25 Worst Movie Remakes

Worst Movie Remakes

Remaking of movies by various directors has often resulted in Worst Movies ever made in the history of movie production. Most of these remakes bank on the success of the original movie hoping to attract more audience. Making a remake of a film that was already successful is challenging given the many expectations of the audience and fans who always assess your production based on the original film. Notably, most remakes have failed terribly to live up to the expectations. Here are the 20 worst movie remakes that performed poorly as compared to their originals. The ranking bases on audience approval, role, and efficiency of the actors, plot, and differences between the original film and the updated one. Here are the 25 worst movie remakes.

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Footloose – 2011- (Craig Brewer)

When the remake of Footloose was released in 2011, most people probably didn’t have very high expectations.  Surprisingly, the film did receive decent reviews from critics, but many viewers didn’t feel the same way. This could have been due to a lack of heavy hitters in the cast. Although the original 1984 version went on to become a classic, there’s no hope of that happening with this remake.

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Clash of the Titans- 2010 (Louis Leterrier)

Louis Leterrier’s attempt to recreate a classic film based on the original failed in so many ways. First, He changes the plot from a fast-paced and exciting action to a dragging and boring one. He also misses out on the theme by oddly encouraging atheism, despite the odd appearance of gods left and right. The original movie was about Greek Mythology, but the remake portrays a different message. Although the use of special effects is perfect, the overall plot and stilted acting of the gods contributed to the failure of the movie. Sam Worthington seems unsuitable for the lead role. Mads Mikkelson is unable to star because of the poor script. The overall performance of the movie fails to bring the myth to life as compared to the original one.

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The Karate Kid – 2010 (Harald Zwart)

This movie is one of the worst movie remakes of all time. Changing the original, interesting movie to such a damp production is a mockery of modern classic remakes. First, the selection of the younger Jaden Smith as a replacement of Ralph Machio failed to work as expected. Additionally, casting Jackie Chan in the role of Mr. Miyagi, originally performed by Pat Morita failed to uphold the credibility of the movie. The movement of the young Smith to Beijing failed to resonate well with the die-hard fans of the original film. The casting of the young Smith was meant to give the movie a new lease of life, but it failed terribly. Every action in the scenes lacks originality, and although the director infused some new effects in the film the result is not very convincing when compared to the original golden production.

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Mets All-Star Carlos Beltran And Billy Bob Thorton And The Kids Of Harlem

The Bad News Bears -2005 (Richard Linklater)

Trying to remake a classic hit like The Bad New Bears is an uphill task. The choice of actors in the remake does not match up to the original cast consisting of Tatum O’ Neal and Walter Matthau. The likes of Billy Bob Thornton aren’t the right choice for a coach. While the original film portrayed a high level of societal Irreverence, the updated version has been edited to reflect only those features they deem right for the modern society. In fact, the original film gave a beautiful story full of realistic poignancy as compared to the current version. Both the critics and audience have awarded this remake poorly because it failed to live up to the original production.

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'Arthur' Sydney Press Conference

Arthur – 2011 – (Jason Winer)

The remake of Arthur exposed the weakness of Russel Brand as a movie star. As a matter of fact, Russel’s acting was too substandard to compared to the likes of Liz Minnelli and Dudley Moore. Russel starts off well, executing the initial lines as funnily as expected, but becomes annoying as the movie progresses on, because of his monotonous style. The remake contrasts the original light romantic comedy that brought life to screens and won the hearts of the audiences. Greta Gerwig also comes out as real disappointment especially to the fans who had higher expectations of the movie. Whereas Moore and Minnelli exhibited incredible chemistry in the original movie, Brand and Gerwig lack the natural connection and depth to act these roles. The original ‘Author’ is far much worse watching than the plastic remake.

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meg ryan

The Women – 2008 – (Diane English)

Instead of updating the original plot with some brilliant and original theme, Diane English merely updates the roles by including various sexual preferences and sexes. Although it seems like a bright idea, the remake is a dumb show as compared to the original which is a real precious gem.The only similarity between the two movies is the casting of women only. It is purely a women affair consisting of Meg Ryan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Eve Mendes, and Annett Bening. The cast in the remake is just a shadow of the original actors including glamorous stars like Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russel. The original shows the real life of the Manhattan Socialites full with human emotions and honesty. The Remake, however, tries so hard to be relevant with scripted clichés and poor plot.

