25 Worst Powdered Laundry Detergents

row of laundry machines

Doing laundry is certainly one chore that a lot of people do not look forward to. It is therefore paramount that anything that would make this chore, which is an absolute necessity to most, much easier would be welcome. There are more than a handful of powdered laundry detergents available on the market. Getting a laundry detergent that would suit your needs in terms of cost, the creation of lather, fragrance and general effectiveness is important. As such, a list to serve as a guide and prevent you from getting less than your money’s worth is one which most can appreciate. Here is a list of the 25 worst powdered laundry detergents. This ranking was done based on customer reviews, actual performance ratio (real effect compared to what manufacturer stipulated to be the effect) as well as the safety of the detergent in terms of ingredients used to produce them.

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Written by Camille Moore

Camille has a master's degree from Saint Joseph University's Writing Studies program. Her writing has been published on several websites, and she enjoys writing articles and short stories in her spare time. You can follow Camille on Twitter @CamealAshley.