20 Uses For Tea Tree Oil

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Also known as the Melaleuca alternifolia, tea tree is a plant that is native to Australia from which the essential tea tree oil is extracted. The tea tree oil that is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant has several applications in the fields of medicine, healthcare, personal and household hygiene due to the fact it possesses very powerful antiseptic traits as well as the ability to treat wounds and other infections.
The oil is yellow in color and has a scent which is similar to that of nutmeg. It is produced by heating the tree leaves in steam and then squeezing the oil out of it. In the discussions that follow, the top 20 of these uses are going to be investigated and explained in finer details.

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Fight Bacteria

Bacteria are very dangerous. They cause diseases, skin infections, hasten the decomposition of organic substances, cause bad body breath and predispose people to several other problems. Given the fact this oil possesses antiseptic traits/qualities, it is pretty effective in ridding surfaces of bacteria and with that, eliminates all these risks and potential dangers. The use of this oil on a regular basis is thus the surest way of mitigating bacteria and their attendant side effects.

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Mitigate Skin Conditions

The human skin is by far the largest organ of the body. It is therefore naturally very susceptible to all forms of infections, harms, and dangers. These include but are certainly not limited to dry cuticle, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, boils, jock itch, acne, eczema, cold sores, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and stings, among others. Tea tree oil has the ability to mitigate the aforementioned issues as well as several other skin conditions. Unlike scientific medicine, this substance brings along almost no side effects and is thus very safe for use by just about every other kind of person.

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Secret and Sure deodorant


Items or containers that handle trash, other wastes, or extremely dirty clothes such as garbage bins, laundry machines, bath basins, toilets, sinks, and sewage, are naturally prone to a foul smell. The foul smell may render the home ambiance uncomfortable. The foul smell should thus be neutralized to guarantee the comfort and habitability of the rooms. The tea tree oil has the capacity to deodorize the rooms by neutralizing the foul stench and replacing it with the sweet-smelling aroma. Unlike the manufactured deodorant, this one brings along no side effects to the nasal cavity by reason of not possessing any harmful ingredients.

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Combat Viral Infections

The body is generally susceptible to viral infections such as smallpox, chicken pox, measles, shingles, common cold, flu, verrucae, and cold sores. They weaken the immune system, destroy the bodily organs and tissues, lead to untimely deaths, and interfere with the functioning of the various body parts, among others. This oil is able to combat a number of the aforementioned viral infections, and in the course of doing so, keep all the associated problems and dangers at bay. It is also easier to administer as compared to conventional medicine in that it does not require the adherence to strict dosage.

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Strengthen the Immune System

The immune system refers to the organs and processes of the human body such as bone marrow, lymph nodes, and thymus, which provide resistance to infections and toxins. Once in a while, it may be attacked and compromised as a result of viral attacks, infections, the loss of blood, stress, dysfunction of the liver, prolonged use of antibiotics, or the removal of the spleen. The oil has the ability to restore and repair the immune system.

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Cleanse Body

When make-ups accumulate on the skin, they have the tendency to blocking the sweat pores and causing uneven skin tones, among other dangers. Also, excessive sweating, especially during hot weather may also clog the sweat pores and lead to bodily odors. The tea tree oil cleanses the body and helps in getting rid of these impurities by virtue of having a very high penetrative power. If applied to the skin, it quickly dissolves into the sweat pores and gets rid of all the impurities that are trapped therein to reveal a fresh, healthy and beautiful skin with a natural glow.

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Good for your Feet

Feet are from time to time affected by certain conditions like athlete’s foot, fungal infections, and foot odor. This substance has the ability to mitigate all of these conditions. It simply needs to be mixed with water, poured into a basin, and then have the feed dipped into it, to achieve the desired results.

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Repel Pests

This substance has some anti-parasitic qualities that make it pretty effective in killing, repelling, and stifling the growth and spread of pests. To achieve this function, it simply needs to be sprinkled on cotton wool and placed at the strategic locations wherein the pests are most likely to be found. Their scent alone has the ability to repel the pests. Some of the main pests that may be mitigated by the tea tree oil are fleas, lice, leeches, ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, and ants, among others.

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Clean and Freshen Households

It is an all-purpose antiseptic cleaner. (It has the ability to rid surfaces of bacteria and other germs). This quality enables it to be used to clean the house in general. When mixed with water, it may be used to clean the bathroom, drawers, fixtures, mirrors, counters, and the toilet. It may also serve as an air freshener thanks to its aromatic scent.

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Battle Cancer

The substance also has the ability to battle certain cancer conditions such as abnormal skin lesions. To do this, it has to be mixed with frankincense oil and raspberry oil and then placed onto the affected portion of the skin three times a day until some visible impact is felt. Unlike chemotherapy, it is relatively cheap, more convenient, and brings along almost no side effect.

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Disinfect other Household Items

Toothbrushes and retainers are some of the sensitive household items that are prone to bacterial infections. That’s because they are generally moist and spend much of their time locked up in cupboards or other areas of low solar intensity, conditions that are perfect for the growth and proliferation of bacteria. This tea tree oil has the ability to cleanse them thoroughly and rid them of any bacteria. It also has the ability to ward off bacterial infestations.

