15 Adorable Terrier Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Don’t let their petite size fool you — the mighty Terrier is one of the most tenacious breeds. Initially bred for hunting creatures above and below ground, terriers possess athletic stamina, determination, and hilarious personalities. If you’re looking to adopt cute, fun, and playful dogs, then any of these 15 terriers would make a perfect match for your home. 

Airedale Terrier

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This breed of Terrier is dubbed the King, and for good reason. It reigns over all terriers as the largest, weighing up to 70 pounds. It was initially bred in Britain for hunting, guarding, and vermin control. Now, it devotes all its energy and intelligence to being a versatile, loyal family protector.

American Staffordshire Terrier

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Those rippling muscles aren’t just for show, as AmStaffs come from a formidable ancestry of bulldogs bred for sports. But today’s AmStaff is a total sweetie, devoted to their families and always eager to cuddle. Their confidence and vigilance also make them perfect watchdogs when needed.  

Jack Russell Terrier


Despite their petite package, Jack Russells boast enough personality to fill a whole kennel. They were bred by a 19th-century vicar for the intense sport of fox and rabbit hunting. So be prepared for a canine companion who is always anxious to go on the next big adventure with you. 

Parson Russell Terrier


Similar to their Jack Russell kin but built with more substance, Parson Russells are muscular hunting terriers with weather-resistant coats ideal for an active lifestyle. Their foxy expressions and cheerful energy delight them as working dogs and family friends.

Scottish Terrier


Beneath that shaggy, bearded exterior lies a rugged personality forged from origins as stubborn quarry hunters in the Scottish Highlands. With their distinctive bristly coats and soulful eyes, Scotties are true terriers, blending canine cuteness with fierce determination and unwavering loyalty. 

Rat Terrier


Rat Terriers were reputed in the 20th century as devoted rodent hunters, hence their unique name. With boundless energy and lively spirits, they make engaging and attentive household companions. They are always down for playtime, even in the smallest living spaces.

Manchester Terrier


Sleek, sporty, and sophisticated, Manchester Terriers transitioned from hardworking vermin hunters to stylish show dogs with relative ease. Their smooth coats, which come in two varieties — tan and black — radiate elegance and athleticism in equal measure.

Border Terrier

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Named for their English/Scottish border origins, these scruffy furballs were bred to dig out and chase foxes from underground with incredible ferocity and persistence. Today’s Borders still retain that same zest for adventure and a friendly, loving nature.

Irish Terrier


Fiery red coats match the bold, dashing spirit of the Irish Terrier. Though they were bred as hunters and watchdogs on Irish farms, they had a loving and people-pleasing side that families appreciated. Today, these terriers still maintain their protector instinct while making stellar household companions.

Bedlington Terrier

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With their gentle lamblike looks, you’d never have pegged Bedlington as a fierce hunter of badgers and other ferocious quarry back in the day. But those wooly exteriors hide a surprising edge—extreme affection and good behavior, especially when properly trained. 

Australian Terrier


What Aussies lack in size, they make up for in sheer spunk and energy. As they were bred to be brutal rodent hunters on Australian farms, their plucky spirits make them a lively breed, always eager for play. So, get ready to engage this pup in playful activities, as it’s always bursting with energy and might get bored if left with nothing to do.

Kerry Blue Terrier


Don’t let those soulful blue-gray coats fool you — Kerry Blues are stocky, muscular guardians descended from Celtic Irish roots. With their inherent protectiveness matched by playful spirits, they cherish both downtime snuggles and energetic romps with their adored families.

Bull Terrier

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With their distinctly egg-shaped heads and powerful physiques, Bull Terriers cut quite the unique profile that commands attention. They make for a very stubborn bunch that requires immediate social training. But despite their imposing mugs, they remain gentle goofballs that are ready for frisky antics and making you smile. 

West Highland Terrier


West Highland Terriers are compact terriers bred to dig out and hunt small game-like foxes from Scotland’s rocky highlands. With their big personalities packed into those petite frames, they make for lively apartment pals who are always up for a spirited romp.

Norwich Terrier


Among the smallest of all terriers, plucky Norwiches exemplify the downsized-but-not-downsized spirit of the breed. These feisty pups boast impeccable hunting instincts and true terrier attitudes in a conveniently portable size. They’re also friendly creatures that you’ll love having in your home.


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