Views of Hawaii You Don’t Want to Miss


Hawaii stands as a holiday destination, captivating travelers worldwide with its allure. It’s not just a hotspot for family vacations and romantic getaways but also a magnet for groups of friends seeking non-stop fun. These pictures will make you want to pack your bags for that much-needed vacation.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


As can be seen, this location resembles the moon’s surface, making it one of the most amazing spots in the island region. Housing two volcanoes, including the world’s most active one, the greenery sprawls over 300,000 acres and features 150 miles of diverse hiking trails winding through various backdrops and ecosystems.

Molokai’s Halawa Valley


The vibrant valley has the Mooula Falls, a magnificent two-tiered waterfall towering 250 feet high, visible from afar. It is one of the oldest settlements in the area. You will have to go trekking with a guide, which is worth booking. 

Waikiki Beach


Waikiki loosely translates to ‘spouting waters,’ paying homage to the freshwater rivers that once cascaded into the ocean. In the past, it extended over a broader expanse, encompassing Manoa and Palolo Valleys.

Hana Highway

Julie Caron/Getty

Also known as the Road to Hana, the 53-mile Hana Highway offers scenic views and a thrilling drive. The journey, which can span several hours, is an adventure in its own right as you meander across plunging cliffs and 620 turns.

Maui’s Seven Sacred Pools

HAWAII Magazine/Getty

Located on Maui’s eastern side, the Seven Sacred Pools is a collection of charming falls and refreshing waterholes. These waterholes aren’t just perfect for swimming and cliff-jumping; the scenery is downright enchanting.

Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park


Hiking or using an ocean vessel are the only ways to reach the Na Pali Coastline on Kauai, which is undeniably one of the most stunning locations. The coastal stretch is a must-see, thanks to its cascading waterfalls, rivers, and abundant flora and fauna.

Rainbow Falls


Rainbow Falls got its nickname from the rainbows that dance in the mist around 10 AM every day. This 80-foot beauty within Wailuku River State Park is 2 miles from downtown Hilo. While you’re there, don’t miss the Boiling Pots that bubble away as if they’re cooking up something magical.

Kona Coffee Farms


Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, visit at least one farm during your Big Island escapade. Apart from picturesque views, you can discover how the beans are processed and savor the distinct flavors deeply rooted in Hawaii’s agricultural heritage.

Waimea Canyon


Dubbed the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific,’ the region is nothing short of an awe-inspiring experience, as seen in the image. Stretching 10 miles in length and 1 mile in width, it is over 3600 feet deep. Pause at the Waimea Canyon Lookout for panoramic vistas and the Waipoʻo Falls.

Oahu’s Hanauma Bay


This gorgeous beach is at the southeast foreshore of Oahu, famous for its stunning blend of teal sea and golden sands. With its shallow waters ideal for snorkeling, the waterfront may draw some crowds, but it’s like stepping into a living postcard brimming with beauty and charm.

Oahu’s Ko’olau Mountains


A portion of the Ko’olau Mountains met its watery fate in a colossal landslide years ago. Shaped by wind and rain and rising over 3,000 feet in height, these ridges have a striking and steep profile and play host to several cascades.

Kehena Black Sand Beach

Bali House and Cottage at Kehena Beach HI/Facebook

Kehena Black Sand Beach is a sight to behold. Its lush greenery, deep black sands, and vivid blue ocean create a mesmerizing contrast unlike anywhere else. Plus, being in the most volcanically active area of the island adds a riveting element.

Molokai’s Kalaupapa


Kaluapapa, perched on the northern tip, was once a sanctuary for the chronically ill, primarily those afflicted with leprosy. Today, this remarkable peninsula can only be reached via a thrilling mule ride, navigating a 1,700-foot descent from the precipice to sea level.

Upcountry Maui

G & Z Upcountry Bed & Breakfast/Facebook

You’ll find these fascinating towns of Kula and Makawao called the Upcountry Maui. Up here, the air is fresher, and the pace of life slows down a notch. Indulge in picking fresh strawberries at Kula Country Farms, or stroll through the fragrant Aliʻi Kula Lavender Farm.

Napali Coast


Nāpali Coast flaunts towering green precipices, extending 15 miles along Kauaʻi’s wild northern shoreline. You can delve into this lush terrain and razor-sharp headlands with a catamaran cruise, kayak adventure, helicopter ride, or trek along the 11-mile Kalalau Trail.


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