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Conan the Barbarian – 2011 (Marcus Nispel)

The remake of this movie featuring Stars like Jason Momoa is a total let-down when compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s outstanding performance. It makes the list of the worst movies due to the clueless plot as rewritten by Marcus Nispel. It fails to give a convincing portrayal, especially when compared to the original Conan the Barbarian.This film starring Jason Momoa is a far cry from the original and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s outstanding and rather convincing portrayal. The story is not as engaging as it should be, a fact that makes critics and audience question the reason behind its remake. The hatred for the new movie was evidenced when it performed poorly at the box office, signifying that majority of the followers prefer the original film, rather than new production.

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Fame – 2009 – (Kelvin Tancharoen)

Kelvin Tancharoen made the first mistake by using characters who are not fleshed out. They failed to tell a story that creates empathy in the voters. They neglected the central theme in the context of the film. Any director who makes poor choice when selecting actors is deemed to fail, and it truly was a big flop. The only salvation in the remake is Debbie Allen who takes the role of the school principal The original ‘Fame’ film was a remarkable huge hit and had a memorable cast including vibrant leaders like Irene Cara, Lee Curreri among other special appearances. It had a worthy and credible plot full of realism. However, the remake overused songs and dance watering down the strongest opinions held by the original movie. Many movie critics rated it poorly because they believe it missed the mark terribly.

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'John Dies At The End' Premiere - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Ice Castles – 2010 (Donald Wrye)

The original Ice Castles produced during the 70’s had a very charming interaction between the between the cast and the audience. It kept one glued to the screen because of the infusion of originality and creativity. The presence of the Olympic stars made it one of the greatest films of the day. The remake of the movie updates the story in a manner that is very unfair to the original version. Donald Wrye went ahead to make characters who are completely opposite of the original cast. The female skater in original film was vulnerable and pleasant, as compared to the Tough and abrasive version in the updated movie. The love interest in the remake is a proud and boisterous ex-hockey player instead of the soft and sensitive guy in the original cast. In summary, the update of ‘Ice Castles’ took away the originality of the film in a bid of being creative.

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'The Goodbye Girl' Special Screening

The Goodbye Girl- 2004 (Richard Benjamin)

The attempt of Richard Benjamin to create a worthy film out of the original The Goodbye Girl failed miserably, making it one of the worst movies in the history of movie remakes. Like other directors, he failed to get actors that could fill the place of Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfus. The new actors lack chemistry and every move they make or every word they utter seems misplaced. The original cast had more chemistry and charm making the movie sweet and romantic as compared to the contemporary actors in the remake. Worse still, the film director used the exact words used in the original film thereby making the remake loose authenticity. Fans of the original movie disagree with Benjamin’s attempt to update the original movie by changing the actors and building new sets. Generally, the two films are incomparable, and the remake is a total failure.

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The Truth About Charlie – 2002 (Jonathan Demme)

This is a remake of a 1963 movie called Charade that worst a truly classic production. The original film starred Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn; a pair that dominated the screens at the time. Jonathan’s attempt to retell the story using Thandie Newton and Mark Wahlberg cannot compare with the original cast. They lack the chemistry as exhibited by Grant and Hepburn in the original movie. Although Jonathan tried to change the scenes, he lost it out on translation entirely. In fact, if you watch the original film you will not entertain the thought of wasting your time watching the remake. While the original movie boasts of its ability to blend the genres consisting of a love story and a suspense tale, the remake is entirely blunt. Despite the greatness of Wahlberg and Newton in the movie industry, it’s fair to say that filling the shoes of Grant and Hepburn was an uphill task. The inability to recreate the film forced the producer to change the name from ‘Charade’ to ‘The truth about Charlie’ in a bid to depart from the original tale. Sadly, the change didn’t remove it from the list of the worst movies.