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Relieve Breathing Conditions

The respiratory tract may be clogged, infested by bacteria, or damaged. When these happen, certain respiratory disorders are bound to arise. These include asthma, sore throats, running nose, coughs, sneezes, bronchitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis, blocked nose, and short breath, among many others. These leads to certain health issues such as low oxygen intakes and reduced physical activity. Tea tree oil has a distinctively sharp scent that when inhaled, is able to open up congested respiratory tracts and in so doing, eliminate all the mentioned associated problems.

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Soothe Sunburns

Some people have very sensitive skin that quickly become red, inflamed, develop blisters, and may even peel off when exposed to the sun for long. That’s because they are very sensitive to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. If this condition persists, then a permanent damage may occur to the skin. One of the most effective ways of keeping this problem in check is to apply the tea tree oil onto the skin before, or immediately after exposure to the sun. In this way, the sunburns may be easily soothed and permanent damage to the skin prevented.

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Cure Insect Bites

Insect bites are not the kind of things anyone may want to experience. They generally cause swellings, redness of the affected areas, rashes, itching, and excessive pains. Some bites may be deadly if not attended to in a timely manner. For this reason, it is necessary that they be mitigated as soon as they occur. The tea tree oil does have soothing capabilities. If applied on the portion of the skin that has been bitten, it reduces the pain that comes along and also prevents the possibilities of sores, pimples, rashes, and other problems that are naturally associated with the bites.

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Manage Cuts, Abrasions, and Wounds

Cuts and wounds are hotbeds of bacterial infections. That’s because the smell of fresh blood they emit quickly attract flies and other insects which are carriers of pathogens and germs. If left exposed for long, these cuts and wounds are usually attacked by bacteria. The tea tree oil, when applied to the wounds and cuts, do repel insects and also inhibit the growth of bacteria owing to the fact that it possesses anti-microbial traits. The cut, abrasion, or wound ought to be first and foremost cleaned with soap and water, after which a small quantity of the oil is applied, and then finally, a bandage is placed onto it.

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Take Care of the Hair

Some of the common problems that the hair is generally prone to include rashes, dry scalp, lice, and dandruff. The tea tree oil is able to mitigate a number of these potential problems such as dandruff and dry scalp. It only needs to be added to a shampoo and applied onto the head and it does the rest. It is way better than the ordinary hair care products in the sense that it contains no mercury or other harmful chemicals, is cheaper, and easier to apply/use. Moreover, it also repels lice and other insects from nesting into the hair.

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Prevent Infestations in the Garden

Gardens are equally susceptible to infestations by parasites, molds, weeds, and mildew, just like the typical home is. If left unattended to, these weeds may choke the flowers and other plants in the garden and in so doing, stifle their growth and development. They may also interfere with the aesthetic purposes that the flowers are generally intended to confer. Thanks to the fact that tea tree oil possesses anti-parasitic properties, it is very effective in preventing the gardens from being infested by the aforementioned unwanted substances/weeds. Moreover, it does not have any negative side effects as is the case of chemical pesticides and is thus safe for the environment.

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Enhance Oral Health

Tea tree oil has the capabilities of killing bacteria, getting rid of foul smell (halitosis), eliminating oral candidiasis (fungal infection of the throat and the mouth), and soothing inflammations. For these reasons, it is a very great substance for use in promoting oral health. It may therefore substitute conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes. The substance has also been found to be excellent at healing bleeding gums and slowing the process of tooth decay. Great care ought to be taken while utilizing it for cleansing the mouth and teeth though, because should it be swallowed, its ingredients are very toxic and may cause disorientation, nausea, and even coma.

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Treat Boils and Carbuncles

Boils and carbuncles are primarily caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria. They are characterized by very painful swellings beneath the skin. These swellings generally cause great discomforts, may interfere with the self-esteem of the victims, alongside other side effects. Tea tree oil has been found to be efficient in speeding up the process of recovery from boils and also in relieving the associated discomforts. Moreover, it does not predispose its users to skin rashes and other negative consequences of conventional medicines/drugs. It is also easy to utilize (a cotton swab simply needs to be dipped into the oil and applied directly onto the boil.)

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Eliminate Molds and Mildew

Molds are very invasive and unhygienic. They tend to make surfaces slippery and very ugly to look upon. They usually invade bathrooms, shower curtains, toilet sinks, dishwashers, toilet bowls, and just about every other damp surface. They cause health problems such as coughing, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, skin irritations, throat irritation, wheezing, and allergic reactions. The tea tree oil has very powerful cleansing properties that may effectively rid surfaces of molds and even stifle their re-growth once they have been completely eliminated. All that is required is to simply spray a little bit of the substances onto the surfaces mentioned to get the job done.

Tea tree oil has several other uses, many that were too innumerable to completely list and discuss due to the limitations of space. For this reason, the information provided for in the foregoing discussions should be used as a starting point for further research, not as the end itself. That aside, it is quite clear from the discussions above that this is a natural home remedy product that no serious person who is keen to keep his health in the best shape and form at all times may afford to ignore. This is because of the very many fringe benefits that people stand to gain from this substance.

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