10 Ingenious Ways to Dog-Proof Your Home


Bringing a furry friend into your life fills your home with wagging tails, sloppy kisses, and unconditional love. But let’s face it, these four-legged companions can also wreak havoc if your space isn’t woof-proofed. Worry not, fellow dog lovers! With these few paw-positive adjustments we’ll share, you can create a haven for you and your pup.

Secure Trash Bins


Invest in sturdy, lidded trash cans your pup can’t tip over or pry open. You can also use trash bin covers or store the bins in cabinets to prevent your dog from rummaging through garbage, maintain cleanliness, and keep your pet from consuming spoiled or harmful food.

Keep Food Out of Reach


Store food securely in cabinets or the refrigerator to stop your dog from ingesting it and avoid potential digestive issues or poisoning from consuming foods that are toxic to dogs.

Use Pet Gates


Install pet gates in areas you want to restrict access to, such as staircases or rooms with delicate items, to allow your dog to roam freely in designated spaces while keeping them away from off-limits areas.

If you’re unable to get pet gates, keep all doors to unused rooms closed, especially those containing potential hazards like laundry rooms or basements.

Choose Dog-Friendly Plants


Opt for pet-safe plants like spider plants or Boston ferns to adorn your home. Avoid toxic varieties such as lilies or aloe vera, which can be harmful if ingested by your dog.

Secure Furniture


Anchor heavy furniture such as bookshelves to the wall to prevent it from toppling if your dog jumps or leans on it. This simple precaution can avert severe injuries to your pet and home.

Additionally, designate comfy, chew-resistant furniture for your furry friend to lounge on or provide plenty of chew toys to satisfy your dog’s natural gnawing urge and spare your furniture, shoes, and similar inappropriate items.

Store Chemicals Safely


Keep household cleaners, detergents, and other chemicals out of reach in locked cabinets, high shelves, or garages. You may also opt for pet-safe cleaning supplies to lower the risk of accidental ingestion or exposure to toxic substances.

Windows, Screens, and Balcony Safety


Ensure windows and screens, especially on upper floors, are fastened firmly to prevent your dog from pushing through or falling out. Window guards or screens add an extra protection layer for your curious pup.

If you have a balcony, ensure it’s securely fenced to hinder accidental falls. Consider leashing your pup for balcony adventures.

Check for Small Objects


Regularly scan your floors and outdoor spaces for small objects like coins, buttons, or toys your dog could swallow. These items pose a choking hazard and should be kept out of paw-print range.

Hide Electrical Cords


Tape down or conceal electrical cords to prevent chews and electric shocks. Opt for outlet covers if your pup is particularly persistent.

Secure Carpets and Rugs


Use non-slip rug pads or adhesives to secure carpets and rugs and stop your dog from slipping and sliding, reducing the risk of injuries, especially for older or less agile pets.


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