an experience. Spanning the historic streets of London to the lively metropolis of Tokyo, these 15 most expensive supermarkets redefine upscale shopping through their exquisite offerings and personalized services. 

Harrods Food Hall (London, UK)

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Located within the iconic Harrods department store, the Food Hall is a haven of gastronomic delights, boasting everything from rich chocolates to rare truffles and bespoke hampers. The store provides a personalized shopping experience with dedicated concierge services, artisanal food counters, wine tastings, and culinary events.

Fauchon (Paris, France)

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Fauchon is popular for its premium gourmet products, including fine teas, decadent chocolates, delectable pastries, and exquisite French delicacies. Some of its famous offerings include macarons, foie gras, caviar, and special preserves. Fauchon offers catering services for private events and weddings, along with tasting sessions led by experienced sommeliers and pastry chefs.

Dean & DeLuca (New York City, USA)

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Known for its artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and exotic foods, Dean & DeLuca caters to discerning palates with its curated selection of international quality products. They host cooking classes and culinary workshops, allowing customers to learn gourmet cooking and pastry making. The store also offers personalized gift baskets and subscription boxes for discerning food enthusiasts.

Fortnum & Mason (London, UK)


Immersed in the British tradition, Fortnum & Mason offers an unrivaled shopping experience with its iconic teas, indulgent preserves, and exquisite confectionery, showcasing the essence of English elegance. Fortnum & Mason also provides personalized tea-tasting sessions and guided tours at its historic Piccadilly locale.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris (Paris, France)

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Tucked away in the heart of Paris, La Grande Épicerie entices visitors with its vast selection of scrumptious delights, such as luxurious truffles, rare spices and cheeses. It offers personal shopping services with dedicated food experts. The store’s lavish catering service provides fancy menus for events and celebrations, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Eataly (Milan, Italy)

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Eataly is a culinary paradise where people can savor the flavors of Italy through its premium olive oils, aged balsamic vinegar, and fine-quality pasta, offering a true taste of la dolce vita. Eataly also hosts cooking classes and wine tastings led by Italian culinary experts.

Neiman Marcus (Dallas, USA)


Synonymous with luxury, Neiman Marcus elevates the grocery shopping experience with its curated selection of gourmet foods, fine wines, and designer kitchenware, catering to the discerning tastes of affluent shoppers. The store’s shopping assistants help customers curate their pantries, ensuring an effortless shopping experience.

Kaufhaus des Westens (Berlin, Germany)

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Affectionately known as KaDeWe, this Berlin institution is home to a high-end food hall that features delicacies from around the World, including fresh seafood, premium meats, decadent chocolates, and specialty pastries.

Takashimaya (Tokyo, Japan)


With its impeccable selection of Japanese delicacies, Takashimaya offers a scrumptious journey through Japan’s rich heritage, featuring Wagyu beef, fresh sushi, and seasonal delights that showcase the country’s culinary prowess. Takashimaya offers gift-wrapping services for its premium food products, ensuring that every purchase is beautifully presented.

Globus (Zurich, Switzerland)

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A treasure trove of premium delights, Globus captivates shoppers with its exquisite Swiss chocolates, Alpine cheeses, and high-quality European imports. The store’s wine cellar hosts tasting events and sommelier-led tours for those who appreciate fine wine.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet (Paris, France)

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Galeries Lafayette Gourmet showcases the best of French cuisine with its vast array of foods, fine wines, and artisanal pastries. It offers exclusive VIP shopping experiences with private access to its grand food halls. The store’s cooking classes provide hands-on learning experiences for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts.

Isetan (Tokyo, Japan)

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With its impeccable selection of Japanese delicacies, Isetan’s food halls are a haven for food lovers, offering an array of fresh seafood, authentic sweets, and treats. Its gourmet floor features food counters offering custom-made bento boxes and traditional Japanese delicacies, and the store’s exclusive tea rooms provide a serene setting for tea ceremonies and tastings.

Gourmet Garage (New York City, USA)


Gourmet Garage is renowned for its premium groceries, organic produce, and top-quality products. The store also offers online ordering and home delivery services for its premium groceries and gourmet products, providing convenience for busy urbanites. Its loyalty program rewards frequent shoppers with discounts and exclusive offers.

Hans im Glück (Munich, Germany)


A culinary paradise in the heart of Munich, Hans im Glück offers a curated selection of top-notch meats, cheeses, and German specialties. Hans im Glück’s gourmet deli counter offers made-to-order sandwiches and charcuterie platters, showcasing the finest Bavarian meats and cheeses.

David Jones Food Hall (Sydney, Australia)

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David Jones Food Hall offers a diverse range of premium food products, including rich cheeses, freshly baked bread, velvety chocolates, and locally sourced produce. The Food Hall also features a variety of specialty food counters, offering sushi, charcuterie, and freshly prepared meals. 


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