29 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With Someone Evil

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Understanding evil can be tricky because it’s not easy to describe. An evil person is someone who does bad things on purpose. Some say they’re immoral, sick, or wicked, but those words can mean different things to different people. Evil people can show up anywhere—even in places you wouldn’t expect, like churches or your friends’ houses. Here are the warning signs that you are dealing with someone evil.

They find joy in others’ misfortunes

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Evil people can get so messed up inside that they actually feel happy when bad things happen. Whether it’s a disaster on TV or drama right in front of them, they seem to enjoy seeing others suffer. The scary part is that they might even make bad things happen just so they can enjoy the chaos. Watch out because they could drag you and others down with them.

They always want to be in control

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Evil people share a trait: they’re big on control. But it’s not just about bossing you around. They feel uneasy and helpless unless they’re pulling the strings in every part of their lives. They’re so nasty to everyone that they can’t even trust others with a little responsibility. That’s why they might seem polite and organized at first. But watch out – once you get close, they also start trying to run your life.

They’re not honest with you

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Let’s face it: We all lie now and then—small ones, big ones—it happens. But there’s a whole other level to it when someone’s a real liar. These folks don’t just tell the odd lie—lying is practically their hobby. They do it all the time, maybe without even noticing. And for some, lying is so second nature that it shapes their whole reality. Their minds become trapped by their own deceitful ways.

They make you feel uneasy

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We know that our bodies give off some kind of energy field. It could be like a built-in defense mechanism. But just like eating junk food can mess with your skin, being evil on the inside might mess with your energy field. That’s why bad folks can give off a creepy vibe, even if they haven’t done anything bad directly. Your energy field might be picking up on theirs—revealing who they are inside.

They often lead you astray

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Evil people gain a lot of power from controlling how reality looks. They twist things around to suit their own selfish needs. That’s their trick—they make you see them, your loved ones, and even yourself in a certain light. They do it by tricking you in all sorts of sneaky ways, like quoting you wrong, telling lies, or bending the truth until it snaps.

They never seem sorry for what they do

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Let’s sum it up: Evil folks are controlling, and they’re not exactly honest. They get a kick out of others’ misery and can make you feel uneasy. But you know what’s really rough? They never feel bad about any of it. They’re unapologetic for their mean ways. If you call them out on it, they’ll try to dodge, blame you, or even make you doubt what you know is real.

They can be downright mean

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We’ve discussed evil people and how they reveal their dark desires in sneaky ways. But not all of them hide it—some are pretty upfront about it. One way they show their true colors is by being downright cruel. They pick fights and hurt the people close to them—spouses, kids, friends, and even animals. It’s like they’re trapped in their own personal hell, so they get a sick thrill from causing pain and misery to others.

They avoid taking responsibility

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Evil people don’t have a moral compass guiding them. They do whatever they want and never feel guilty about the pain they cause. If you try to hold them accountable, they’ll dodge it right away. They’re experts at passing the blame onto others, and they don’t even get the concept of saying sorry. To them, apologizing is a sign of weakness. Instead, they’ll try to make you apologize for their mess-ups.

Their loved ones warn you about them

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One of the earliest red flags that someone might be truly evil is if their friends and family start warning you about them. They might share stories about ex-partners who fled from them or downplay past issues in relationships, making excuses for the evil person’s behavior. It’s a form of manipulation, but it’s also a big flashing warning sign. Essentially, they’re hinting that something’s not right, and it’s up to you to take action.

They’re not there for you when you need them

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Here’s the deal: If an evil person lends you a hand, it’s never out of genuine kindness. They’ve got an agenda. Sometimes, they’ll only stick around when everything’s going great for you. But when the going gets tough, they vanish into thin air. They’re the epitome of lousy friends—always taking and never giving back anything to the friendship.

They show prejudice or bigotry

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Evil tends to flourish when good people are divided. Some of the most notorious figures in history, like Hitler, Stalin, and Osama bin Laden, succeeded because they exploited the minor disagreements among people, turning them into major rifts that led to disaster. They often used hate and discrimination – bigotry, homophobia, sexism, racism, and fascism – to keep good people apart and to create more evil in the world.

They’re masters of manipulation

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Evil people can be just as nice as anyone else, but there’s always a catch. They’ll do favors for you, but they usually want something in return – like money, control, or worse. If they try to manipulate you by bringing up their past kindness, remember this—kindness shouldn’t come with strings attached. You don’t need any particular reason to do the right thing.

They make you feel small

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When it comes to mean people, one of the worst things they do is make you feel small through emotional tricks. They might pretend to be the victim when they’re not or make fun of everything about you – how you look, what you like, your dreams, and even your friends. To them, nothing is off-limits in trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

They thrive on creating confusion

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Evil people thrive on chaos and confusion. The more confused and scared you are, the more control they have over you. But you can fight back by staying calm and confident, even when things feel crazy. Remember, these very people often cause all the chaos in your life. Don’t let them trick you into their game.

