The Top 10 Countries Ranked By Quality Of Life

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In this modern world, who wouldn’t want to live in a country that makes life better? Quality of life is about staying healthy and comfy, but there’s more to the story. It’s the whole package – good healthcare, safety, affordability, education, jobs, steady politics, and a strong economy. So, here we’ll reveal the top ten countries ranked by quality of life where you can live comfortably.


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Sweden ranks first on our list and for good reasons. It offers free healthcare, a top-notch education system, a powerful economy, and super-low crime rates. Plus, the average life expectancy is 82.8 years. Sweden is also one of the happiest countries in the world. Since 2002, it has adopted fantastic strategies for sustainable development and handled environmental challenges like a pro.


Aurora Borealis
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Norway is another country known for its high per capita GDP, economic stability, and impressive education and healthcare systems. Did you know about the super famous West Norwegian fjords? UNESCO recognizes them as an area of outstanding value. The country is also a trendsetter for gender equality, and since 2013, it has been ranked one of the happiest countries in the world.


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Third on our list is Canada, the land of our favorite maple syrup. It has outstanding healthcare, world-class education facilities, a low crime rate, and ever-friendly, polite residents. Also, Canadians are outliving their neighbors by 3.24 years, to be exact. This country ticks all the boxes from our list – safety, stability, comforts – Canada has gotten the whole package.


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Viking, hygge, hot dogs, and colorful houses – Denmark is known for all of these. But the country’s power goes beyond its cultural delights – it’s also a pro in quality of life rankings. Did you know that Danes are the happiest people in the world? Yes, it’s all thanks to fewer working hours, free education, better healthcare, and all that greenery. In addition, Denmark is rated as one of the safest countries globally.


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Finland offers free education for all, high incomes, and boasts a top-notch education system. Plus, it has 188,000 lakes! These lakes offer super clean and pure water to the Finns. Also known as the home of Santa Claus, Finland is a safe haven for your family. It takes the crown as the best country for women and the LGBTQ community for its strong beliefs in equality.


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Switzerland is known for its mountains, cheese, and chocolates. This peace-loving nation isn’t just a tourist’s dream – it’s also one of the best places for you to call home, and for good reasons. Think outstanding health and wealth facilities, improved employment and skills, a blissful work-life balance, and a commitment to safety. Also, Swiss live, on average, for 84 years. That’s the most impressive average lifespan on this entire list!


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If you’re an innovative soul, the Netherlands is just for you. Famous for its cheese and global innovation, the country also has a high quality of life. The outstanding work-life balance, welcoming Dutch culture, high-quality education, and super low crime rate make it a great place to call home. And the cherry on top? The Netherlands may be teeny tiny in size, but that means there’s no hustle and bustle or overgrowing population.


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Australia ticks all the boxes in our list for high quality of life. Exceptional healthcare? Check. Free education? Check. Lower taxes and a pro-social welfare system? Check and check. And guess what? No worries about unemployment, as the job market has many opportunities to help you land your dream job. The best things you’ll like in Australia are its lush forests, tropical beaches, and a wild kingdom that puts any zoo to shame.


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It’s no secret that Germany is known for its amazing beer. But what else does it offer? A high quality of life, my friends. Germany boasts an impressive infrastructure, a peaceful work-life balance, a modern healthcare system, and a clean and safe living environment. Living in Germany won’t burn a hole in your pocket as it’s cheaper than many European countries.

New Zealand

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New Zealand has an excellent quality of life thanks to a winning combination of high employment rates, decent salaries, excellent healthcare, and top-notch education. According to a survey, among the top 60 GDP countries worldwide, New Zealand has the best work-life balance. They’ve got it perfected, considering things like the minimum wage, maternity and sick leave policies, free healthcare, public satisfaction, typical working hours, and LGBTQ+ friendly community.