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'The Wolfman': Rome Photocall

The Wolfman – 2010 – (Joe Johnstone)

The remake of ‘Wolfman’ failed to shine despite having prominent stars like Anthony Hopkins, Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt. Joe Johnstone’s Movie cannot compare with the previous versions of ‘The Wolfman’. The thrill and atmospheric factor witnessed in the earlier version are entirely missing in Johnstone’s remake. Movie critics also argue that the updated movie lacks the intensity seen in the original movies The remake fails to offer the chilling moments despite its appearance and preparation. Making remakes of old classic movies might be an uphill task for modern filmmakers because of the impression that these golden oldies imprinted in the minds of the fans. The remake lacks the spine-tingling moments that are common with other monster films.

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Planet of the Apes 2001 – Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s Movie was highly praised for its style, respect to the original film and Rick Baker’s make-up effects. However, film critics accused Burton of producing a film full of a listless script and for not making changes in the remake. Although the original 1968 version is considered a classic production among the movie fans, it was expected that Burton will update the story positively. However, the remake fell flat with the producer retaining the original script. Despite the remake earning a fortune, it failed to move past the list of shame and is therefore considered one of the worst remake movies.

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'Pride & Prejudice' Premiere With Keira Knightley

Pride and Prejudice – 2005 – (Joe Wright)

Generally, this movie flops from the beginning to the end. It doesn’t compare to the successful starring of Jane Austen’s book as done in the 1995 original version. Joe Wright’s choice of Keira Knightley was expected to make the movie as entertaining as it should be. The starring of Rosamund Pike and Jena Malone makes the whole thing a stupid joke. The remake concentrates on cramming the important parts of the novel into a movie, whereas the original film focused on characterization. Knightley fails to star as the believable Elizabeth but since the director was keen on tackling too much, the result was a disappointed audience. Joe Wright failed to bring out the wit and romance associated with Jane Austen’s production.

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A Room with a View – 2007 – (Nicholas Renton)

This is an adaptation from E.M works dating back to 1908. The original production done in 1985 is classified among the best movies. creating a remake of such a hit is an uphill task. The original film starred Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy. She charmed her audience with her tantalizing beauty and excellent acting skills. The film marked the career pick of good actors including Denholm Elliot, Maggie Smith, Daniel Day-Lewis, Julian Sands and Judi Dench. The remake lacks the magic that made the fans stuck on the screens. It can’t compare to the original film. Although the acting isn’t terrible, the lack of originality earns this remake a place on the list of the worst movies.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 2005 (Tim Burton)

Although this is one of Burton’s best film, it lacks that charm and magic in the original version from 1971. This remake shows Burton’s over-reliance on the theatrical sense of over the top atmosphere. However, the film fails to blend the character roles and theme as done in the original version. The original movie employs witty dialogue and quirkiness. Thereby earning a fanatical following that is missing with the Burton’s production. Film critics also argued that the production in the remake doesn’t add up to the original production. The movie also received many complaints about the costumes and sets used in the remake. Burton lacks a character who can perfectly fit in the role of the original Veruca. Depp’s attempt to differentiate himself from Wider fails terribly, contributing to the eventual flopping of the remake.

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Pulse 2006 (Jim Sonzero)

The original Pulse was released by Kiyoshi Kurosawa in 2001 and recorded an immense success and huge fanatical following. However, in 2006 Jim Sonzero decided to make a remake that performed terribly. His attempt to change the flow and themes of the movie deprived it of its originality and made it lose the many qualities that made the original a success. The original production by Kurosawa was meant to be a slow-burn drama; Sonzero worked hard to make the movie a horror film. The new direction drenched the original concept by changing the storyline in a bid to make it a perfect horror movie. The failure to amalgamate the two ideas into one led to an immense collapse earning it a chance on the list of worst movies.

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Straw Dogs – 2011 – (Rod Lurie)

Rod Lurie’s attempt to modify Sam Peckinpah’s Art House meets grind-house revenge movie proved to be a futile experiment. The original movie succeeded because of the happenings at the time of production. Rod’s attempt to change key issues to sound politically correct eroded the original theme, and thus changed the original beauty. Removing the multiple savageries in the movie denied it the first maddening effect that earned the original film a fanatic following. Rod also lacked the best replacement of James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard leading to an imbalanced cast which could not match up to the expectations of the audience.