They live double lives

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Evil folks never show their real selves. Saying they lead double lives doesn’t even cover it – it’s more like hundreds of lives. They’ll be whoever they need to be to get what they want. They act differently with everyone like they’re playing a role. They’ve crafted a fake history and image to fool people. The only thing consistent about them? No one really knows who they truly are.

They ignore personal boundaries

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Evil people are known for their never-give-up attitude, pretending, and tricky ways. They act like boomerangs—always coming back to you, even if you’ve tried to get rid of them. But whether they return or not depends totally on you. They’ll use all sorts of tricks to make you want them back, ignoring any rules you’ve set.

They never admit they’re wrong

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Consider this: Why say sorry if you didn’t do anything wrong? That’s how it goes in the mind of an evil person. They won’t admit when they mess up, so you’ll never hear them apologize. If you’ve got someone who won’t own up to their mistakes and say sorry when they hurt you, they might be emotionally immature. Or they could be straight-up evil.

They love stirring up trouble

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Evil people thrive on chaos. They know that when people are confused or insecure, they’re easier to control, so they always seem to stir up drama. But it’s not just about control—they get a kick out of watching others suffer, too. They’re all in if that means ruining friendships or causing fights between people.

They only help if it benefits them

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Evil folks are pretty self-centered. They might lend a hand, but only if it benefits them. Looking out for number one is their top priority. Because they’re so indifferent, hurting others’ feelings doesn’t faze them. They’re laser-focused on reaching their own goals. Sure, they might act all caring and helpful, but it’s usually just a ploy to use you for their own gain.

They think they’re always right

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For evil people, admitting they’re wrong is like pulling teeth. They genuinely believe they can never make a mistake. Everything they say or do is golden in their eyes. Saying sorry? That’s out of the question. It’d mean admitting they’re not perfect, and that’s a no-go. Their mindset is all messed up, so they think if they admit fault, it makes them a terrible person. They’re big on lying and small on apologizing.

They harbor a lot of hate

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Evil people have mastered the art of hating hard. Your needs, thoughts, and feelings might as well not exist to them. They’re convinced that whatever they do or say is just fine. At work, they excel at nitpicking every little thing. As friends, they’re the champions of pessimism – nothing you do will ever meet their standards. They’re insulting and irrational, and when you dare to confront them—be prepared for an explosive reaction.

They hide who they really are

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Evil people are masters of hiding who they truly are. They switch up their personalities depending on who they’re with or what’s going on. Over time, they develop different personas. As people and situations change, so do their stories, all fitting into the image they want to show the world. The reality? No one ever really gets to see their true selves.

They act entitled to everything

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Mean people are all about feeling entitled—like the world owes them. They’ve got this super self-centered view that makes them think they deserve nothing but the best: top-notch jobs, fancy cars, high social status—you name it. They go through life expecting everyone to cater to their every whim. And if they don’t get their way? Cue the drama. They’ll exaggerate their reactions to make sure all eyes are on them.

They seem to have a lot of enemies

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Have you ever met someone who seems super friendly at first, only to find out they’ve got a bunch of enemies? That’s a classic move of wicked folks. They’ll keep emphasizing how great they are, even though they’re lacking in genuine friends. Plus, they never seem to have anything positive to say about people from their past. They’ll spin tales about how they had to cut ties because they were misunderstood.

They keep secrets from you

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Evil people are experts at keeping secrets. Anything that might mess with their plans? They’ll keep it locked up tight. They think as long as they don’t spill the beans, they’re in the clear – they don’t even see it as lying. But here’s the thing: If their silence hurts others, it’s definitely lying. And to top it off—they’ll turn the tables on you, making you feel guilty for not trusting them.

They’re inconsistent in their behavior

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Evil people have a habit of being inconsistent friends. They’ll shower you with attention and friendship when times are good, and you’re very successful. But as soon as challenges arise, they vanish. Don’t expect any meaningful support from them during tough times. Their loyalty is conditional—only sticking around if they stand to gain something from you or anyone close to you.

They have a short fuse

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When someone quickly gets mad, it can hurt the people around them. Their anger is usually aimed at others, causing emotional pain or fear. This makes relationships super unhealthy and sometimes even abusive. If someone often blows up over little things, and it keeps happening, it’s a big sign they have trouble maintaining healthy relationships.

They often don’t keep their promises

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You know, keeping commitments and promises is like the glue that holds relationships together, whether it’s with friends, family, or at work. We rely on each other for lots of things in life. But when someone keeps dropping the ball and doesn’t do what they said they would—it leaves others feeling disappointed and stranded. It’s like they’re breaking their word repeatedly, and that really chips away at trust.

They don’t appreciate your kindness

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You know what really gets under our skin? When you put in a lot of effort to help someone out and, they don’t even give a simple “thank you.” It’s like, seriously? That’s a sign of someone who feels entitled or doesn’t get basic manners. And in relationships—it’s a real downer because it makes you question whether they really appreciate all the things you do for them.