15 Warning Signs That Show Your Liver Isn’t Healthy


Your liver is vital for maintaining overall health and well-being. It detoxifies your blood, aids in digestion, and stores vital nutrients. Naturally, when your liver isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to serious health issues. Here are signs that might indicate your liver needs some attention.

Persistent Fatigue


Feeling tired all the time? Your liver might be to blame. When it’s not working efficiently, toxins build up in your body, causing persistent fatigue. Even if the majority of people link this to the stress of daily tasks, if the condition continues, it needs to be treated right away.



A yellow tint to your eyes or skin may be a result of jaundice, which occurs when your liver can’t process bilirubin effectively. High bilirubin levels may be a sign of severe liver problems, so it’s essential to seek medical advice if you spot this symptom.

Swollen Abdomen


When you notice a sign of an abnormal swelling in the abdomen, it may be because of fluid buildup or enlarged liver. This condition, called ascites, often signals advanced liver disease. Depending on the severity of the illness, the swelling might even extend to your ankles, feet, and arms.

Dark Urine


It is possible for your urine to change its color when you fall ill. However, dark, tea-colored urine might indicate excess bilirubin in your system, a result of liver dysfunction. Keep an eye on changes in your urine, as they can be early indicators of liver issues.

Pale Stools


Healthy liver function affects the color of your stools. Pale, clay-colored stools suggest a bile duct obstruction or liver infection. Take a few days to determine if the discoloration results from something you recently ate before heading to the doctor.

Easy Bruising and Bleeding


Bruising easily or experiencing frequent nosebleeds? Your liver produces proteins necessary for blood clotting. When it’s impaired, you might bruise or bleed more easily than usual, indicating potential liver problems.

Flu-like Symptoms


Liver symptoms sometimes resemble the flu, such as fatigue, fever, and aches. These flu-like symptoms occur as your body reacts to the liver’s struggle to filter out toxins. If these symptoms persist without an obvious cause, considering liver health is crucial.

Chronic Itching


Itching on the skin that progresses into blisters is a sign that the liver is not healthy. Due to liver dysfunction, bile salt accumulation under your skin can cause persistent itching. If no skin condition explains your itch, it might be time to evaluate your liver health.

Nausea and Vomiting


Early warning signs of liver damage are sometimes constant nausea and vomiting. When your liver struggles to eliminate toxins, you might feel persistently sick to your stomach and have unsettling symptoms like nausea that won’t go away or recur frequently. You can be suffering from cancer or liver cirrhosis.

Loss of Appetite


A damaged liver may lead to declining appetite and digestive discomfort. Since the liver is important in metabolism, its dysfunction can affect your hunger levels. Unexplained weight loss often accompanies this symptom, so monitor any noticeable changes in your eating habits

Swollen Legs and Ankles


Some people with liver dysfunction may notice swelling in the legs or ankles, known as edema. Fluid retention in these areas is often a result of protein imbalance in the system.

Confusion and Memory Problems


The initial symptoms of liver damage can be unusual forgetfulness or confusion. When the liver fails to filter toxins properly, these toxins can affect your brain, leading to cognitive issues. If you notice changes in your memory or mental clarity, evaluating your liver health is a good idea.

Muscle Wasting


Have your muscles started to shrink? Severe cases of liver disease restrict the ability to use 20 to 40 percent of the muscle. Muscle mass decreases leading to noticeable weakness which is caused by the liver’s inability to metabolize nutrients.

Spider-Like Blood Vessels


Seen tiny, web-like blood vessels on your skin? These spider angiomas often appear when your liver isn’t functioning well. They are caused by hormone imbalances linked to liver disease and usually show up on the face, neck, and chest.

Change in Personality


If you or someone you know experiences sudden changes in behavior or personality, it’s important to consider liver health as a possible cause. Personality changes can be an alarming sign of liver dysfunction. When the liver can’t filter toxins effectively, these can accumulate in the body, leading to mood swings, irritability, and even depression.


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