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City of Angels 1998 – (Brad Silberling)

Remaking Wim Wenders was one of Brad’s greatest weaknesses in his career as a movie director. Using Nicolas Cage as a wandering angel that walks all over the earth taking the dying into heaven was a bad joke that failed from the onset of the show. Although his overacting is oddly absent in this case, he fails to energize the movie as expected. Cage relinquished his role as an angel to join Meg Ryan in the mid of the cast. However, he still fails to match the original production. Movie critics also Argued that the production was extremely below par as compared to the original film. Fans who watched the first movie can easily question the rationale behind Brad Silberling’s decision to modify the cast without considering the original script.

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Get Carter – 2000 (Stephen Kay)

The remake merely involves Sylvester Stallone’s car chases and slathered-on environment that makes everything ‘plastic.’ The original featured high precise journey of menace by Caine. The originality that aroused the cathartic effect in the viewers is absent in the remake. Michael Caine’s struggle to save his brother connects with the audience and brings along the feelings of the happenings in the 70’s, unlike the remake which is a mere show of technological advancement without adhering to the storyline. Although the central star in the remake is a successful actor, the choice of sets and lack of originality makes the remake a total mockery. This fact explains why fans prefer the original rather than wasting their time on Stephen Kay’s remake.

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Andrew Bryniarski

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – 2003 – (Marcus Nispel)

The original film had a virile style that creates a primitive realism thus convincing the audience to believe the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. The remake also has the ‘based on a true story’ disclaimer but fails to prove it to the audience. The original movie was bright, rusty with inferred violence whereas the remake is dark, wet and gory. The remake loses the originality because it ignores the dark humor as with the second film. The original film also used an anonymous cast, and this made their deaths in the movie random and unexpected. The casting of big names such as Jessica Biel, Eric Balfour, Mikel Vogel and Erica Leerhsen was expected to yield desirable results. Sadly this didn’t happen with the remake, a fact that earned it a spot on the list of worst films.

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Psycho – 1998 – (Gus Van Sant)

The remake of ‘Psycho’ has been hailed as the worst remake of all time. Despite Gus Van Sant’s expertise in movie production, the remake proved to be his most unfortunate experiment. The film is a total wreck of massive proportions especially when compared to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s original ‘Psycho.’ The attempt to combine science and fiction turned out to be a total flop. There is no value in the remake worth talking home.

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Swept Away – 2002 – (Guy Ritchie)

The 2002 remake of Swept Away by Guy Ritchie has won five awards for being the worst movie! The Razzle awards had the worst picture, worst actress, worst screen, worst remake and worst screen couple. The movie that starred Madonna and Adriano Giannini cannot compare to the original Italian film directed by Lina Wertmuller. The original film was a wealthy woman and a member of a boat crew whose roles change when their boat is marooned on an island. The poor movie also earned Guy Ritchie, an award for the worst producer.

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The Wicker Man- 2006- (Neil LaBute)

The original The Wicker Man film by Robin Hardy is ranked the best horror film ever and has a cultic following and classic status. However, the American remake by Neil LaBute has become the joke of the town. LaBute fails to utilize Frances Conroy and Nicolas Cage’s artistic capabilities to make a classic horror film as per the expectations of the fans of the original movie.The remake is full of bizarre moments as compared to the original film’s tension and shocking end. Cage’s acting has received the butt of internet insults and formed the basis for funny memes that ridicule his acting. It is evident that LaBlue converted a classic hit to a classic joke.

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76th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The Stepford Wives – 2004 Frank Oz

The 2004 remake of The Stepford Wives by Frank Oz was a big mistake that attracted massive protests from the critics despite having a talented cast including Glenn Close, Nicole Kidman and Mathew Broderick. The original film by Ira Lewin had a moderate number of following. However, the 2004 remake lost on all fronts.Whereas the original movie was a sci-fi horror, the remake by Oz as a campy comedy harmed the whole production. Another issue that led to its dismal performance was the rumor of a discord between the director and the cast. The revelation created a negative picture in the minds of the fans and critics, who later rated it lowly among the movie remakes. This explains the reason for its inclusion on the list of shame.

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